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  1. Flags and the Death's Head "Memento mori"

    Memento Mori opens at WDW, It's not just for pirates ;-)
  2. Halloween Pirates!

    Keep to the code! you asked if wearing your pirate kit is cheating, I respond with an exchange from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the curse of the black pearl..... Will Turner: You cheated. Jack Sparrow: Pirate.
  3. On this day in history...

    now if we could just get reporting of the news, even if it is misspelled like the page Pub Status, nothing new listed there, but I have not been able to access the pub for almost a week now, and was glad when it just came up finally on my computer, and I am glad to see it didn't sink in a internet storm.
  4. Cannon Breech Failure article confirms the manufacturer of the cannon which lost it's breech in an firing at Ft. McHenry, was "Cannons online" excerpts from the above listed article below.... good thing no one was in the line of backfire, a 100lb chunk of iron could really spoil someones day. ""The National Park Service said in a release that an iron reproduction historic cannon exploded during a celebratory firing Sept. 16 at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, launching a 100-pound mound of metal on the cannon's rear more than 300 feet afield and sending some other debris even further."" ""In a Sept. 19 internal safety alert sent to all parks with historic weapons demonstrations and obtained by The Associated Press, the parks service announced that all makes and models of cannons from the manufacturer Cannons Online will be taken out of service until further notice."" Read more here: Read more here:
  5. Cannon Breech Failure

    finally found some more information on the Cannon Breech failure at Ft. McHenry, shows two pictures of the Cannon also supposedly lists "Cannons on line" as the supplier of the cannon in question to the Park Service. Post is put up by another cannon company i.e. Steen Cannons
  6. Cannon Breech Failure

    Found this on another site: John Ayer | 18 September 2014 at 11:43 am | Reply Photos of the burst gun reveal very poor design, seemingly not intended to be fired. The bore goes way too far “aft” toward the breech. The cascabel blew clean off, as if you had removed it with a hacksaw. And right there is the back of the bore, WAY closer than it should be. There was said to be a liner in the bore, but apparently either no plug or cap on that liner or it was very poorly welded.
  7. Cannon Breech Failure

    I wonder what the rest of the story is..... How old was the gun in question? How many times has it been fired? Bore size? Amount of Powder used, and was it indeed Black Powder? Thankfully the injuries were not life threatening
  8. Soon to be Afloat!

    You could make a yoke mount for the Musketoon that would fit the mast step, or you could also make up a wooden quaker swivel until you find a proper firing one! ;-) But you already have the hard part done, well ahead of most of us, YOU GOT A BOAT!
  9. French frigate repro launched

    Neat! Too bad Old Ironsides won't be able to meet with her, (though the Constitution is a later time period) as the Constitution will be in Dry Dock early in 2015 till 2018. ""'Old Ironsides' will be open for tours to the general public, free of charge, Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. April 1 through Sept. 30. This will be the final summer visitors can tour Constitution at her berth in Charlestown Navy Yard until 2018, as the ship will enter dry dock (also located in Charlestown Navy Yard) in early 2015 for scheduled restoration work.""
  10. Happy Birthday Littleneckhalfshell!

    Thanks, hope to get some grilled scallops! ;-)
  11. Fried Onion Rings

    On a recent episode of Jas. Townsend and sons, they show a recipe for Onion Rings in an 1801 cook book If you search the web, most of the pages place Onion Rings no earlier than the early 20th century and not really popular until the 20's or 30's. I think Jas. Townsend speaks of it as 'late 1700's' I wonder if there are any other possible earlier references for other fried foods (other than the dutch donuts) and how long would fried onion rings have to be around for them to be listed in a published cook book? I want some onion rings with my fried oysters ;-)
  12. WDW POTC sail boats - what are they?

    anyone recognize this style, it is the ship under construction inside WDW Pirates of the Caribbean
  13. ""Historians believe they have raised England's only surviving 'state pirate ship' from the bottom of the Thames estuary after 400 years. Most of the time the Cherabin led an honest existence, trading between England and Turkey for the Levant Company before it sank fully-laden in a storm in 1603. But behind this peaceful image lay a sinister double life - plundering other nations' traders in 'terrorist' raids which were signed and sealed by the High Court of Admiralty."" Read more:
  14. Recreational Drugs... 1600's - 1700's

    Did I miss something, or misunderstand the direction of this thread? Is not Cannabis just the more potent member of the Hemp family, which was a major commodity in the days of sail ? So it should have been somewhat present in many societies. But did everyone just miss a very recreational drug that was mixed with alcohol all the time by pirates? Nutmeg! ""Even without the addition of an illegal substance many foods have psychotropic qualities, some more frequently exploited than others. In 1946, prior to his conversion to Islam, Malcolm X was serving time in Charlestown prison. In the early years of his incarceration, Malcolm X, like so many other convicts of the time, found escape in the most apparently unlikely place - a penny matchbox full of nutmeg. In The Autobiography of Malcolm X he wrote: "I first got high in Charlestown on nutmeg. My cellmate … bought from kitchen worker inmates penny matchboxes full of stolen nutmeg … stirred into a glass of cold water, a penny matchbox full of nutmeg had the kick of three or four reefers."""
  15. Fried Oysters

    just been reading about oysters and came across this.... on this site: ""TO FRY OYSTERS The Accomplisht Cook, Robert May 1685 Take two quarts of great Oysters being parboil’d in their own liquor, and washed in warm water, bread them, dry them, and flour them, fry them in clarified butter crisp and white, then have butter’d prawns or shrimps, butter’d with cream and sweet butter, lay them in the bottom of a clean dish, and lay the fryed oysters round about them, run them over with beaten butter, juyce of oranges, bay-leaves stuck round the Oysters, and slices of oranges or lemons."" So is this from a cookbook of our period? It seems to say the receipt is from 1685. anyway, I am all for a period oyster fry. :-) sounds yummy