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    He has been seen most recently in the company of the Charles Town Few and rumored to be their Quarter master

About Me

Edward Bright AKA Old Sea Dog

Sailor of the Seven Seas (Oceanus Arcticus), (Oceanus Antarcticus), (Mare Septentrio Atlanticum), (Oceanus Meridies Atlanticum), (Mare Indicum), (Mare Septentrio Pacificum), and (Mare Meridies Pacificum).

Named after his great grandfather who sailed with Sir Francis Drake.

According to legend Edward was born at midnight on the festival of Samuin and is said to possess unworldly gifts. He was sent to the colonies from Greenock Scotland, were he was to become a brewer and work the farms and breweries for his wealthy benefactor, who had sent him due to his killing of nine cattle rustlers at the age of fifteen, to prevent reprisals and a clan war. The new world brought him no reprieve from troubles as attacks by the Spanish and the English burning his benefactors crops, farms and pubs forced Edward to sea for his living working closely with the Brethren of the Carolina Coast, he is known to have served under Captain Long Tom on the Cornstyle Revenge, on board the Jolly Rover during two sieges of Georgetown with Captain Richard Kopcho and with Captain Gypsy Jack master of the dreaded night attacks on board the Nomad across the Caribbean. It was on the Nomand that they tell of his right hand being cut off in a battle and upon their return to Carolina he grew another wile in some backwater Traven tended by Rose O’Malley.

He has seen action in many ports on the east coast and rumored to have dispatched over thirty men in service of the both the English and Spanish crowns with his bare hands not counting those who faced his steel in failing to carry out his gentle request to comply or die . Yea would not know by his soft spoken and easygoing manner that he has such a black heart toward those he feels have wrong him, and dispatches death in a blink of eye. He is seen as a kind man and lover by so many of the serving wenches in many a port or Traven. He knows his way around a ship as well as he does with the ladies. Some say it’s because he bees a good top man that knows how to work all the lines when it’s comes to calculated collisions. He has been seen most recently in the company of the Charles Town Few and rumored to be their Quarter master for his quick way of settling disputes among the crew.

Unfortunately documentation is lacking and we will probably never discover the truth with any certainty. The answer, if there is one, is lost in the mists of time, as is sadly the case for so many pyrates and privateers that were successful in hiding that there were indeed on account or their true identity from history and those that they sailed with as well.