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  1. Creeping up from the murky depths like a spectre in the night, scans the tavern with an unseeing eye that only a man looking for something can have....then slowly, steathly drifting back into the shadows he returns...

    1. Cheeky Actress

      Cheeky Actress

      Spotted! But alas, not quick enough to capture you! Miss seeing you about.

  2. Port Washington Pirate Festival, June 1-3 2012

    well then, make sure everyone Stops on By our Tavern on the Hill and INTRODUCE YOURSELF!!!.....would be lovely to meet many face to face once't in awhile!
  3. Port Washington Pirate Festival, June 1-3 2012

    Just let me know....you can come play with us...always need a Barber!
  4. Port Washington Pirate Festival, June 1-3 2012

    correct on the partystyle.....but we still set up like we do for the Put-in-Bay.....Guild of St Michael and another group also attend to lend some HISTORY and EDUCATION to the event.....then we ourselves join the Festivities no camping allowed tho, it a straight up HOTEL event.
  5. Port Washington Pirate Festival, June 1-3 2012

    we ...... the Forsaken .....shall be in attendance again this year with our Tavern, Tyburns Last Drop....on top of the Hill Mission, if you ever wanted to attend and set up round our Tavern, im sure we can help out with getting "NOTICEd" while still staying within more historical guidlines.....as you may recall...we have a tendency to get loud...HA!
  6. right then.....anywhere's else to get a turn off? or anyone else making em???
  7. Historically Accurate Rum

    From Wiki-pedia: Regarding 100 proof Origins.....( for what Wiki-is worth anyhow) "In the 18th century and until 1 January 1980, the United Kingdom measured alcohol content in terms of "proof spirit", which was defined as the most dilute spirit that would sustain combustion of gunpowder.[1] The term originated in the 18th century, when payments to British sailors included rations of rum. To ensure that the rum had not been watered down, it was "proved" by dousing gunpowder in it, then tested to see if the gunpowder would ignite. If it did not, then the rum contained too much water and was considered to be "under proof". Gunpowder would not burn in rum that contained less than approximately 57.15% ABV. Therefore, rum that contained this percentage of alcohol was defined to have "100 degrees proof".
  8. Does anyone know of anyone making/selling repro Turn-Off beutys??? besides the Perdersoli Queen Anne(not Turn offs)...???? Kits or otherwise??
  9. Female Pirates

    Most of todays "extremely" active sports atheletes say that their body actually stops menstrurating ...or will go several monthes anyway....while in heavey training....and ships life would be just as ...ah....athletic... thats an easy one to get away with for your character.
  10. Military History Fest (or ReEnactor Fest 8)

    HA! ask Sterling!......i dont think Billie and I have EVER been accused of NOT smelling the Part!!! and nope...twas a "HOTEL" event....no sleepin over in the encampents....this year anyway!
  11. Military History Fest (or ReEnactor Fest 8)

    once we "fleshed" it out with about 10 bodies of Pyrates, seamen and local Tavern goers seeking trade negotiations.....as well as a few "bad pyrates" being set an EXAMPLE of...... The intresting part for us, and the most fullfilling.....was the fact that most of the Audience wernt your typical " I LOVE aLL Pirates" Fare....it was the DIE-HARD History Fanatics.....tough crowd....but some of the deepset Discussions with Audience we had gotten into in a very long time....not just WHAT happend and When.....but the WHY's behind most of it...and the direct Consequences to OUr United States Today as a direct result of that tremultuous time!!! overall...i believe we opened quite a few eyes at the importance of "playin' pyrate"........hopefully this will open a few more doors down the road for us all
  12. Military History Fest (or ReEnactor Fest 8)

    heres another view of the Gibbet (while looking into another groups diorama).....we had another of the PIN-Up Girls stuck in the Cage.....the Group behind us STILL say they had the best View! (AND have officially requested to be behind us agian..!?!?)
  13. Military History Fest (or ReEnactor Fest 8)

    Tis another view....of the Tavern.....Tyburn's Last Drop.....we only had a 20x20 spot to work from.....complete with a working GIBBET that we gave "RIDES" to the wee ones....ok...and some of the Pin -Up Girls as well....ahem
  14. Military History Fest (or ReEnactor Fest 8)

    this was one of the GI PIN UP GIRLS who ...ahem....volunteered to try out the Pillory.....and it wasnt our Birthday or nuthin...!?!?!
  15. Military History Fest (or ReEnactor Fest 8)

    check out photo #5...tis our very own Tiger Billie!!! News Blub for History Fest 8