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  1. NyghtCraft Leather n' Hats available on Etsy

    Master Sansweet didn't say squat at the panel. Much to everyone's disappointment. All I know is it won't be over Memorial Day weekend. And your fans on the RL boards will continue to send customers your way. :) (But I thought pirates liked drama and treachery? )
  2. It's Rumba Rue's birthday!

    Happy, belated, Natal Day lassie!
  3. Alice in Wonderland at Comic Con 2009

    Aye, Stranglehold represents each year. Unfortunately they are on the opposite wall of all the Star Wars tables where I was at all week. Although me old bones be getting too tired to run that table every year; at 125,000 attendees the con is beginning to suffer from its own popularity.
  4. NyghtCraft Leather n' Hats available on Etsy

    Hmmmm, Star Wars and Pyrates. You're my kinda guy, matey! I've seen your work on the Rebel Legion board. I be eyeballin' that gray hat as well. Goes wit' me frock coat.
  5. Needin' some big brass piratey buttons

    I have the buttons from Mary Diamond if you need them, McDrago. I believe you were going to take half of them. Let me know if you're still interested. :) *Blast and damnation! When are we actually going to get a "smile" smiley?! *
  6. I HATE SNOW.......

    That's cuz we don' know what t'do wit' all this white stuff; ye scurvy dogs in t'east has more experience.
  7. eBay: Button Fly Linen Knee Breeches

    I be hankerin' after t'gray ones but me waist be 39" (probably more after t'holidays ) and me calves be 18". Mayhap this be incentive fer me t'get me weight down.
  8. christmass is weird

    We used chocolate-covered raisins for our "reindeer poop" with our kids. Happy KwanzChrismaKa!
  9. I HATE SNOW.......

    People forget that California has mountains. The tallest mountain in the contiguous US (lower 48) is in Central California (Mount Whitney, 14.505 feet), and the inactive volcanoes in Northern California (Mount Shasta, Mount Lassen) are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. So yes, California DOES get snow.
  10. 4-Piece Scottish Buckle Set

    Bad link updated to one that works.
  11. One of my Star Wars friends has an auction up on e-Bay for a 4-piece buckle set. Here's the description: Auction Link
  12. Other Costumes

    Let me know when he turns 18, we'll get him signed up for the 501st Stormtrooper Legion. Great costumes, everyone. I agree that the royal baby is the hands-down winner. Although Rumba's peacock dress is outstanding.
  13. I was looking at JAS Townsend

    Captain Twill is the best forum to get information on historical accuracy. I would highly recommend spending some time reading the topics there.
  14. Ebay Buttons

    Here's the "live" link: E-Bay Buttons
  15. Antique Fabric - linen for sale

    GAH! If it wasn't the holiday season I would be all over the shirt-weight linen.