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    maker o pots, tankards, and rum jugs. the natural world as it be and history that was not written by the winners.
  1. Roll Call 2010

    Ahoy Shipmates, My dear PIP family, I will not be able to attend this years festivites. Though I will miss you all my school duties must come first this time around. Much love to you all. Fair winds and Fallowing seas and a safe journy to all. Ye SHip's potter, Salty PS sending the lads down, dont let wee hamish take o'er the town too much.
  2. The lingering lesson . . .

    that apart from hollywood, what the pirates were seeking was not gold and jewels, but whatever trade goods, slaves, etc was aboard ship. patriot pirates outlines the importance of what goods the pirates brought back was to colonial economics. and how the politics were played out on an internatinal level of hide and seek. taxes and tatics.
  3. armed to repell borders

  4. Black Syren out of commission

    prayers to the lass, fer a speedy recovery
  5. Who Are We?

    ok, here is my two cents, yes i am working one a protrayl of a goodwife, or working class female. to play the part true, i have only a few options, i dont wear my glasses and make brooms, pottery, or beg for my bread. OR I wear my modern glasses and interacte as a teacher of this is how we are trying to protray aspects of life back then. for example, cooking and handicrafts. for me i mostly feel like just one more body in camp, i stick to the camp and do what ever i may to help explain that this is likely how certain aspects would have been done in the time period. Am i saying that my gear and garb is 100 % true to what it would have been, no. It is what i have til i learn and do better. please understand that my take on history is that, it is a personal story that has been passed down to us or more likley inferrred from documents, letters, papers,books, etc. What makes this a great hobby is that we can take our modern capacity for learning the past and try to come up with plausible ways to share a moment in time with the public and each other. I have for my part NEVER heard anyone say that i lived in this time and this is the exact way that I did it before (unless as a joke). for some one that is leagally blind, my choices would have been serverly limited in this time, if i had survived at all, and given my medical issues i would not have to worry about that having occured. So do i want to be a begger which is probably not allowed at most events..... or play the line as part actress and part educator. i chose the latter. ye ships potter, salty
  6. two lines means... oh bugger

    congratulations you yer misses an ye.....fair winds and fallowing seas til and past the wee ones arrival.
  7. I need a surgeon

    to sutlerjon, best of luck mate, and yes the scars are impressive , heard tell of a potter lass with one that looks like she took on a whole pacel o cutthroats. best of luck again, mission, medically though not byany means a passion of mine, would not the alchol ingested thin the blood, in an already tricky situatoion? but it is a grand antiseptic, but alas that be alchol abuse. cheers mates. salty
  8. Babies!

    oh yeah, haeing a bairn, will change every aspect of your life, not just reenacting. One thing with parenting you dont get to chose any longer what you will or what you will not toloerate with the presence of said young. Until they are 18, they are a part of you good and bad. Yes there are times when the wee lad does get in the way of what i would like to do, i know that would be the case when i decided to become a mother. it would indeed be naive to think that having a babe will not change any aspects of your life, and those close to you. I do know people that thought having a babe meant that they could still do as they wanted til all hours, how you choose to deal with that fact depends on your own personalty. on a lighter note, baskets are good when they are little, ikea stocks some nice sized ones for use of hauling gear and babe, not knowing what area you hail from i am sure there are similar places. Garb is easy both sexes wore a shift and cap, an note if you dont tell the lads they wont know for a while, nor think anything of it. diaper covers are good as well, as for pc bottles, just hold the reagular ones in atowel no one needs to know, if breastfeeding, a shawl is handy, and reduces the worry of bottles too. there is also no reason that having a baby has to negate all the pleasures of life you hold, just bring the little one along on the ride called life. Main reason for having kids is to continue the line. Never hurts to get new blood into the hobby either and there does not seem to be an age requirment.
  9. Catholic or protestant?

    Though i be of niether religous sect, as pagan through a through, i take the toast and offer ye one in kind. Slante forgive the spelling hope it is close, cant see the screen to tell. salty
  10. Babies!

    lady, i can and do speak from first hand expiernce. my first reenactment event that i dressed as a woman for i was already 5 months pregnant. I helped load and set up the camp and take it down in a rainstorm. I dressed in the same clothes you will see me in at events now, until i finish some new outfits that are in progress. I found the biggest challage was actully people looking at me like i was insane, though as connie said you really do find out who your friends are . As callenish said i was at an event that was 2 weeks before my due date, and my dear friend was begging me not to make her deliver me, had that indeed happened I could not have been in better hands. Though going into labour would indeed have been something that women did when and where they were, going into it in camp was an interesting but unneeded worry. as for traveling with wee hamish, he is a campion traveler and a mild mannered wee fellow, this will depend on the given personality of the babe and parents. as a little one he slept most the driving time, got feed and changed on the road as needed. now he actully stays awake for some to the trip and delights in seeing the world. this is not to say he does not have his momentst, but with a bit of prep work and patience anything can be surmounted with realtive ease. in camp the niciest thing is to know that there are many "dutch" aunts and uncles about. like the tightknit community we tend to be it is the same if there are childern about. it is a lovely example of the concept that it takes a village to raise a child. As our forefathers and mothers have done this for milinia, it holds true in this day. I will add a quick and hearlfelt thank you here for the help along the way. as for being a healthy safe enviroment, the more they are exposed to the healthier they will be, you do the best you can for them the same you would at home. somewhere this modern world has become germophobic, before i get any slack from parents out there, it is as easy to keep the kids clean and safe in pc camps as it is in a normal house. Sometimes much easier in my case, grins, hamish is learning life both ways modern and a pc camp, i hope this will lead to his character later in life. So to any and all parents or would be parents, dont let the thought of wee ones diseude you from continuing in the hobby/ lifestyle. Kids just add another facet of life to the camp and allow for more teaching moments, both to the public and the childern. one example of this was the cradle basket callenish tied into a tree at PIP 2008, and other events, people could not belive that there was an actul baby in the basket asleep, hang basket, add babe, cover with blanket and allow the wind to rock said babe asleep. easy, safe, and could go about cooking and working within sight of the basket with no fear of the baby being hurt. in closing,have fun with it, the kids can deciede when they are older not to be interesting in the hobby anymore, or not . ye ship's potter, salty
  11. shocked does nae even begin to cover it.....
  12. Where has all the Lace gone?

    how true on the wedding dress, draper has a book on making bobbin lace, sometime, in my non existent free time i may purchase and try to get good enough to do a camp demostartion. if i really want to drive myself the rest of the way to insanity this year. ebay and thrift shoppes are good places to find lace that may work for pc projects as noted before hand
  13. White Clay Sailor's Pipes

    G'day, Sir mighty fine looking work on the pipes, though the consesus in this house is we both like the running cockscomb. cheers, salty
  14. Happy VD All

    aye there be something wrong with a society that wishes the ones they love most happy vd. mercury not withstanding a happpy day to all