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  1. Katey O'Tierney's (berp) Berfday, she be 27

    Well, me Mateys, I be thankin' yea for the wunnerful wishes of continued joy, happiness and yet another bottle 'o rum, cask 'o wine or barrel 'o ale. Stynky - check your math (not 27)...either that or ye be flatterin' me way too much. Molly - That sounds like an iterestin' move Stynky be tellin' of, perhaps ye should be teachin' it to me - Capt. Flint might be likin' it. Westyn - Can't wait 'til we be havin' that drink together, we must find a weekend or somethin'! And, as always to me Capt. Flint - Thanks for such a wunnerful day at the Faire. I do like the plunder from Rob Pyland's Port 'o call. Until next year, me Mateys... Katey O'T.
  2. By way of an introduction....

    Ah, it be always good to be welcomin' new blood to the port. I hope ya be stayin' here whilst we get to know ya! Katey O'T
  3. With all the traveling this time of year, here is a cool destination if you find yourself on the Del/Mar/Va Coast. About 1/2 mile from the Maryland/Delaware border on Costal Highway, there is a store called Sea Shell City. The upper level is the DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum. It is free, and donations are accepted to keep the museum running. Please check out the link: http://www.discoversea.com/Homex.html The owner loves going on "treasure hunts" on the shores of Delaware with his group of people armed with metal detectors, please check for scheduled times for this on the website. Hope You enjoy the Ocean City - Fenwick Island area! Katey O'T
  4. Road Trippin' the Southeast

    Another must do, as my Capt. Flint has said in a previous post, is Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. It was such an awesome destination... Ah, the weapons are most impressive! You can purchase a ticket that will get you into Colonial WillamsburgHistoric area, Jamestown Settlement and (darn, I can't remember the third one...) in the Historic Triagle Ticket. Or, if you are feeling really up to a trip, a 7 day, 5 attraction pass includes Water World and Bush Gardens. http://www.history.org/ And there is a Campground very near Williamsburg. Katey O'T

    For my new freind - A very hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don't be celebrating with too much rum or drunken brownies (don't get burned by the blue flame)...but may you be celebrating it well and with the ones you love the most! Enjoy the day! Katey O'T
  6. Happy Birthday Coastie!

    Coastie, This lass is raisin her glass as well, with a chaser of chocolate rum balls...enjoy! Hope this year goes well and that you have many more! Katey O'T
  7. Pirates in Paradise

    Well, me Mateys, What I wouldn't give to be there in person. It sounds like a good time will be had by all, but I'm sorry to say that the Festival takes place during vacation Blackout for me and my Mate. Otherwise, I would be there with my black powder, chocolate rum balls for all, and stories of riches beyond your wildest imaginations...Raise your glass to me! Katey O'T
  8. Patterns for coats, shirts and pants

    Alter Years (http://www.alteryears.com/), Harper House (http://www.alteryears.com/) and Amazon Dry Goods(http://www.amazondrygoods.com/) companies have patterns available. Alter years: you can brouse their catalog online and has their own "Pirate" pattern not available by the other two. Realze that these are a bit more expensive than what you will pay at the local fabric store, and they are ususally printed on newsprint or heavy white paper. Look not only for the Pirate outfits, but also in the time frame of French Restoration thru American colonial, these will also suit well. Katey O'T

    Lorelei, I search TMC every couple weeks to see if "Against All Flags" is coming up. It's one of my absolute favorites! What a cast! What a Romp! What I wouln't give to be there.... Love n kisses, Katey O'T

    Also, I be lookin forward to the "Pirates of the Carribean" movie due out this summer starring Johnny Depp. If it's anything like the Adventure at Disneyland, I'm in for at least a couple viewings on the big screen... Love n kisses, Katey O'T

    Arrgh, me Favorite Roll Models... Against All Flags with beautiful Maureen O'Hara Cutthroat Island and Captain Blood But me eyes has not yet seen the Muppet Treasure Island. A must do. Love and Kisses, Katey O'T
  12. Ye Pyrate artickles!

    We be well breed Privateers, but not well read. My gun shoots straight, my wit be sharp. Though pictures ye lack, I leave me mark Love n kisses, Katey