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    Mostly into GAoP, but starting to develop more Buccaneer era stuff for re-enacting as well. Generally I do re-enact both piratical/nautical and other impressions from the period. I am focusing on more "common" impressions from the period (i.e. average sailor/pirate, rank and file Red Coat, early Colonial huntsman, etc.)

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  1. Bale Seals, Company Emblems, Maker's marks, & Trade Symbols

    Some topic necromancy, as this has been on my mind a lot for a possible small project I will likely never get around to... But I found the below linked item, family business ran from mid-17th century through to the 19th century. So who can say which end of those 200 years this merchant's mark is from. New Netherland Institute
  2. The Traveling Pyrate

    This is a great topic to resurrect... I am starting to plan how much I can streamline my gear so as to fly with it. in 2014, my wife and I managed to do Fort Taylor with 2 modern carry-on luggage pieces, my large canvas snapsack (it's made from a 36' square piece of canvas sewn into a tube, then eyelet/grommets on both ends for closures), and a custom canvas bag just barely big enough to hold the tarp shelter I've used since my first experience at Fort Taylor. My goal for January is the have all of my luggage fit into my leather snapsack (it's about 28' long, and about 24" circumference), and my large canvas snapsack. The target is those two pieces of baggage only. we'll see as I get things together if I succeed or not.
  3. 17th century slang and words

    I would believe "covered" in that context would more be an indication of wearing proper clothes (as in waistcoat etc) more so than just a hat. I know in later eras (particularly by the end of 18th century) it was considered bad form, impolite even to wear a hat indoors. I have not seen anything indicating that social nicety extends back as far as the GAoP or not.... but my guess would be yes. And since the quote specifically mentioned "at home" (Which would be indoors), I think it is the proper clothing. To add to that hypothesis, shirts and chimised/shifts are considered undergarments, so to be "covered" would be to have ones underclothes covered (similarly like how it is not considered proper to hang about in ones underwear today, in polite company anyways )
  4. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    Recently, I attended (and payed a central role in organizing) the 8th annual Put-in-Bay (Ohio) pyrate festival and reenactment. This event has bounced back and fourth between the 3rd and 4th weekend in June over the last many years, with it falling on the 3rd weekend for the last few. 2017 (the 9th year) will see the event moved back to the 4th weekend (June 23rd, 24th, 25th, with some activities going on Monday June 26th as well). This coming weekend (June 8th, 9th, 10th) will see me out at the Olcott (western New York) Pirate festival. Not sure how long this one has been going on, but it will be my first year there. It is looking to be very well attended, and by a great majority of the same reenactors as Put-in-Bay. Also, seriously considering Fort Des Chartres Illinois (just outside of St. Louis Missouri) for their autumn event in early November. I think that sums up what is left of my 2016 pirate schedule
  5. Uniform colors?

    Found this link, it has very good detail on the uniform requirements for a kettle drummer. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://eprints.bournemouth.ac.uk/19062/4/Queen_Anne_Commands.docx.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwi43MiM3brNAhUXW1IKHW4dCC84FBAWCDMwBA&usg=AFQjCNHJj8PKG59-lJtDa97JTPj30ABHJw&sig2=OFqNq4YJzhWKO6qRdaajoQ
  6. Uniform colors?

    So, I am finally getting my start on remaking my Independent Company of Foote of the Queen Anne Era uniform... And while I feel my past research has been fairly solid... I have done some further poking around. I stumbled across the below entry from this link -> http://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-books/vol25/pp316-331 If you scroll down to the second entry dated to June 21, you will find what I take to be the equipage order for an entire regiment. The regiment is attribute in the order to one Brigadier-General John Hill.... (a name I plan to investigate further, but a quick google search ties that name to the "Quebec Expedition" 1711). But there is some great information regarding to the amount, type of, and costs of the equipage for an army. Not a full equipage list, but the below resupply list for cartouche boxes and other supplies for the company (of Foot) at Newfoundland dated to March 1700. Again scroll down to entry for March 13 http://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-books/vol15/pp52-59 Also of great interest... a list of equipage for the Virginia colony, explicitly slated for the militia... Look for the first entry for Aug 20, dated to 1702. -> http://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-books/vol17/pp16-31 Continueing to edit this post rather than post a million new entries... I found this item dated to 1720 (a little post Queen Anne's war, but still very much GAoP) scroll down to the first entry for Oct 16, reference to the use of Hammocks at Fort Nicholson (a wood stockade used in the Albany NY region during Queen Anne's war), and interesting enough, a specific mention as to "leather knapsacks" as I have often wondered when the transition from leather packs to canvas occured, and this shows that leather was still in use in 1720 America. http://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-state-papers/colonial/america-west-indies/vol32/pp165-187
  7. Michiel de Ruyter film

    Bought the Blu-Ray off Amazon (it's available in the US as an import). I agree with modernknight1's assessment... A lot of historical inaccuracies, particularly in the clothing. But if you go into it not sweating the details, it is an awesome film. Great story, and very enjoyable.
  8. some 17th Century help

    I think the question is so brief, it comes off as vague. Henry Morgan was a buccaneer. Buccaneers tended more to land raids (that is a usual, not absolute), and mostly just used ships to get around the Caribbean to the ports they raided. Criminal types, bandits, pirates, buccaneers, thieves, pick-pockets (or is that a later term, I am unsure)... The terms for the various styles of criminal elements could be a whole discussion topic on it's own. Ships... Well, not my specialty. I know 18th century ship types better than I know 17th century types. I might recommend, breaking down what it is you want to know into smaller chunks, and asking more focused questions. You will get a lot more, and better responses breaking things down into manageable portions rather than asking broad vague questions. I hope this helps.
  9. ''Calendar of the Mercury

    Thanks Pete, To split some hairs.... Because it's fun to do that.... Put-In-Bay is the name of the village, the island is actually named "South Bass Island". It took me only, what 4 or 5 of the 7 years I've been doing the event to get that sorted in my head. Hotels, cabin rentals, pretty much all accommodations on the island are fairly high. It's a resort island. While not as expensive as Key West, the prices are definitely higher than anywhere on the mainland. But yes, an ongoing deal for free period camping has been arranged for the pirate reenactors. Also, to date, our grocery bill has been a part of the deal. So while we do have to cook and prepare our food (and clean up).... Despite many choosing to dine out, for those that want to cook for themselves, food costs are not a concern for this event (as long as the requests are reasonable). This is a distinction I very much want to keep clear. The festival, is a bar crawl, street festival, reason for a pirate themed crazy costume party. The overall festival is run by the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce, led by a now former member who conceived the idea while a member of the Chamber. I literally act as a subordinate of him to organize and coordinate the historic/reenactor corner of the festival only. And while we do draw some great, very high quality historical reenactors, by (as yet) unspoken agreement, I have been keeping the standards low so as to be inclusive, and help the numbers grow. That said, there has been annual improvement of the quality of the portrayals by the participants. But the numbers have been steadily growing, so there has always been, and likely always will be a higher number of loose portrayals as compared to the number of "serious" historic impressions. The now annual "Make & Mend" event I run, has helped with helping others grow their historic portrayals. There have only been 2 or 3 small boats at the even for the pirates to play with. This year is shaping up to be the first year when that number grows by a few. While we haven't been given proper moorage, the boats have always been sheltered for free and at no cost to us... despite the fact that docking fees on the island are not cheap (again, this is a party/resort island). I think that should cover the basics. Addendum: Most of the coordination/organization is done via Facebook. It isn't a requirement to be on Facebook in order to come and be a part of this, but anyone not on Facebook, please let me know if you are interested so I can ensure you are kept in the loop and informed of everything.
  10. ''Calendar of the Mercury

    I forgot Olcott and Rodman were the same weekend (well they were last year, and will likely be so again next year when Rodman is resumed in 2017). But I'd love to have you for PiB, I really hope you are able to work it out. Please let me know if there is anything I can do from this side to help (finding a tent/shelter to borrow, a weapon to borrow so you font have to fuss with transporting that, or anything along those lines). Cheers
  11. ''Calendar of the Mercury

    Is Dana Point in September again? I'm guessing weekend of Sept 16, 17 and 18? As for Put-In-Bay, the dates for 2016 are June Fri June 17, Sat June 18, and Sun June 19, with the option of staying until Monday June 20 (but no official events or obligations for Monday). Also, I don;t know how many Mercury will be attending (but I am certain a few are), but Tim Clark and Jeremy Nichols (those who were at Fort Taylor Dec 2014 will have met them) are organizing an event in Olcott, New York state for July 8,9, and 10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1448628595443326/?fref=ts(to save your the google, it's a little less than an hour from Buffalo NY, and a little more than an hour from Rochester NY)
  12. Hanging Tankard without offense?

    I was flipping through my book with reprints of all of the 1687 Laroon's "Cries of London" images... While I was looking for something else, I stopped on this image, and paused.... and though I would do some topic necromancy and bring this up. I thought it had been posted elsewhere, but my Pyracy-Pub-Search-Fu seems to be weak today. Before posting the image, I do want to say, this seems to be a rarity, and not a common thing, but this does appear to be a gent with a mug strap on his belt.
  13. Favorite Holiday and Winter Drinks

    My wife makes an awesome "Cherry Bounce" which is a cherry flavoured, bourbon based beverage, that has it's roots in the late 18th century if not earlier. A few years back she an a couple of other people challenged each other to a "bounce off" at a War of 1812 event we do.... She won hands down (of course she cheated by using top shelf bourbon when everyone else was using the cheap stuff).
  14. Officers Stationed in the Caribbean 1700-1725

    The information on any individual is pretty scant. It is mostly a mention of the unit with some history of the unit, a list of officers, with their rank, and maybe a sentence or two of information about the office in question (at best, less in most cases). While the book states 1714 as an "end" date, there is plenty of data that goes as late as the early 1720s. But I am unsure about any books that focus on the period after this in as much detail. It might exist, but I don;t know of it yet. Glad it helped, and if you do find other sources, please do share them! I am always on the hunt for additional good books on soldiers of the Williamite and Queen Anne eras (or the eras surrounding that time).
  15. Officers Stationed in the Caribbean 1700-1725

    Pick up this book http://www.drenthpublishing.nl/colonialsoldiers/colonialsoldiers.html Specifically Volume 2, Book 2 It has officer rosters for most of the Caribbean island for the broad span you have listed. Well of the English held islands anyways. I have the books, but sorry, even narrowing it to 2 years is more typing than I am capable of. If you narrow it to a specific island, on a specific year, and specific rank, I might be able to look up a couple of names for you, but anything more is just too expansive and if you need more, you should likely buy the book as research material. If you google search the title, you might find North American sellers (or sellers for where ever you may be). I am in the Mid-West and ordered directly from the publisher in the Netherlands, and received it in under 2 weeks.