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  1. Testing

  2. Santa Maria - Pirate Weekend May 2011 -May 14 - 15

    Much like last year, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is taking place on Saturday morning in Downtown Columbus. Last year we had alot of talk about forming a pirate team to walk the half marathon before the ship opens. I looked into it a little bit and it looks like it would cost $30 per person to register as a team. That in mind, I have a couple of ideas: 1.) I can set us up a team and whoever wants to join the team can register and pay the $30.00. I can't personally afford to pay for everyone (or I would), nor can the ship....which is why we do the pirate weekends in the first place. :) 2.) We can just meander up there, in garb, to cheer the participants on. I really, really, really don't want to take away from the reason the marathon is going on, which is to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer, but if people ask why we're all dressed up, well....no reason not to tell them. :) What do you all think? Hit me up on facebook and let me know what any interested parties would like to do!!!!
  3. Searle's Raid 2011 After Action report.

    93...if you count the monkey....
  4. Put-in-Bay Ohio 2011

    I agree with Mission.... But also, If we are facing the street, that would make our group seem more inviting to those walking by on the sidewalk. Dontcha think?
  5. The Sack of St Augustine: Robert Searle's raid of 1668

    Consider us there. But you already knew that, didn't you?
  6. Santa Maria - Pirate Weekend May 2011 -May 14 - 15

    I started a group on Facebook for anyone that rsvp's to the Santa Maria event. I am hoping to use it for meal planning and demo planning and the likes. I've invited, so far, eveeryone thats rsvp'd on the events page. :)
  7. Thinking about Searles this year

    Yes, Mickey drives 13 hours each way with a wife that gets carsick, especially in the back seat. And the last two years we've made it a 4 day trip. This year, we're taking a week and vacationing and then ending it all with Searle's. It's quite possibly one of our favorite (I know it's Mickey's favorite) events of the year.
  8. Happy Birthday!!!!! mmmmmmwwahhhh!!

  9. Sept. 18th and 19th - Columbus, OH - Santa Maria Pirate Weekend

    I think between Jeannie, Trish and I, we have food figured out. If anyone would like to bring anything and contribute to lunches/snacks, please contact me either here or preferably by facebook or email because I rarely get on here anymore. Email is faereygirl@sbcglobal.net Put something in the subject so i know who you are and don't think its SPAM. I do have a list of things that folks could bring, but again, contact me off list.
  10. To Brig and Mae

    Happy birthday to my favorite twin-friends. :)
  11. Put-In-Bay Pirate Festival June 25-27 2010

    Oh and..... Kate's Photos
  12. Put-In-Bay Pirate Festival June 25-27 2010

    He did indeed. Everyone was always doing something that was interesting to the people coming by. It was really awesome. :)
  13. Put-In-Bay Pirate Festival June 25-27 2010

    Uhm. We're home. We're still damp. My car smells like wet sheep and Prof. Death. I have a blister on my toe the size of Kentucky. We had a great time! ......Stupid M.A.d'Dogge.
  14. Can't take M.A.d Dogge anywhere....