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    The Land Between Two Rivers, aka Iowa
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    History, a good swim, creativity, stories, theater, but desperately restraining myself from giving people Gibbs Slaps!

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About Me

Specializing in the Sweet Trade Wealth Redistribution, mischief making, adventure seeking, freedom fighting, treasure hunting, freelance poaching and roasting, highway opportunist, and debauchery with the occassional Gentleman!

T'was war that envoked m' wild spirit, whisking me away from my innocence. Placing me upon the path to adventure, debauchery and chaos! Those ways drove me to piracy. A black heart and blood lust then drove me further giving in to every deadly sin. Weapons upon my form and at the ready. Intimidating and wild. Courageous and crazy. Haunting and hapless.

Throughout the 18th century I roam. Be it a ship upon the Seven Seas or horseback over uncharted and colonized land, you will find me in the midst of adventure... the heat of battle... or a Gentleman's arms.

Where ever the wind takes me, Adventure awaits me, the Spirits beacon me... and so my heart wishes to comply.  

Born to a blacksmith and a merchant's daughter, growing up with a hidden desire for adventure. The girl became a Lady who's fortune was not normality, but a path of mystery.

Forced from the familiarity of home into the midst of war. To survive, she had to hide in plain sight. From Lady to Dragoon, she soiled her hands with the blood of many. From Dragoon to captive of a British Colonel who was her enemy only to become his Fiancee. From Fiancee to mourn the Colonel's demise to Adventuress of the New World. From Adventuress to Harem Slave. From Slave to an Apprentice under Big Ben Copper, a friend and mentor. From an Apprentice of a Privateer to a mysterious Pirate.

Master & Commander of the Resurrection, Beloved of a man Hell hath spat out, Sister of the Siren, Servant to the Sea, one of Blackbeard's Angels, boons by Bones, Death's paramour, Black Heart of the Ocean, Guardian of Treasure, a proper Pirate Lady

"Tempt Fate! an' toss it all t' Hell!"

The Resurrection

An elegantly haunting bloody crimson and charred black hull, elaborately carved with figures of Gods, mythical beings and ghastly images giving the appearance to some a vessel of legend. Masts are charred black with hints of red claimed to be blood. The sails are deep crimson some swear has been soaked blood.

The charred figurehead of a skeletal woman Angel rising from the flames of Hell with the left hand outstretched towards it's prey as though in desperation to grab it while the other holds a blackened heart.

Incorporating sweeps plus fully rigged; square and fore-and-aft sails with studding sail, to ensure it's speed to reach it's destination, be it near or far, be it a prize or a port.

The crew is a hodgepodge of murderers and thieves and misfits. All doomed and damned by God, the Law and the Devil. Marks on their body from narrow brushes with death and willing to spend an eternity as doomed spirits forced to roam the earth. Each one of them the epitomy of the 7 Deadly Sins… but none so much as their Captain.