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  1. Drum Strap

    So a few months back I started playing drum with the band. Was using literally just a strap off an old laptop bag. Then I mocked up a quick strap rig with plain undyed leather, held together with rivets, non adjustable. Just to see if my design concept would work. It worked out fairly well. Then just before this latest run started I put together version one of my final rig about three weeks ago. its held to the drum with two straps. One just wraps around the base and the second wraps just below the head and under the tuning ropes. Here is a shot of the rig in action so to speak. You can see the lower strap. Last night I tweaked the rig again by redoing the hold straps in heavier leather and chicago screws so it can still be removed but will be much more solid on the drum. I have the pieces cut for a new should strap but that can wait :) the current one is still functional. the big buckle is off an old baldric I had. The strap attaches to the holding straps via brass buckles giving me quite a bit of adjustability for length depending on if I have my coat/cloak/doublet/ or what have you on that day :) Funny thing is the strap rig weighs far more than the drum itself :) the drum is a synthetic shell so is rather light haha Cheeks
  2. Musical Blades - Modern Day Pirate - Dec 4th!

    CD is now available for order on the web site. iTunes, Amazon etc to follow as soon as they get them up. Sone snippets and ordering information can be found HERE
  3. 300 years in the making!!! Modern Day Pirate the latest CD from the Musical Blades releases Dec 4th at Davey's Uptown in KC CD release party for both the Blades and Capt Black's Sea Dogges. available for order on the website two days later. And on Itunes, Amazon and such as quick as we can get it there after. Normally about 45 days. Patch will be getting the website updated hopefully tonight with previews of the tracks. -Cheeks-
  4. High Seas Drifter

    So it took them forever but the links to both our latest albums are now up on Amazon Live At Pubs and PirateCore High Seas Drifter
  5. High Seas Drifter

    I swear I saw it there(must have been dreaming though). But according to Capt Patch it should show up on both itunes and amazon soon. Sorry for the delay. Apparently the service that was supposed toget the tunes up to the other services did not do so. But they are working to correct the issue. It can already be acquired digitally here
  6. High Seas Drifter

    Good news for those wanting to order form Amazon. Talked with Patch about it again today and he informed me he had contacted them and that Amazon was going to see about fixing the issue. However amazon did say it may take up to two weeks for it to start showing. So better than nothing but still not as fast as we would like eh? :) :) :)
  7. High Seas Drifter

    hmm it should be on Amazon. Let me know if it is still not and I will get Patch to check on it. edit: I looked and it is still not up on amazon. It should hit there eventually though. Sometimes it apparently takes quite a while for them to get new stuff posted. which is a trifle annoying really...
  8. High Seas Drifter

    Thank you much! For others who want to preview a couple full tracks the first two on the myspace are from the new album
  9. High Seas Drifter

    Okay I am horrid at promos but here is one anyway :) :) Man we have been busy this year. First it was Live at Pubs and Piratecore now we have our studio cd for the year High Seas Drifter Anyway give this one a look. Some track previews available on the site. The CD is available for order and the downloads thru iTunes and the like will follow shortly. thanks for looking :) ed Aka Cheeks
  10. Steam Punk.....

    whoa.. that is totally bad a**
  11. Howdy All. Just wanted to put out a quick blurb. On Memorial Day, The Musical Blades release our latest cd - Live At Pubs and Piratecore. This cd is a compilation of things. 6 tracks that were done for the canceled Shipwrecked Music Festival last year of pure piratecore metal goodness. following that are 4 tracks from the Pirate Ball earlier this year and then we end with 3 new songs. Give it a look. right now you can order on the web and soon it will be up on Amazon/Itunes/etc. Also thanks to all who have come out to see us. If you are in the St Louis area we will be there for one more weekend at the final days of the Greater St Louis Ren Faire. Would love to see ya :) Fair Winds -Cheeks-
  12. The heavy sea shanties!

    Alestorm is pretty nifty. Will have to check out Running Wild though as I have not heard them. -Cheeks
  13. Favorite Song

    wow someone else who listed Rowdy Soul.. sweet love that tune Rollin Home is a fav to I seem to the be the only one in the world who doesn;t like Barret's. Can't really say why just not my cup o tea. But some old favs to like northwest passage South Australia Minstrel Boy mingulay Old Maui even Drunken Sailor depending on the version heh.
  14. Favorite Steampunk Movies

    I would think Firefly would be close but not quite steampunk. but i see your point. I have personally slid Firefly almost into a Western category really.
  15. "Steamin' " Leather

    Anytime, Patrick! I'm working on a leather vest right now; roughly 1890s pattern but tweaked to be steamy,,,I'll send pix! Nice :) i am slowly getting back into working leather after a wrist injury. Slow slow going with everything else going on. Am very interested in seeing how you take it steamy. SP is one of my fav genres. Has been for many years but around here until recently no one was constuming in it. Now starting to see a lot more at local cons.