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  1. Premier Hotel Sponsor

    We have a great hotel sponsoring us again this year! Many thanks to Anne and her staff at the Courtyard for their generous support! Premier Hotel Sponsor: Courtyard by Marriott- Key West Waterfront 3031 North Roosevelt Blvd. Key West, FL 33040 Contact: Anne Perina T- 305-296-6595 via email: (best way)- anne.perina@marriott.com Mention the "Pirate Rate" of $119.00 per night, available December 4-9. She will handle all bookings.
  2. FTPI 2012 - Photos

    Poppa has more photos posted! He is still working on them, so check back often! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! We miss you already! Love to all!
  3. FTPI 2012 - Photos

    Poppa has started to upload some of his pictures for all to see and share! They are available at the link in my signature bar below, then click on "James Callahan Gallery" Enjoy! He will continue to update as he gets through more of the tons of pictures from the event! Love to all!
  4. FTPI Roll Call 2013

    Please add Momma and Poppa Ratsey in a wall tent at the fort. We are the Crewe of the Sacred Heart / Fort Taylor Pyrates or which ever crewe would have us...:)
  5. Things overheard at FTPI 2012

    Wasabi lives next door, in the tent from "Better Homes and Pyrates". - Mommaratsey
  6. Things overheard at FTPI 2012

    "I want him to touch my guns and my chest."- Diosa
  7. hampton blackbeard festival 2012, june 1-3

    I have talked to Dutch and he asked me to let everyone know that no one was hurt, but there was a lot of damage to the area. Please say a prayer for all our pyrate family that was at the festival, and thank God that we lost no one. There will be more infomation to come, but a lot of the vendors have lost a lot. Stay tuned for more information. Sending out our love and prayers, Momma and Poppa and the entire Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion Crewe

    May we see photos? I am considering the clothes items, but would like to see exactly what they look like. I do so hope you are doing ok, as surgery is something I know first had about with Poppa.
  9. Poppa Ratsey Update

    Just a quick update on Poppa... He has made it through his surgery, and is resting comfortably. Looks like at least a week in the hospital. Stay tuned for further updates, but for now he is stable and reasonably comfortable. Many thanks for the outpouring of love from our pyrate family. Love to all, Momma
  10. FTPI Update Information

    There have been many people that have called, posted or emailed wanting information regarding this year's Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion, and I am well aware of the timing of this statement as being late, but I must announce that I will not be running this year's event. Due to a serious medical issue with Poppa, he has to have surgery. We are not sure of the time frame for it as of yet, but it is likely to be in the next couple of weeks, and we expect a rather lengthy recovery period. Scarlet Jai, who is on the board of the Friends of Fort Taylor will be taking over for me, with Lily to assist as last year. Things with the Fort have been rough, with a new park manager not arriving until June and the need for approval from the park to have the event. It is all in the works, and we have approval from the higher-ups to have our event. Mike Guarino is the new Park Manager and has been very respectful of the amount of work and effort that goes into this event and has supported us to the higher ups at the district level, from which all approvals are done. This year's event will be similar in nature to last year's, with the timeline of pyracy represented. Lily will be our "camp mom" and will be handling all registrations, including vendors this year. I am hoping that Poppa and I will be able to attend, but even that is doubtful at this time. I have turned over all the information that I can, and will be available for Jai and Lily to assist them where I can, but since I will not be on the island for an extended period, I felt it better for the event to have a local face to deal with making the arrangements. I am sure that this post will raise more questions, and I will be happy to answer what I can. I ask for your patience and respect during this difficult time for Poppa and me. I will try not to "linger" on answers, however, please remember that I have to deal with the bureaucracy of a state park, and answers are not always as fast as we would like them. I look forward to being able to take on my role for the 2012 Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion again, and I appreciate Jai for having the courage and fortitude to step up to this very large plate. I also wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Lily for being there for me during this very emotional time, and for agreeing to back Jai. Your Humble Servant, Momma Ratsey
  11. Searle's Raid 2011 After Action report.

    My Dear Searles Family~ Many thanks for hosting such a wonderful event and accomodating my Poppa Ratsey and all his photo adventures. He has started posting them on our site, keep checking back, there will be many more. Wish I could have made it up there, perhaps next year. As always, we love being able to spend time with our Pyrate Family!! Hope to see you all at FTPI!! Here's the link: http://picasaweb.google.com/jamesacallahan100 With Love, Momma Ratsey
  12. PIP Pictures!

    As always, Poppa makes every effort to have the pictures up for ye all to see for the holidays...so here are some to get you started. Hehas over 14,000 pictures to sort for the events of FTPI and PiP, so it takes awhile. There are about 2000 or so up now. Spreading our holiday cheer...Poppa's Photos http://picasaweb.google.com/jamesacallahan100 The link is pinned at the top as well. Love to all, Momma and Poppa Ratsey
  13. Gift Exchange 2010

    Mine is sent. Merry Christmas.
  14. Gift Exchange 2010

    Dutchess and Jetty, I can help Jaded get her stuff in PM, and vouch for her as a great asset to the pub if she hasn't already gotten it in. PM me if ye need to. Jetty, let me know if you want me to help.
  15. PiP is almost here!!! Let the Family Reunion begin...with the family we wish we had!