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  1. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    I knew it! Horse riders! it's a landlubber thing, isn't it? Aye, Coastie. There's just a few of us who fancy this forum rather than the bombardment of chaos known as Facebook.
  2. Alas...

    This thread is under the subforum for The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection. So, it's that pirate group that's disbanded. That's what this thread is all about. As to the other... we can only hope so. I'm greatly losing fondness of Facebook & Twitter. I greatly enjoyed the camaraderie of the Pub back in it's hayday.
  3. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy, James! Glad to finally see ye here at the Pub. Now, which one is you and who i the other fella? And tell us more about what ye lot do. I know I found it MIGHTY fascinating and a thoroughly worthy cause.
  4. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy and welcome to any newcomers! Pull up a chair and shall see if I can find any barrel or bottle of rum that was left behind. Speak up if ye want a bottle! Pipe up and tell us a bit about yo'rselves and what brought ye to the Pub. Perhaps by chance new life will be breathed back into this establishment.
  5. I deeply miss those days of piracy and yearn to return to some events.

  6. The crew has disbanded for the time being due to numerous reason, but do check back in the future to see if we've re-organized. Thank you all for the memories. It's been truly fun.
  7. No Better Place To Be!

    Aye. Sad indeed. Social Media (fake taverns, says I) has sucked the life out of this place, among other issues, but this place is like a family. And like families, there will be issues. But, all in all, with families, we always have each other's backs. There will always be disagreements in how we all portray piracy, but, again, that's typical of the way families are. However, everyone involved are SUPER knowledgeable and we all stay connected and THAT proves how strong we all are all due to the Pub. Tis my belief. LMAO! I like yo'r train of thought! Indeed, this forum does feel historic, doesn't it? The fact is... people ARE still visiting this forum! Meaning, this site is NOT truly dead. Hopefully, new life will be breathed back into this place. As long as ye and I hover here, I'm certain this online tavern will be rise from the ashes and be active once again. Great to see ye around here, Coastie.
  8. No Better Place To Be!

    Dread? Oh, heavens to betsy! Aye, things did indeed get mighty messy here. Though at least those messy moments were FAR more tolerable and intelligent compared to what's on Social Media.
  9. No Better Place To Be!

    Anyone else feeling overwhelmed and drowning on Social Media? Likewise the numerous sites out there that seem to be iffy? Dare I say I am SO glad that the Pyracy Pub is still up! This forum has been a delight in many ways. And a haven, even refuge, from the madness on Social Media. I do indeed visit this forum from time to time. It's like a relaxing hammock by the sea with a drink in hand and just you while all the other places are like the noisy walls of a debate floor, or a massive casino, or the crappy run-down bar down the street that smells like urine. Thank ye for sticking around.
  10. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    A grand idea! Apparently a couple websites that specialize in Piratical events have somewhat... dropped the cannonball. Port Washington Pirate Festival is now called Pirate Family Daze. It appears the new website is under construction because not much is up on the website except for a few necessities like applications and general info. Shall put it up on the forum thread. I think the Pub is still the best place for anything piratical if ye ask me. Glad this forum is still around.
  11. 18th Century Puddings

    Syllabub is one that I am aware of. More like a whipped cream type dessert, but apparently quite popular.
  12. Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

    Dare I say that I greatly enjoyed PotC: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Aye, I cried. Alright! I bawled! Uncontrollably! It was still quite good. Now, I wonder if there will be a PotC#6. Or so the fandom hopes.
  13. Port Washington Pirate Festival 2017

    Huzzah! Wish I could be there, but shall certainly promote it.
  14. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I wish it wasn't true. I always keep this place in my bookmarks and keep pointing to it like a compass points to true north. I suppose those of us who stick around or keep returning are the fair and true pirates. Considering how fleeting many youth, and elders, interests are and their NEED to have EVERYTHING at their fingertips quite literally that forums are 'inconvenient' to them because if some place doesn't have an app for easy go-to ability, they will no go looking for it. Sad, says I. Down right sad! To be honest, keep fighting for the Pub. I pray it sticks around because the next generation of Pirates will need something. After all, these other places advertising for joining crews require a HUGE payment, and who else really advertises and discusses a lot about piracy? The Pub is a Pirate's Treasure, to be sure. M' black heart remains here at the Pub.
  15. Tea!

    Alright... I admit... I'm a big tea person! And as much as I fancy some of the coffee drinks, too, like cappecinos, mocha latte's, etc... I do enjoy a good tea, too. Now, I bought my mom some of the special Downton Abbey teas, and I've had friends give me tea blends, too. So my curious question is.. has anyone come across any mention anywhere of blended teas during the 17th and 18th century? Like a green tea with cloves and cinnamon or black tea with mulling spices or white tea with strawberries and rose hips. My other curiosity is how specialized tea was during that time and how much of it was worth to a pirate when they took a prize full of tea, spices, fabrics, and other trade items.