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  1. Breast cancer pins

    I've been away for a while or I've never saw this post. Is there any of the original pins left and how can I get one?
  2. Looking for a gun bucket or period correct holster for my Queen Ann pistol to attach to my left handed baldric I use a sword with my left but I shoot with my right,Is there such a thing? I thought about fabricating a clip on the gun but I don't know if I have the skill or the patience.

    Another happy shipmate, Flintlocks 101 is now a permanent part of my reference library. Thanks Cascabel
  4. Cannon Carriage

    I highly recommend Damian Siekonic's book on Building 18th Century Naval Artillery. It is available thru Privateer Media,LLC, I can't remember the price but I do think it was very good. I sure wish I had that book on my first build, it would have saved me alot of time on design and money.
  5. Looking into cannon ownership

    I'm quite happy with mine from Cannon mikes,he does have a website. Mine is a 1 1/4 bore with a socket for a aiming handle, he has other styles too, it is a lathe turned gun made of 4140 steel, the yoke is not period correct but thats o.k. with me cause least it came with one. Alot of pirates in the northwest use his products. I paid $870 for mine. Oh and by the way, The vent came drilled
  6. new cannon

    With a 1 and 7/8" bore you can fire golf balls can't ya. Very nice work on carriage, the gun look pretty good without the ring too. Rusty Barrels Still sailing these waters.
  7. powder for cannons

    I'd say you got some very good advice from the the rest of the lot. I too have a hern 2/3 scale six pounder on a naval carriage. I've had it for over a year now and still haven't fired it but when I do I'm going to start what is termed ridiculously low. 800 grs. cannon grade as a blank load and 500grs with a 2 1/2 lbs. lead balls. I'm hoping Harbormaster is still around to show me the ropes and to keep me from blowing myself up. He knows of a place where I can shoot. Besides I've got alot of respect for his knowledge on cannons big and small.
  8. Lanterns

    Those are nice. How long does the ten inch one burn with full tank. I wonder if they would hang under the boom without burning me sails at night, I don't trust me anchor light anymore.
  9. Mine did explode because I had commercial grade charcoal that you get from chemistry hobbie stores when I was a lad. It destroyed my entire lab set and made a mess of my quarters, but that didn't hurt near as much as the switchin I got.
  10. Period Sandals

    I like me Gurkees (size 12) Have worn them all day, its about the same as a flip flop.
  11. RBG cannons

    Geez Harbormaster, What are you doing there?
  12. RBG cannons

    That disclaimer is to protect them from dumb people who don't take the time to learn the dos and don'ts of cannons, you'll find most of the cannon manufactures have that clause. I have the Hern 2/3 scale 6 pounder that I have never fired only because I can't find a place to do so and it is heavy. I wish now I had bought their english swivel gun because it is a lot less weight.
  13. Ice Caps melting

    If we are going to stop global warming, then we have to have zero population growth on a global scale , and that my friends is not gonna happen.
  14. Another Piratehouse project

    Wow, that is a fine sailing rig mate. Can that be trailered?
  15. How will ye Die?!

    Put my real name in and it said Died like a man from too much ravishing. Yeah I can live with that.