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  1. doglock is gone, Cutlasses still available :)
  2. Fer Sale: Loyalist Arms .68 Doglock pistol, with a generous assortment of tools and the like: In good and firable condition, albeit with a smattering of rust here and there. http://reading.craig...3352929705.html Just cause I likes ya all, the price to members of this board is $150 plus transit. Paypal only, please. Ye can writes me back on here or at Also has a cutto in custom sheath: (it be like the one you carries, Cascabel) http://reading.craig...3352941256.html As well as one actual from the period: http://reading.craig...3352955752.html Mungo
  3. Current Doglock Reproductions

    Second on the Loyalist Arms and Repair doglock. I've two of them, and they've been brick solid, and the service from the folks at Loyalist is amazing. I'd love to head up the Maritimes and meet the lads. M

    Wild Shore Press just published my novel of modern and 19th century pyracy, anarchism, and global change, "the Ganymeade Protocol"!!!! Run on over to in a downloading frenzy :). three years work and its finally out...whew.....
  5. Your Garb

    Does that mean we have to start a union? And then stand around and watch other people sew ?
  6. Bucket boots

    Ive had really good luck with my boots from SCA boots, especially given the low cost, they're comfortable and have worn really well.
  7. Empire of the Blue Water

    I seriously second on the Pope book. Some good research and nicely presented.
  8. Which hero are you?

    I wound up with William Wallace...... And am still washing woad out of my kilt but it dont madder.... just a little joke to dye for :)
  9. Gotta Love it, right???

    I just wanna know WHICH pirate....
  10. Captain "?" Sparrow

    I think this link will illustrate my feelings on the subject :
  11. The sea of stones

    Oh com'n, I'm sure you'll bear him beautiful babies. Ya hadda leave us with that picture in our heads, din't ya?
  12. small ships

    Okay, okay, so we all know that the mammoth ships of the line depicted as "pirate" vessels in the movies are beyond silly. I am, however, having trouble finding decent illustrations of smaller, 30-60' vessels from the Elizabethan period through the early 1700s. Most of the drawings are of larger ships, or hideously stylized dutch and flemish paintings. Anybody got some good links? Mungo gots an alterior motive. in building one. M
  13. Tennez anyone

    So here's an odd one fer ya lads. Deck Tennis. I knows it was played aboard cruise ships in the 30's, but does it stretch back afore that? The two elements involved in it, quoits and tennis, are ancient, and its at natural for an impromptu shipboard game. Anyone got any attestations?
  14. crawlin aboard

    So here I am, wringin wet, crawlin aboard ta say hello. Hello. Nice weather, ain't it. The keg I was floatin on, by the bye, seems ta be full of dark jamaican. Anyone care for a tot?