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  1. Quest for Blackbeard

    Please check your dictionary. A lubber is a slow, clumsy fellow--a lout. I find this term..tacky, to say the least.
  2. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Thank you for noticing us, William Brand. We are proud to have been a part of the Pub and wish everyone the best and success in all that they endeavor to do.
  3. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Mad Jack and I will continue, moving our story to publishing. Thanks for the ride.
  4. El Lobo Del Mar

    "Why is it that everytime you go somewhere, I miss you?" Jack stood there on the gangway with an armful of Zara and a grin on his face. And here is where Honour's heart lie. With the two that made her the most happy."And just where are your parcels? Don't tell me you couldn't charm the vendors into giving you the price you wanted?""Hmm? Oh...I left them with a vendor that will arrange delivery for all the purchases I made. I have some silk for your shirts and you---"Honour held her arms out and Zara went willingly into them. "---you will have a few new clothes when we get to home, Missy!" Suddenly her reticule, which she had dropped, began to squirm."What the hell...?" Jack said.Honour handed Zara back to Jack and sighed. "You'll hate me for this.""No, I won't."Honour reached in the bag and brought out a little black kitten. She began to talk very fast."You see, there was this vendor on the end of the street and he had one kitten left. He wanted to go home and he didn't want to take the kitten with him. There was a man there who had a snake and he was going to...going to....well, I threw a few coins at him and shoved the kitten in my bag. And if you say we can't keep him then you can tell your daughter why she can't have the----""Kee! Kee!""--too late." Zara held out her hands to the little kitten that was wrapped around Honour's hands. Her eyes were wide. '"Gently, sweetheart. And if your Da says so, you may keep the 'kee'. What say you, Da?"Both Zara and Honour looked hopeful at Jack. He laughed. "I guess Puddin' can put up with a kitten.""I figured that Puddin would stay with the ship and this way, we are saving another kitten's life. She curled right up in my bag and slept the whole way here. I did buy her some milk when I stopped for tea."Jack sighed. "Honour, the next one better damn well be a boy. I can't be outnumbered!""Well, the next kitten we get will be a boy then." That night, over a meal of fresh beef and potatoes with the bread that Honour had bought, Jack totaled up the sums that Honour had spent. She looked at him hopefully.He sighed and then smiled. "Well done! You drive a hard bargain, Mrs. Wolfe. The shops are a little richer but poorer on their merchandise. And I do love the silk that you bought."She wrapped her arms around him from the back. "I am so pleased.""You seemed a bit preoccupied at dinner. Did Ponta del Sol live up to its name?""Oh yes! It was very crowded though and a few ships must have ported."She yawned and Jack drew her onto his lap. She rested her head against his chest and said in a small voice, "Jack?"He kissed the top of her head. "Yes, love?""Jack....did they ever find out what happened to Neptune Rising after...?"Jack gently stroked her hair. He knew it was a painful subject for both of them but he also understood Honour's need to verbalize things that were on her mind.Softly he said, "I think the quartermaster took her over.""Dolan?""Yeah, someone said Johnny outfitted her to suit himself and changed the name. Could just be tavern talk."She sighed and absentmindedly twirled one of Jack's curls on her finger. "I--I'm glad. She was a fine ship and deserved someone who loved her almost as much as..as much as...."And Honour burst out crying. Jack held her closely and let her cry. She broke away and then dabbed her eyes. "I--I'm so sorry, Jack. I don't know where that came from. I guess I was just feeling a bit...I don't know. A new port and all."He gently wiped the tears off her face and then cupped her face. "Darling, I don't want you to ever feel you can't talk to me about Rhys. He was a part of your---both--our lives and if not for him, I wouldn't be alive."She held Jack close and tried not to start crying again. "I just wondered if--if he is at peace now."Jack picked his words carefully. "I think things happen for a reason, Honour. And if Rhys couldn't be with you, then I think circumstances were maneuvered to make sure you were taken care of. And I think the privilege fell to me."He hesitated."Did something happen today to bring Rhys up?" The image of a salt-spattered green frock coat and a swagger that belonged to one man flashed through her mind. "No. Like I said, a new port....just a new adventure. And I am very tired."He set Honour on her feet and rubbed her shoulders. Looking into her eyes, he said, "I don't ever want you to be afraid to talk to me about Rhys, sweetheart. He was my friend too. And I miss him."She nodded and yawned. "And now it is high time you got some sleep. You had a busy day."As Honour slipped under the covers, Jack emerged from the curtained area where Zara was sleeping. "You have to see this."Jack led her to the cradle. Zara was curled up with the kitten resting on her pillow. Honour laid her head on Jack's shoulder as she looked at her little daughter. Yes, this is where her future lay.And her heart.~~~~~~~~~~ Jack laid there staring at the ceiling. Honour slept in his arms, curled up as if clinging to him for protection. Absent-mindedly he stroked her hair. It was on quiet nights like this that he fought his demons. The memory of Colonel Diego y Castille Mendoza.Having Honour with him helped him keep his sanity and his need for revenge throttled.He looked down on her sleeping face with tenderness. She was his epicenter, the thing that kept him on track and gave him a new lease on life. The eighteen months she had been gone was like hell on earth but after tearing the Caribbean apart, tavern by tavern--and brothel by brothel, convent by convent--good fortune had smiled on him once again. And in the bargain, he got a dividend.Zara. Carefully he disentangled himself from her and walked over to the porthole, the moonlight shining through onto their bed.He looked up at the stars and said quietly, 'Thank you, Da--talking with you while I was Mendoza's house guest was my lifeline to sanity. I don't know why, but I think you had a hand in helping me get her back. And laughing your arse off at the same time. I'll do you proud, Da. I promise. I'll always do right by her.'He lowered the blinds on the window and climbed back into bed."Jack? Are you alright?" Honour murmured sleepily."Just thinking about family. Hush and go back to sleep, love. I'm fine."She snuggled closer to him and her reply was soft breathing.Jack chuckled to himself, 'You always said women would be the death of me, Da. But I think you just proved yourself a liar. But I don't think you mind that. Because this one saved me.'He snuffed the candle out and before long, Jack too was asleep, the deep sleep of security.
  5. El Lobo Del Mar

    Honour walked along the streets of Ponta del Sol, her boot heels clicking on the cobblestones as she perused the shop windows. As accustomed as she had become to life aboard ship, there was something satisfying about the feel of solid ground beneath her feet. She loved the sea because it was Jack's world and the stuff of her childhood dreams, but she would always be a child of the land. Secretly she wondered how Jack would make the transition to life on dry land in Barbados. Their first attempt was a spectacular failure, but she reminded herself that everything was different this time. He had torn the entire Caribbean apart looking for her. Even though he had originally meant only to recover that hideous gold key, they both discovered their love burned as hot as ever, and that their place was at each other's side. And of course there was little Zara, the most valuable jewel in all their treasure. Jack had taken to fatherhood as easily as he had taken ships in the past, to everyone's surprise. Most of all, there were no secrets between Jack and Honour any more. They'd all been chased out into the light and dealt with. No more ghosts. The skeletons were buried. This time everything will be different, she told herself without one twinge of doubt in her mind or her heart. Their happily ever after was close enough to taste, and it made her heart sing.Honour's steps slowed as she enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her face. It was good to be away from the chill of Wales. It would always mean home and family to her, but she was anxious to make the plantation in Barbados into a real home for herself, Jack, and Zara. It felt good to be running to something for a change. She took a deep breath, and the smell of fresh bread sparked her senses. A glance down the street revealed the bakery's sign, and she made a mental note to pick up fresh loaves to go with that night's supper. But that would wait. Honour pulled the shopping list from her reticule and looked to see what was next to find. She had already bought several new dresses for Zara, most of which she would have to grow into. Another shop had bolts of silk she wanted to have made into shirts for Jack. He may be adding “Retired” to his title of captain, but she could never resist the way he looked in a fine silk shirt. It took some persistence and walking out of the shop twice only to be called back by the owner, but she got the price she wanted. Now she had her eye on table linens. The dressmaker recommended a shop to look at. Honour had a feeling it belonged to a relative of the dressmaker, so she hoped this person was as easy to negotiate with. She took one more sniff of the bread-scented air, and went inside.An hour later, Honour was on her way back to the ship, with three long loaves of bread in a cloth sack tucked securely against her. The linen shop keeper had been a pushover, refusing to call her “Honour” or even “Mrs. Wolfe,” opting instead for “Pretty Lady.” She took the flattery in stride, and managed to talk him down to less than half price for a year's worth of tablecloths, charges, napkins, and tea towels. It felt so good to be buying things for the plantation house. Each step toward the security of a hearth and home that was truly hers was a welcome one, and they were coming faster every day.As she approached the docks, her pace slowed as she beheld the spectacle before her. A dozen or more tents had sprung up, deliberately arranged to choke foot traffic between the ships and town. Vendors noisily hawked their wares to sailors and townsfolk alike. Honour smiled as she thought back to the seasonal faires she remembered from her childhood. Since she still had money in her purse and no pressing need to get back to the ship just yet, she decided to see what was being offered for sale. She tore off a hunk of bread and nibbled it happily as she mixed in with the crowd.After Honour worked her way through several of the tents, each brimming with baskets and blankets and somewhat interesting nicknacks, she found herself at the far end of the docks from El Lobo. She cursed under her breath, because now she would have to go back through the crowd to get back to the ship. With a sigh, she tore off another hunk of bread and waded back into the sea of people. But before Honour could take a bite of bread, she saw something that made her stop as if rooted to the ground.“Not again,” she whispered.There, not more than fifty feet ahead of her, making his way toward the docks, was a man in a weatherbeaten green frock coat. The same green coat she'd seen during the stopover in the Azores, she was sure of it. His hair was mostly pulled back in a ponytail, but the wind blew tendrils of hair around his face, making it difficult to get a good look at his face as he looked from side to side. The swagger was the same. More than the usual sailor's gait, it was something all its own. And it belonged to only one man.Rhys Morgan.
  6. El Lobo Del Mar

    "Well, here you are!"Honour climbed up to the quarterdeck. She had Zara by the hand as the little girl was tottering on her steps aboard a rolling ship deck. Her chestnut curls, so like her father's, was blowing in the wind and she scrunched her little face up to feel the ocean breeze, a smile on her face."I do believe Zara loves the sea air. What do we do when we smell the ocean air, Zara?"Mother and daughter both took an exaggerated sniff of the air.Jack burst out laughing. "She scrunches up her nose just like you do!"Duckie patted Jack on the back. "Got your work cut out for you with those two, Jack. Better pray the next one is a boy!"He finished off his drink and nodded to Honour. "I never did tell you, Honour. But you did good!" He touched Zara's curls as he walked by. Honour watched Duckie as he climbed down the stairs. "I always wondered what Duckie's life was like before you met up with him again.""Scattered. Not grounded. But he, like the rest of us, survived it."Zara tugged on her father's pants leg."Kee? Kee?"Jack scooped her up. "Kee is probably looking for mice, sweetheart."Zara peered over Jack's shoulder, her eyes wide. Honour laughed. "And if she is like me, she is petrified of them."Jack kissed her daughter's head. "I didn't know that.""We had them at Conaway Manor and once day, the cat left one on my pillow. I've been afraid of them ever since.""Well, we will have to make sure that Puddin doesn't get near Zara's crib." Zara snuggled herself against Jack's chest and idly played with one of his curls.Honour laughed. "Most children like security blankets. I remember your first introduction to your daughter.""Well, she seems to have gotten over it.""Yes, but will you?"Jack kissed the top of Zara's head. "Oh, I think all is forgiven. And now I am going to take Zara to the cabin. I think there are cookies there.""You mean YOU want a cookie. Or three.""Nothing wrong with thin mint cookies. Come on, Zara, let's see what Dada has stored away. Coming, Honour?""In a minute. I want to just stand here and feel the sun on my face. A month in Wales was long enough. When do we make port in Madeira?""I'd say by Thursday. We port in Ponta del Sol.""And how is the shopping?""Um...grand, I would say. Especially if the brethren have had an exceptionally good pillaging last summer.""Then, my love, I shall drain your coffers dry. Zara needs new boots, don't you sweetheart? Of course you do!"Honour tickled Zara's feet and she giggled, burying her face in Jack's hair."Come on, Zara...maybe we can find 'Kee' while we are at it. Muir? You coming?"Muir's tail wagged his body because he knew where Zara went, there was food. And crumbs. Honour breathed deeply the scent of the ocean breeze. It always invigorated her. She thought, 'And a home near the seashore where I can open the windows and...'"Honour?"She turned around and there was Rose Gander, Lady Carlisle standing on the steps."May I speak with you?"Honour looked over and then looked back to the sea. "Do I have a choice?"Rose climbed the steps. "I guess you do but I would prefer to say what I have to."Honour shrugged. "Then I'll listen." Rose took a deep breath before she started to speak. "This past ten days...I just wanted you to know that I have watched Jack Wolfe."Honour opened her mouth to speak and Rose held her hand up. "It's not what you think. I've watched Jack with his crew. With his child. And with you. And--I can't believe I am saying this--but I am happy for him."Rose stood next to Honour at the rail. "When I met Jack, he was a charming, idealistic young man. Head full of books and knowledge. And he was my brother's best friend. He was too innocent. Too...perfect.""And you think otherwise now.""There's an edge to Jack Wolfe. He's been through some hard times. It shows on his face. And his soul.""I hadn't noticed.""Of course not. You got the finished product. He has layers and layers of what he is. And I think each layer tells a story.""And you are in the mood for a bedtime story?" Rose held her hand up. "I'm not here to start trouble. This is so awkward...but please let me finish. When I told Jack about your past--yes, a part of me wanted him to thank me and see me again as the young woman I was twenty years ago. But there was one thing I didn't count on. His love for you. And his daughter. And...in a strange way, I am happy for him.""This surprises me, Lady Carlisle.""Please...after all the tricks you have played on me, at least call me 'Rose'. I have to admit, it surprised me too. I know we will never be friends, Honour. But I wanted to say one thing---I respect you. From what Drake has told me, you tamed him. And you saved his life a few times. The mutiny...the snakebite...and that business with that horrid Spaniard. I think the world would be a less bright place without Jack Wolfe in it." Rose walked down the stairs but turned to Honour. "I'll be gone when we get to Madeira. Drake and Jack will arrange passage on a safe ship and I will be back in merry old England inside of a month. But I wanted to tell you this."She walked down the steps and Honour said softly, "Thank you, Rose."From the companionway was heard, 'You are welcome....Rhiannon."
  7. El Lobo Del Mar

    Somewhere in the Caribbean..... The captain stood on the quarterdeck, his dark green frock coat spattered with sea salt. His hands never left the wheel, his eyes never moving from the sea ahead."POUR MORE CANVAS ON!" he shouted."Captain, this mast will only take so much!""DAMN YOU, I DON'T CARE! YOU SLAP IT ON OR YOU'LL BE IN THE BRINE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!"The boatswain turned to the quartermaster. "What the HELL is his problem?"The quartermaster grimaced, "He's sensing a storm. Seems to have a sixth sense about it. Best heed it and do as he says. Captain never let us down before." The captain held the course, noting the winds had started to pick up. He held his side and winced."Still giving ye problems, Captain?"The captain nodded. "How do you think I know a storm is coming up? A divining rod?"The quartermaster looked to the left of him. "Wind is picking up. Ye be right again, Captain. Clouds are building in the east."The captain stared out with grey-green eyes. "We head for Madeira. Run before the wind, I always say.""Ye know best, Captain.""Take the wheel. I'll be back in a few minutes." The captain went down to his cabin and checked the charts briefly, holding his side. The pain always grew sharp during weather changes. It was something that he had come to accept over the last three years. Along with a few other realizations in life. He took a bottle of Jamaican rum and put it into his frock coat pocket, then joined his quartermaster on the deck. He took out his compass."Take us five points to the east.""But, Captain, that puts us right with the storm."The captain took a deep pull on the rum and handed the bottle to his quartermaster."Precisely. We are going to let the storm push us right to Ponta del Sol's front door.""You're crazy, you know.""Crazy doesn't begin to cover it.""Wound hurt?""As it always does." The quartermaster took a deep breath."Heard he got married.""Yeah...so what?"The quartermaster shrugged. "Just making idle conversation, that's all.""So now he gets to live the life I should have had. Damn Jack Wolfe. DAMN HIM!"He slammed his fist down on the ship's wheel."Never could trust an Oxford."The quartermaster knew better than to say anything at this point.The captain took out his bottle of rum. He took a deep drink and turned to his friend."She ran."The quartermaster nodded. "Door was wide open, safe was empty.""Dog gone?"He nodded. "Figures. Where she went, he went also.""Sounds like she planned it.""She was scared.""Think you will ever find her?"The captain shrugged. "I have no idea. She could be anywhere in this wide world."The men were silent as the quartermaster angled the ship.The captain said quietly, "I never did thank you.""For what?""For....everything."The quartermaster looked at his captain and gently touched his cap with his two fingers. "I did what I had to do for ye. No thanks needed."The captain nodded and looked out towards the horizon.
  8. El Lobo Del Mar

    Honour wrapped her dressing gown around her and tied the sash. "I swear, the water never felt so....and what is this?""What is...what?""That."She pointed to Puddin who was sitting on the bed with a scowl on his face. Zara was attempting to pick him up. But that was not what Honour was perturbed about. It was the way Puddin was dressed. "Who's idea was it to put a ribbon on his neck and drape him in beads?""Um...Zara's?""I think not. Guess again."Zara tentatively reached her hand towards Puddin to touch one of the beads. His answer was a hiss."No, Zara! NO!" She drew her hand back. "And just WHY is Puddin wearing beads?""Um....well, it's in honour of Shrove Tuesday.""Jack, get those beads off that poor cat. I don't care if it is Shove--""--Shrove.""--Tuesday or Michaelmas. This cat had a wonderful existence before you started using him as a fashion plate for the amusement of your little daughter."Puddin scratched his head and the beads slipped over his eyes. Zara clapped her hands and laughed. "Kee! Kee!"Honour sighed and took the beads and ribbon off the cat. With a backward glare and an angry swish of his tail, he fled the scene of the crime. Honour picked Zara up and said, "It's time for bedtime, sweetheart. Kiss Daddy good night!""Good night, precious!' Zara leaned over and they gave each other an Eskimo kiss.As Honour pulled the curtain shut in the small alcove that was sectioned off for Zara to sleep, Jack reached over and opened a bottle of merlot for the two of them.Ten minute later, Honour emerged. "It took a few minutes but she finally settled down. Of course, Muir is sleeping at the foot of her bed."Jack laughed and handed a glass of wine to Honour."And shall we drink to our detente?"She took the glass and clinked it with his. "Is that what we are calling it now?"Jack smiled, "I guess what is behind that curtain is a joint communique." Honour sat on the bed cross-legged, looking at the scrolls. "Jack, I really don't know what to make of these. Just when I think I am close, something curtains off the thought process.""Darling, you only started to look at them when we were on our return to Wales. You haven't looked at them since."He took them out of her hands and put them back in the alabaster and ivory chest. "Lets put them aside. Then when we get to Barbados, we can spread them out and look at them carefully. We will be settled in and can take all the time in the world we want."She raised her eyebrow. "Jack Wolfe, why do I think you are trying to distract me?""Is it working?""You, Captain, are an incredible distraction!"He stood behind her chair and whispered in her ear, "Then close your eyes." Honour closed her eyes as Jack massaged her neck."You're very tense."She sighed. "You can feel that?""Honey, if you were any harder, you would be a brick wall. Let's see if I can turn you into plaster!"She bit back the clever wenchmouth that threatened to escape her lips. "Now just stretch out and let me see if I can unknot your muscles." She closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage. "I think alot of it comes from you-know-who down the hall. I swear, Jack, that woman is a raw nerve.""You're tensing up again....""Sorry. And I've been thinking about the scrolls. The wavy lines bother me. Are they a long-forgotten road? Is it water? And if so, is it a river?"She felt his hands releasing the tension in her back as she continued thinking out loud. "And those little pointed signs in the corner. The ones that look like inverted 'v's. Are they mountains? Or a direction?""Mmm hmmm..""And if they are.....mmm...what are you doing?""What do you think I am doing?""You know I melt when you do that. Don't...not when I am trying to concentrate. Now the...arrows...point....and..and the writing....at the...bottom.....oh, hell!" She rolled over and locked her hands behind Jack's neck, pulling him towards her. "I guess you found a way to shut me up."He smiled down at her with that look she loved to see, knowing what it would lead to.He whispered, "Dios mio, te amo, mi querido...."She kissed him deeply and whispered, "You know I can't resist you when you speak Spanish to me..."He laughed softly and said, "Pirate!"
  9. new pub layout???

    Any more generic, we may as well eat vanilla ice cream.
  10. El Lobo Del Mar

    The door to Duckie's quarters slammed shut."You break Jack's door and it won't sit too well with him."Rose sat down on the chair."I am so bored I could just scream!"Duckie leaned back and sighed. "Rose, it is only a week left---""NINE DAYS!""---until we port in Madeira. Jack and I will make sure you are booked for passage on a reputable ship and under the captain's protection. With any luck, you will be back in your own bed by the first of March." Rose tried to smooth down the dress she had on. It was a satin dress in purple. Too short for a woman of Rose's stature. The waist hit her under her bust and the sleeves pulled every time she reached. "These clothes---they are hideous! What kind of woman would wear a dress like this?"Duckie looked up from the ledger where he was taking a few notes. "That? Oh....I can't really recall her name. Buxom girl with brown hair."Rose stretched her arm and the sleeve ripped in the armhole. "She must have been a dwarf! Was there ANY kind of woman that Jack did not consort with?"Duckie put his pen down and thought. "Um....no. If they were female, they qualified.""So Jack Wolfe had no morals."Duckie thought for a moment. "I wouldn't say that. He never bothered Bonita again.""Who's Bonita?"Duckie waved his hand. "Just someone...spooky."She crossed her arms in front of her. "I was up on deck a few minutes ago.""Taking in the night air?""Yes. Is it a crime?""Not at all. If that was really your reason for being there."Rose hesitated. "I saw...them.""Them who?""Rhiannon and her child. With Jack. They looked like a...""Family?"Rose looked away. "It could have been me.." her voice trailed off.Duckie shook his head. "No. It couldn't have been. You two weren't right for each other.""But Jack has matured.""The Jack you see now has. It wasn't even Honour--Rhiannon--that changed him as much as it was that little girl he holds in his arms. Honour tamed him. Zara refined him.""And you are saying I couldn't?""Jack was wild, Rose. He endured situations no one should have. When Honour got him, he was coming to terms with alot things. He talked to a friend about his dream of quitting the account.""And so that little tart was his key to freedom." Duckie rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Please don't call her a tart, Rose. She's not.""Carrying on like she did behind Madoc's back? And what makes you think she wouldn't do the same to Jack? Once a cheating wife, always a cheating wife. Madoc was good to her. He gave her the world. And did she appreciate it? No! She was more like his pampered pet. And from what I can see, Jack is treating her the same way."Duckie burst out laughing. "I know what is bothering you! The same thing that bothered you about her and Madoc! She's warming Jack's bed!"Rose retorted hotly, "Of course not! I was just mentioning that a woman like that falls backwards into money and position. Everyone knows that she was sent home in disgrace from the abbey. And the next thing we hear, Lord Madoc Castlemaine takes a wife. And that child-bride was barely seventeen!""Rose, from what I understand, Madoc Castlemaine wore two masks. The one he kept for the nobility of the land and the one he wore behind closed doors. Honour and I talked one evening when Jack was recuperating from a bullet wound. She painted a portrait of a controlling, cruel man. He used to pinch her and grab her for any slight breach of etiquette or any conduct that he felt didn't reflect well on the House of Castlemaine." Rose sniffed, "Regardless, she took a lover. Who would have thought it? It was so...so common.""What is, Rose?"Her words were biting. "Cuckolding your husband with the help.""The help?"She laughed derisively, "And who would have thought Mortimer capable of doing that to Madoc?""Rose, I'm not following."Rose took another deep drink. "Of course. Who do you think was found dead there? Madoc and his wife's lover. Edmund Mortimer. His very own valet." Duckie dropped his wine glass. Rose looked down. "Drake, you made a mess." She handed him her napkin. As Duckie picked up the shards, he found his voice. "You--you mean she was having an affair with her husband's valet?"Crossly, Rose said, "Isn't that what cuckolding is all about? Madoc's son Henry came home and found two dead bodies in the bedroom. Madoc Castlemaine and his servant Edmund Mortimer. Edmund was sprawled across the bed. And the girl was gone. No one knew where she went. But Henry said the jewels were missing. Also gold coins and family heirlooms. And then the truth came out. She had a lover. And Madoc struck the blow that felled him before he himself died." Duckie's head was swimming. Two bodies.Madoc Castlemaine and his valet.But then...what happened to Rhys Morgan's body?
  11. El Lobo Del Mar

    "See the moon, Zara?"The little toddler looked up in the night sky. Her father had her on his shoulders and brought her down to his chest. "Now look up and say, 'Moon, come closer!' See it? See it come to Zara?"Her eyes grew wide and she reached her hand out.Jack laughed. "And now you can hold the moon in your hands, sweetheart!""Jack, what are you telling her?"He turned around to see his bemused wife standing there, her hands on her hips. "Just showing her that if she wants something, nothing is out of her grasp!""But the moon?""Why not? She already holds the world in the palm of her hand.""Yes. YOUR world!"He leaned towards his wife and as she brought her face near his, a little face stuck hers between the two of them. Zara patted both their faces and laughed.Jack sighed. "I think she is on to us!""Well, I came outside for two reasons. One--please get the baby out of the night air. I don't need her coming down with the sniffles."Jack protested, "Oh, come on, Honour. I have her bundled up. What is the second reason?""Cook brought dinner. Grady caught some fresh fish and we still have some field greens. So come in before the fish gets cold."Jack put his arm around his wife's waist and whispered, "And you are now over your snit-fit regarding you know who?"She gave him that smile he loved to see. "I figured why should I punish myself along with you?"Zara pouted, "Da-da!"Jack shook her head. "She can't possibly be jealous of her own mother, can she?""Certainly not! But you keep spoiling her and she will be the diva of Barbados!""Well, why not? I like spoiling my girls!"He bounced Zara up and down gently as the little toddler laid her head against her father's chest.Honour leaned over and kissed Jack's cheek. "And we like being spoiled! Now, come in so we can have a nice, quiet dinner."'"And later?""Dessert?""And after dessert?""Let's just see what transpires," Honour laughed.Jack laughed and opened up the door to their cabin. "After you, munequita!"As their door shut, her voice was heard to giggle, "No, Jack! Not until after I have my dessert!"
  12. El Lobo Del Mar

    "See the moon, Zara?"The little toddler looked up in the night sky. Her father had her on his shoulders and brought her down to his chest. "Now look up and say, 'Moon, come closer!' See it? See it come to Zara?"Her eyes grew wide and she reached her hand out.Jack laughed. "And now you can hold the moon in your hands, sweetheart!""Jack, what are you telling her?"He turned around to see his bemused wife standing there, her hands on her hips. "Just showing her that if she wants something, nothing is out of her grasp!""But the moon?""Why not? She already holds the world in the palm of her hand.""Yes. YOUR world!"He leaned towards his wife and as she brought her face near his, a little face stuck hers between the two of them. Zara patted both their faces and laughed.Jack sighed. "I think she is on to us!""Well, I came outside for two reasons. One--please get the baby out of the night air. I don't need her coming down with the sniffles."Jack protested, "Oh, come on, Honour. I have her bundled up. What is the second reason?""Cook brought dinner. Grady caught some fresh fish and we still have some field greens. So come in before the fish gets cold."Jack put his arm around his wife's waist and whispered, "And you are now over your snit-fit regarding you know who?"She gave him that smile he loved to see. "I figured why should I punish myself along with you?"Zara pouted, "Da-da!"Jack shook her head. "She can't possibly be jealous of her own mother, can she?""Certainly not! But you keep spoiling her and she will be the diva of Barbados!""Well, why not? I like spoiling my girls!"He bounced Zara up and down gently as the little toddler laid her head against her father's chest.Honour leaned over and kissed Jack's cheek. "And we like being spoiled! Now, come in so we can have a nice, quiet dinner."'"And later?""Dessert?""And after dessert?""Let's just see what transpires," Honour laughed.Jack laughed and opened up the door to their cabin. "After you, munequita!"As their door shut, her voice was heard to giggle, "No, Jack! Not until after I have my dessert!"
  13. El Lobo Del Mar

    Jack tentatively opened the cabin door. "Umm....Honour? Sweetheart?" She poured herself another glass of claret. "Yes, darling?" He looked around. "Where did that other Honour go? The one with the morbid ideas?" Honour waved him off. "Oh...that. That was just a momentary hissy fit. I've calmed down now." Jack looked at his wife skeptically. "Oh, you have, have you? It's when you get that angel-pie look that I REALLY worry!" Honour sat down and put her bare feet up on the chair opposite her. She gently nudged it away from her and gave Jack an innocent look. He sat down opposite her and gently began rubbing her feet. She giggled. "You aren't playing fair, Jack Wolfe!" He gave her a grin and said, "Take what you can..." She raised her eyebrow. "..give nothing back?" He leaned forward and whispered, "You know that isn't how it works around here.!" She leaned forward and whispered too, "I know." He kissed the tip of her nose and asked, "I want to know why the sudden change of attitude. You are up to something, Honour Wolfe. And I don't know whether to be proud of you or worried!" She pulled her foot back. "Are you impugning my hospitality?" He sighed. "Not at all." She stared back at him. He relented, "Alright, maybe just a little...A LITTLE!" Honour took a sip of her claret and ran her finger idly around the rim. "The countess is about to learn a lesson in humility." "Humility? Or humiliation?" Honour flared up. "Are you protective of your former sweetheart?" He sighed. "I wish to God she never set foot on this ship. Ducks is second only to Briggs as my best friend." Honour stood up. "And it is because of Duckie that I don't rip her to shreds. She can spend her time with her brother and sitting in his quarters. I don't want to see or hear her." "You won't." Jack put his arms around his wife and kissed her. She gently took his hands at the wrist and disentangled him from her. "No." "What do you mean, 'no'?" She drew the sheets back. "You can thank your countess for this." "For what?" "She ruined the mood. Now extinguish the candle, please. I am going to SLEEP!" Jack sighed and from the dark, he said, "You sure?" "I'm sure." "Damn Rose." From the other side of the bed, she sighed, "You can say that again." Rose struggled down the hallway under the burden of the clothes Honour had thrust upon her. "Whoa now, Rose! What do you have here?" Duckie looked up from his medical book. Rose peeked over the load of garments she was carrying. "It seems the esteemed Mrs. Jack Wolfe decided I should wear what is available." Duckie took the clothes out of Rose's arms. "Here. Let me take that for you." "And I am to take your quarters and you are to bunk with Mr. Briggs." "Oh, I am, am I? Well, if it is alright with Josiah, it's alright with me." He kicked the door to his quarters open. "It isn't much, Rose, but I guess it will have to do." She looked around. "My butler lives in quarters bigger than this, Drake." "Well, I am not your butler. You should be glad that Honour didn't push you overboard as soon as she saw you." "Oh, if she had her way, she would have. Jack's gallantry rescued me." Duckie held up his hand. "Hold it right there! Jack is NOT being gallant. He is NOT your knight in shining armor to rescue you, princess. He's trying to protect his wife from any undue aggravation." She sat down and crossed her arms over her chest. "I was only trying to protect Jack. I knew Lady Castlemaine. Why Madoc married her is beyond me. He was a well-respected and courtly man. Why, he even was involved with the political machinations to restore the House of Lords!" Duckie sat down opposite her. "And what did Lady Castlemaine ever do to you?" Rose said hotly, "She was all wrong for him. Everyone knew about Lord Conaway's wayward daughter. She was in a convent and was turned out for...well, for unseemly conduct. It wasn't hard to figure out. News travels fast in my social circle...." "...with you being the herald of rumours..." "..and no one was invited to the wedding. Just family. And it was within a month after she returned home that she was now an....equal!" "Is that what bothers you?" "What?" "The fact that she was so young and was now your peer. Maybe even the fact that Lord Castlemaine was a rung up on the social ladder than Edward?" She glared. "It is NOT! She played Madoc for a fool!" "And what did he get out of it?" Rose's mouth went into a thin line and she said nothing. Duckie started laughing. "You were jealous!" "Jealous? Of HER?" "Yes. Because she was young and beautiful and Madoc Castlemaine was rogering her roundly!" Rose stood up and put her hands on her hips, her face flaming red. "You never would have talked to me like that before, Drake! Mother would be appalled!" "You have a bigger problem than that, as far as I can see." "And what is that?" "The blue dress on top is Desdemona's dress." "Desdemona?" "Yes. One of Jack's....close friends. Jack and Honour were separated for a time. And the man does have an insatiable appetite." "You mean...this dress....?" "I wouldn't worry about it. After all, who is going to know if it is last year's fashion? Goodnight, Rose!"
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    Honour stood there and gazed at an imaginary spot on the wall. Jack groaned, "Uh oh, I know that look, Honour. Your wheels are turning." She turned back to Jack and smiled sweetly, "You are absolutely right, Jack." He narrowed his eyes, "I don't like the sound of that, Honour." She patted his face. "We certainly can't have a guest--however unwelcome--be cheated out of our hospitality, can we?" Before Jack could stop Honour, she breezed back into the room. Briggs was chatting quietly with Rose, as she gave him a dimpled smile. Honour gave Rose a welcoming smile. "Countess, my manners were a bit out of line. Please chalk it up to the surprise of seeing you so soon after the ball. I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as befitting the Captain's wife." She let the word hang there. "Jack, would you please give the Countess a glass of claret and then please leave us to have a little girl-chat?" Jack and Briggs exchanged looks. "Honour, I don't know about this...." "Oh, fiddle faddle! It will be just fine. Frankly, it may be nice to have another woman to chat with for the next week." Briggs handed Rose a glass of wine which she took readily. Jack looked skeptically at his wife. "Honour..." She gave him a smile and pushed him out the door. "Please, Jack!" He whispered, "Don't forget. I know where you live if she disappears and we have shark for dinner...." Honour closed the door in his face. Honour poured herself a glass of wine and raised it to Rose. "I want to propose a toast, Countess." Rose looked quizzically at her. "A toast?" "Yes. To you. If you hadn't opened up your big mouth, this would have always been between Jack and me. It made our love even more stronger." "But--" "Oh, Countess, no need to thank me! It is I who should be thanking YOU! And while you are staying with us, I want to make you feel comfortable." Honour flung open the armoire. "Now there should be some in--ah ha! Here!" She pulled out a armful of clothes and shoved them in Rose's arms "These should fit you. I hope you don't mind that they belonged to some of Jack's strumpets. After all, we WERE separated. But then I was no saint, as you have already told him." Honour walked over to the basin. "Oh, and here's some soap. I'm sorry it is what I use for washing the basin but I am sure your creamy skin can take it. And here's a towel." Honour piled a rough cloth on top of it all. "I must say---" "No need to thank me, Rose. After all, this is the LEAST I can do for you." She spun Rose around and propelled her to the door. Shoving her gently outside the door, Honour said as the door closed, "Enjoy your stay. And please watch out for Puddin'. Sometimes he likes to show off his latest catch when you are sleeping!" As Rose stood there with her cast-offs, Jack nodded and said, "Duckie's quarters are down the hall and to the right. The RIGHT. And please tell him he will bunk with Briggs." As they watched her walk down the hall, Briggs smiled at Jack and said, "Ye keep tellin' me ye will teach me about women, Jack. But I think ye be the wrong gender for it." Jack smiled. "I don't know what happened...but I think I like it!"
  15. El Lobo Del Mar

    Meanwhile in Castara Bay..... The door to the tavern opened, its bright morning light streaming in behind the tall figure sillouetted in it. "Bonita? You around?" A head popped up from behind the tavern bar. "Her not here. Her went to shore to collect her purification salt and her geckos. What you want?" Cade Jennings looked over at the woman with the bright red ribbon in her hair, the dreadlocks swirling around her shoulders. "Ah, I see you are still here!" Drusilla broke out in a grin. "I know you! You be de man dat been here when de earth do a shake!" Cade laughed. "You remembered me." Drusilla nodded. "You be havin' de face of an angel, dat I remember. And you give lots of coin." He sat down. "So let me have an ale." She poured and he handed her the coins. "Still de same man!" "And can you give me any information?" "Maybe. Maybe not. Depend." "Depends on how much?" "No. Depend on what I know." "Has El Lobo del Mar been ported here since I was here last?" Drusilla wiped the bar down. "Not dat I know. You look for anyone special?" "Just trying to avoid the captain. And a blonde woman who used to come here with said captain. I seem to have....misplaced her." Drusilla snorted, "You not be de-placing a person. You not be dat careless, man." "The woman I am looking for is Honour Bright. Seen her?" He slid another coin across the bar top. "I see her. Her on Little Muelle Cay." Cade turned around to see Bonita standing there, her arms holding four jars filled with salt. She dropped a bag that squirmed and she kicked it under a chair. "Little Muelle Cay? What the hell? I was with her in Bridgetown. How did she get there?" "How you t'ink?" "I have no idea. She was in my bed and said she had to run an errand but she knew I was leaving that morning. When she didn't come back I thought she had been delayed with whatever it was she was doing." 'What she doing was being wit' de great Jack Wolfe. Dey be t'gether." "He tracked her down? He ported in GlenLIvet as I was planning to leave. I expected Honour to come back quickly and I was planning on taking her with me but I had to leave. I left her a note I'd catch up with her in a week or so but her landlady Mrs Washburn said she never came for her things. I didn't know what to think. Thought maybe she went to Wales to see family. She talked about arranging passage ahd she had planned to go back to Barbardos. So I figured that is what she did and I would catch up with her through Amos." "Amos not know where de child be but Bonita do. I see wit' my own eyes." "And what were they up to?" Bonita took a deep breath. "Dey were looking for de treasure of de Ancients. Dey find it." "WHAT?" She nodded. "It not go too well. But dis I promise you, young Cade. Bonita get de trreasure. It be wit' dem and dey do not know how to read. It useless to dem." "So you can have the treasure, Bonita. I just want one thing." "And you t'ink Bonita not know what dat is? Dat be what dance t'rough you mind, Cade Jennings and get you in de trouble to begin wit'." She opened up the box she kept beneath the tavern counter and withdrew her tools of the trade. "Bones. Bones no lie." She shook them, spit on them and cast them on the table top. Cade peered over her shoulder. She looked closely at them. "De two bones touch. Dis bone off to de side. You pushed to de side. But look! De bone chip. Dat mean somet'ing little come into de lives of dem." Cade laughed. "Impossible. I know Honour. If she is with Jack then it is to get the annulment and they got sidetracked by a business deal. She loves me, Bonita. ME! Jack Wolfe treated her like dirt the last few weeks they were together. I know. She told me the whole story." Bonita shook her head. "I see somet'ing else. I see two faces. De faces of Jack Wolfe and dat golden child. Dey overlap. Bonita not sure yet what dat mean...but dis I know. Whatever it be, it be serious."