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  1. Utah Pirate Invasion

    Any word on Mr. Hand?
  2. Utah Pirate Invasion

    Kern County will be there
  3. Coming Soon!!!!.... New Whydah Shoe

    The shoes are officially for sale on the maker and owners web site, as of right now im not sure if there is a minimum order, I have no stock or interest in the business I just brought the shoe to his attention discussed a few details with him and there was some talk of there being a minimum order and once that order was reached the shoes being sent to me in freight and me shipping them out to buyers via standard shipping. Any questions on the shoe or its construction or shipping should be sent to him through his web site. I don't believe they are specifically targeted to either sex, its mostly based on size chart conversion. I had spoken to Christopher Macort over the phone about it during a long conversation we had about proper Japaning of firearms. Is there any legal issue that I need to relay to the actual maker of the shoe? According to what I have been told these are hand butt stitched.
  4. Coming Soon!!!!.... New Whydah Shoe

    So as for the sizes all U.S sizes get converted over to E.U sizes which means most half sizes get rounded up.
  5. Coming Soon!!!!.... New Whydah Shoe

    Thank you for the move. I will check into the half sizes and also width as well just so we know all our options. Any questions will have a bit of a delay on the answers due to time zone differences.
  6. Coming Soon!!!!.... New Whydah Shoe

    Okay so we worked out all the kinks... The shoe price is $200 ou the door with a 1-2 week turnaround after the orders are placed. Due to the shoe being hand stitched and the shoemaker having to bring in assistance for this process there is a minimum order of 15 pair, these get shipped by freight to me and i ship them out to the individual customers. Feel free to look me up on Facebook ( Christopher Bell) if you have any questions about sizes or orders etc. If the moderators want to move this to the proper thread please do. Thank you..
  7. Coming Soon!!!!.... New Whydah Shoe

    Right now its looking to be around the $220 mark but thats not set in stone a lot of that will depend on the shoemakers time on each set, the pair in the pics are the prototype so they took a bit longer to make.
  8. So I have been working with a shoe designer and maker from Europe and after many late nights talking back and forth we came up with this. We are still working out the details of the final price and finding the best shipping method. They are coming from his shoemaker in Thailand and the shipping from there is not the best dollar wise. Worst case scenario these will have to be ordered in larger/bulk orders and shipped to me and then I would have to ship them out to the individual buyers. The shoe is a rough out with a stacked leather heel, hand butt stitching and straight lasted the latches are left a bit wider so buyers will be able to choose their own buckle size. This is his first time selling in the U.S and worried about the market so I am throwing this out to see how the interest might be in this shoe.
  9. California - Central Valley Pirates

    sorry for the delay ill take some pics and post them for ya tomorrow
  10. California - Central Valley Pirates

    This July’s workshop was a nice and easy one we did coconut canteens with rope slings simple but fun project, and only burnt myself once with the paraffin wax. This project takes some early planning. You’ve got to let it dry out for 2 weeks or so after drilling out the mouth. I dried it out for about three days then used a hammer and screw driver . . . not good! Punched a whole right through the side, glued back together and sealed with the wax a still holding water just fine. My only fear is the amount of abuse it can really take. If anyone is interested I can post pictures and basic plans.
  11. gone to long its nice to be back on pyracy

  12. Why I don't post in TWILL

    You, sir, are a heretic. Remind me to shoot you at Lock House. Hawkyns quick and to the point . . . i like it
  13. Lady Washington Banned From California

    the funny thing is is we are broke and what little money comes in they are killing by doing things like this. if things keep going like they are we will be the greenest state ever... all the people will go broke along with our government then every body willl go to a state with some brains and the kangaroo rat can have all its land back... ugh this makes me hate "my state" more and more . . .
  14. Lady Washington Banned From California

    hell ya we can start by getting rid of ALL of our elected persons who are in office right now and then we can start moving down the ladder to the uber-naziish-super crazy eco people who voted all these mental people running our state in office. im all for doing your part for the earth, but my god california is taking all this a little far...
  15. Simple Camp Bed

    hmmm now ya got my gears turning might be fun to set up one of my guest rooms as a "period" room