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  1. Blackbeard style tricorn 4 sale !

    Nevermind I looked at Captain Jack's shop page, it's a small. Which won't fit the boys.
  2. Happy Birthday Billy Bones

    Happy belated birthday!
  3. Blackbeard style tricorn 4 sale !

    what size is it exactly? I know that some of the local larpers are looking for a hat, if it fits them they might take it off your hands :)
  4. "Pirate Chic"

    Or you could just get a straw tricorn from Captain Jack :) http://www.captjackspiratehats.com/hats/
  5. "Pirate Chic"

    I wouldn't mind a huge floppy tricorn hat for in summer. Not in those prints though ><
  6. "Pirate Chic"

    I've only been making stuff for men since, oh, LAST year And possibly even before that :)
  7. Funny Poster

  8. "Pirate Chic"

    Aww, thank you :)
  9. Pirate rules

    I'm by no means taking it serious at all, but it made me laugh nonetheless :) I doubt that the person that wrote it up meant it to be serious either.
  10. Your Garb

    Same here Nathaniel :)
  11. Boot Strap Bill's Hat!

    I'm by no means certain but I think it could be a thrum cap. I know I've seen hats like that on period images, but I can't remember where.
  12. Beginnin' at th' Beginnin'

    Welcome to the pub :)
  13. Skull Watch

    I own two watches with skulls :) My daily wear wrist watch, which is a flik flak (yes I know, it's a children's watch, but I have thin wrists and I like it): And my PotC pocket watch which I got over eBay:
  14. Where does one find Women's Shoes of the Period

    You might find these too expensive (you probably will actually) but I'll post them here anyway. The thing is, it's better to save longer and spend more on a shoe that will fit you perfectly, than to spend less on something not as good. Anyway: Andy Burke's shoes: http://www.andyburke.f2s.com/catalogue.htm Sarah Juniper shoes: http://www.sarahjuniper.co.uk/ A girl on a costume community on livejournal actually went along with a pair of bridal shoes (but she was improvising on a different period) so that might be worth looking into. I'm a boots type of girl myself so I'm afraid this is as much help as I can be, I hope you found it at least slightly helpful.
  15. "The Pirate Code" Nat.Geo. Tonight 8:00 pm USA

    I'm hoping they'll air it on Dutch Nat Geo soon so I can see it as well :)