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    Pillage, Plunder, Fighting with me mates, swilling grog or Guiness<br><br>In real life, pool, hiking, camping, re enacting history, building award winning models.<br><br>.
  1. Scupper be back!

    Aye it does. Tis grand to be back on the account
  2. Scupper be back!

    Ah Black Syren! wonderful warm filled memories I be having. So nice to see you again. (Doffs hat and bows)
  3. Scupper be back!

    Thanks Mates! It was a water logged plank that I was holding on to. but tis better I be ashore. Coastie!!!! How be you?! tis been forever since we shared a pint
  4. Scupper be back!

    They were rumors tis all Sir. Thanks! It is good to be back among my mates!
  5. Scupper be back!

    Hello mates! It be true!! Scupper be back! Pay no mind to the rumors I was caught and hung! Looking forward toseeing ye about the port.
  6. Ello Mates!

    Aye mate! I have a new bottle of irish potcheen waiting to be opned for the grand occasion too!! fair Winds Scupper
  7. Ello Mates!

    Ello all me Mates! Just a quick missive to let ye know, ol Scupper is not at the bottom of davy Jones' Locker! Still no pc but now I can check the on the Pub via work. So looking forward to chatting with me mates and getting to know ye again. Yarn soon. Scupper
  8. Wanted Posters

    I be very interested mate.
  9. Pirate Gear for sale

    Hello mates. I be thinning the sea chest and have decided to give me mates first crack at Swag I've collected. I have coats, shirts, pants, sashes and assortewd other things up for grabs. They all be made by reputable vendors such as Musuem Replicas, Centerstage, Design by Kate and others including leather gear by yours truely! Please email me off board for a list and prices. fair Winds!! Scupper
  10. Happy Natal Day Red-Handed Jill

    Happy berthday lass!!! May ye plunder be grand! Scupper
  11. The insomniacs Club

    I'm at work and wish I wasn't. What's the weather like in Kansas City? Is the lamp still on the wall? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Pleasant thoughts till i can dream
  12. Connecticut Piratecon

    be there anyway other than me crewe going to the pirate Con in connecticut this weekend April 24, 25, 26? if so maybe we can set a day and time and all meet up. Scupper
  13. Happy Natal Oderlesseye!!!

    happy berthday mate!! Scupper
  14. Cleaning Ship's Guns

    I have used it with all three mate! bronze, broze and iron with steel liner and straignt iron
  15. Cleaning Ship's Guns

    I've used the peroxide, alcohol and murphys mixed in different time lines over the last 26 years. So far it has done the best job to date. Scupper