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  1. Scariest Pirate Movies?

    Swashbuckler It's got a young Darth Vader and Raymond's father wearing shiny clothes... and Robert Shaw wears a belt, with belt loops on his pants.
  2. Deadliest Warrior

    I'm liking the show. The "acting" is a bit off, but the premise seems sound. Get as many metrics as you can from the weapons and assume a base level of skill that can be changed based on various other factors. Run the simulation enough times to come up with an average. Last nights - Samural vs Viking was kinda cool and the outcome was kinda expected. Samurai had 522 wins ove the Vikings 488 wins. Thats a 2 percent difference. Easily explainable for other factors that could not captured. With that small of difference, the outcome could change with a different run of the computer. So, the show last night, for me, was mostly about the different weapons than the outcome. The ones that should be interesting are going to be the ones that are very different, like the one with the pirate. The fight sequence they show is interesting, but it's just there to give the audience something to watch.
  3. Cool stuff you might not know about

    Just kidding, had to put it. Knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe!
  4. Cool stuff you might not know about

    I knew it.
  5. "Steamin' " Leather

    I hope that's a good thing The back is pretty cool, I don't have pics of it. The leather covers most of my shoulder blades and the pieces connect to each other by two small straps of leather attached by 3 brass screw posts on each side and a brass buckle. I really went with the brass and leather on this one. I need to work on a holster for my Maverick, if I ever get it done...
  6. "Steamin' " Leather

    I did a shoulder rig for my wood comb, altoids, and a big pouch for cigars on the other side. I used post screws so I could swap out parts, I figured if I had a gun holster I'd get in trouble more than just a comb holster. Oh, and a calling card holder too.
  7. Steam Punk.....

    Gotta rant too... The more people get involved, the more convoluted it'll all get. There are so many different takes on it already, Neo-Victorian, Post-Apocolyptic, DieselPunk, etc. I'm not surprised to see people asking for help. I really wonder if they want or need the help so much as they're trying to just break into the group, in a passive manner. I'm getting tired of reading "long time lurker" followed by a slew of costume questions. There's nobody out there that I would consider an expert on SP, I'm sure there are people that feel that they are though. I think the best way to get inspiration on SP is to scour the web for pictures, find some costumes that you like and go from there. I think there need to be more SP pictures anyway. They're fun to look at and you get to see other people's take on it. I gotta ask, what is it with bellydancing and SP. It seems like bellydancers are flocking to SP, is it the leather and brass?
  8. Favorite Steampunk Movies

    It's a good movie to play whilew your working on something steamy.
  9. Favorite Steampunk Movies

    I'd classify it as Dieselpunk, which is outside of Steampunk's timeline(?) but still considered a sub-genre of Steampunk. So, yeah it counts.
  10. Special Steam Punk edition ...

    Mysapce isn't the best format for it in my opinion. On the left below the picture is a link to "Send a Message" and the blog is on the right. There is also the Rose City Steampunk Local 23 Rose City Steampunk Local 23
  11. Special Steam Punk edition ...

    Are you taking submissions? A couple members of the Portland Steampunk Society talked about doing a magazine, like many others have, even did a small photo shoot. I'll post this thread link over on the myspace page. Portland Steampunk Society
  12. SteamPunk events

    There is SteamCon up in Seattle towards the end of October. It's going to be the first year, so.. could be good... could be bad... I'm hoping it's good, there's quite a few Steampunks up here.
  13. The Columbia’s Revenge

    I like the idea of keeping the Captain a complete mystery. But, with your new idea of a deranged madwoman secretly running the ship, that gives me another idea. Conspiracy theories. We can have all the differnt theories running rampant on the ship. Just adds another dimension to the characters having your own opinion as to who the captain is. You could even think bigfoot is the captain and try to come up with the evidence. Either way, I was thinking that the Captain, regardless of who he is, does his job so well and provides for the crew that most of the crew would follow that disembodied voice to the ends of the earth. You can still be just a nosy and knowing, maybe you found out that your cabin is located right next to a voice tube junction and you eavesdrop for hours on end
  14. The Columbia’s Revenge

    She just thinks she's the Captain's wife, of course nobody broaches the subject with the captain. Can you imagine, "Beg'n the Captain's pardon... It's your wife again sir... The crew are get'n a plank ready sir..." Probably confuse the hell out of the old man. I like the idea of trenches, it does kinda parallel the Berlin wall... I like the boarding crew idea too. Not the most sane job on the ship...
  15. The Columbia’s Revenge

    There can be a lot of sci-fi in it. There were airships, but not quite the technological wonders of the Columbia's Revenge. All sorts of people would be out to get the pirates, I'm sure there isn't NAFTA... The steam powered wagons can only smuggle so much black market goods past the border guards without paying the embargos. California produces a large amount of produce, can you imagine what that produce would look like after a ten hour drive in a steam powered wagon over rought terrain without benefit of modern tires. Steam powered suits of armor and tanks make ground travel pretty difficult. Oh, lets not forget all of the independent business men in the wild lands that have to keep paying off the Injuns that have been forced into the wildlands by the governments. I'm sure the current state of affairs is a breeding ground for megalomanics with tendencies to develop over complicated plans for global domination. Mad scientists would love the arms build up between the North and the South. The North ain't just gonna give up and say, ok you won, it would probably be like our Cold War. Sure they trade between each other, gold i gold and it always provide cover for spies. A lot of people like their Steampunk with a bit of horror mixed in, a lot of classic horror was written during the turn of the century Stoker, Lovecraft, and more. Lovecraft even had some Steampunk elements in his stories. Plus the occult was very popular as well, ghosts, mediums, and anything else spooky. It can be in there, it just looses it's impact if there is a monster of the week or your always bumping into a supernatural creature. There are far worse out there than vampyres...