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  1. Tea!

    Alright... I admit... I'm a big tea person! And as much as I fancy some of the coffee drinks, too, like cappecinos, mocha latte's, etc... I do enjoy a good tea, too. Now, I bought my mom some of the special Downton Abbey teas, and I've had friends give me tea blends, too. So my curious question is.. has anyone come across any mention anywhere of blended teas during the 17th and 18th century? Like a green tea with cloves and cinnamon or black tea with mulling spices or white tea with strawberries and rose hips. My other curiosity is how specialized tea was during that time and how much of it was worth to a pirate when they took a prize full of tea, spices, fabrics, and other trade items.
  2. Bosun's Brush

    Oooo... where's the Like button? Is there a tutorial for this to make it?
  3. an diea for a Pirate flag

    Your best bet is to design it yourself. Don't use an exact copy of an image. If being sued by someone is your concern, again, just design it yourself and construct the flag yourself. Many High School teams have been under fire by Colleges and Universities, even Professional Sports groups who have gone through this issue. Again, it's always best to just design it yourself. By all means, create your Colours that best represents your crew. Always keep that in mind. That's the point of a flag is the symbolism and the message they are trying to convey.
  4. Pirate Courtesy

    This is both pirate and general related as I have been dealing with this long enough especially after a recent post on my pirate group's facebook page. This has also happened on non-piratical forums and sites, too. It is truly BAD etiquette and terribly narcissistic of anyone to post something on a site or a facebook page or forum that's more advertising and has nothing to do with liking or praising or inquiries of a group or crew. This is on the increase again and I think it needs to be addressed yet again. If you want to advertise on a crew's page or forum, PLEASE ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST! I think in the Social Media behavior many have lost their manners and just haven't a mind for rules and regulations any more. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be considerate of a crew's page or forum. They want to hear from people about their crew and events, not from other groups advertising about about something. Please... BE COURTEOUS towards other Pirate Crews. PLEASE!
  5. The Capt. Bo has a boat!!!

    Alright, Bo... DAMN YOU! That's one fine little vessel there!
  6. You in yar garb.

    Some grand lookin' pirates. Aye, I'm with Will.... it's a delight to look back on the images.
  7. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy to all newcomers! Tis a pleasant surprise to see a good number of ye.

    Aye! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year... hope ye all enjoyed the Holidays.
  9. Happy Birthday skullwench

    Happy belated Birthday wishes to ye, lass.
  10. 'appy Birthday to ye Mister Brand

    Damnable! Another prominent birthday. :: sighs ::: Happy belated Birthday to ye.
  11. 'appy Birthday Captain Jim......

    A happy belated birthday to ya.
  12. 'appy Birthday to Ye Mister 'Stynky' Tudor

    Devil! I disappear for the Holidays and I miss one of the grandest pirate's birthday? Double devil! Anyways... Happy belated Birthday wishes to ye, Stynky.
  13. has the Port Washington Pirate festival returned? 2016

    Pity... I've been debating whether to return, too. It's a narrow spit of land to occupy, I have plenty of ideas, and keep hoping for more able bodied men, women, and youth to assist.
  14. Secret Gift Exchange 2015

    thought about it...but I shall pass this year. Perhaps next year. ~Lady B
  15. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome Madame. Hahaha, never thought I'd actually be using that title beyond courtesy. Glad ye found the pub. And sounds like a wonderful grand ambition! I like the idea. Aye, tis a good thing to be never satisfied and keep researching, creating and recreating, etc. ~Lady B