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    Things I Love: Horticulture, Travel, Volleyball, Reading, Sewing, Costuming, Halloween, esp. props!, Halo, Halo2, Halo3, ODST, and, of course, Pyracy.

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  1. The Way Ahead

    Thank you, Fox, for keeping us afloat...
  2. Farewell Twill

    To all who contributed - thank you for everything. May the Pub, and Twill, live on as a fond memory of the amazing, creative, brilliant folks we have chosen to share our free time with. Thank you, especially, to those that worked so hard behind the scenes to make it possible.
  3. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    The Pub... my guidebook in a hobby that made me a better person, start to finish. My heart aches this year...
  4. FTPI Roll Call 2013

    Ahoy, my dears ~ Might you have room for the merchant? It has been too many moons since we last met, though I fear the honeymoon suite on the beach of the past is too much to hope for... Myself, and Mark Longshanks, in a large A-frame.
  5. Nearly missed a true gem, Miss Diamond!

    Oh! *sniff Yes, I have been a stranger - tis only now that I am so sick that I am taking time to catch up! Thank you all for your birthday wishes, and a belated but heartfelt thank you to all.
  6. Roll Call 2010

    Just a quick note - double pneumonia and bronchitis, losing 9 pounds in a week, means the Merchant and dear Mark Longshanks will not be in attendance this year, for the first in many. Wishing you all a Wonderful PiP-mas - YHS, Mary Diamond
  7. Religion during the GAoP

    Interesting that they mark Atheists among their number. Thank you for the great details!
  8. 2010 Devil's Dozen

    Well done, though I am sad I was unable to vote! How about pics of those who won, as I do not recognize everyone listed?
  9. Happy Natal Day Lady Brower!

    A very Happy Birthday to you!
  10. PIP Photos Thread 2009

    You are not the only one, Patrick. Same has happened to me - scareware called Antivirus Soft. So, no computer until I get it fixed - the iPhone will have to get me thru til then (limited, but better than nothing).
  11. PIP Photos Thread 2009

    LOL ~ love the creative narration! Fantastic photos, as always, Poppa ~
  12. Stockings... does better than average exist?????

    I have personally been ordering from SockDreams for years, and can recommend them as a fyne and reputable company with lovely product.
  13. New Pistol Case

    You are too kind ~ and imitation is the highest form of flattery. I am glad to see my idea has inspired ~ I must say the same of Brian's work! As I learn more about woodworking, I appreciate the detail and skill he shows in design and construction. Very nicely done!
  14. Happy Naturalist Day Sterling

    A belated Happy Birthday to you!
  15. New Sleeved Weskit + Breeches

    Very handsome indeed! The color is beautiful on you ~