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    On the starboard railin'
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    Folk music, Pirate ships, Buells, Woodworkin', Livin' free unshackeled by the Diana Moonglompers of the socialist left.
  1. All Pirate Movies

    Aye it were. Have since obtained another copy which has the right movie on the disc. 2 years? Crikey. Been busy ; )
  2. All Pirate Movies

    Caveat emptor! Picked up the newly rereleased DVD, "The Buccaneers" 1958 from Barnes and Noble. The artwork on the disc is correct, however the movie encrypted on it is some avant guarde psuedosex documentary named "Women, Art, Revolution" from 2010. Oliver Films stock number 0F356, bar code 8 87090 03560.
  3. Contrary to rumours, Gordon Lightfoot is alive and well.

  4. What kind of weather are you having?

    30-35 at night. Got 'bout 3" of much needed gentle rain over several nights an 2 nights 'o hurricane force winds in the valley of Avra. The AZRF site should be well greened up by next week. The Estrella war site will be a bog.
  5. Worst Pirate Movie EVER

    Treasure Island Kids; The Pirates of Treasure Island. Starrin' Randy Quaid. Tis tough ta even think on it wi'out heavin' supper overboard. Makes the Adam West "Batman the Movie" pirates look good.
  6. On the map

    Looks like the last forum upgrade has granted the crewe new topic postin' priviliges. Stand up an make yer presence knowne.
  7. Looking for old swashbuckler movie title

    Yer welcome Sir. I gots a memory liken a steel trap, rusty an illegal in 37 states
  8. Looking for old swashbuckler movie title

    The Princess and the Pirate. 1940ish with Bob Hope as the tattooed victim and Walter Brennan as the crazy old man, Virginia Mayo and Victor McLaughlin as "The Hook".
  9. The Modern day Tea Party

    110% correct. Anyone here being FORCED to listen to right wing hate radio? Anyone been FORCED to attend a Tea Party? Now flip side that coin. Are you willing to let the government(any government) decide what propaganda you WILL listen too? . If the Tea Parties be evil then let them be hung by their own devices. A government actively sponsoring sensorship/suppression/demonization of a political entity/ideological group of citizens. No its not WW2 Germany but I still hear Goebbels laughing.
  10. What do you think this is?

    The description states "white metal". I don't think the hammer or frizzen could possibly be functional made from this. Theres also a hairpin steel spring looking to hold the frizzen closed to the priming pan. It appears to be molded into the lock instead of being a separate piece. Not bein' a gunner this would be a laymans observation- nonfunctional display piece.
  11. Petty Annoyances

    I hates them bloody aluminium soda cans wi' the little flipper tab thats snags mustache hairs.
  12. New Captain Nemo...

    Will be interestin' ta see how the script writers deal with Vernes' twisted timeline.
  13. Captain Blackstrap coming aboard!

    Welcome lass. Tis the custom fer new souls ta buy a round fer the house. As ye be one'o them filthy rich Captain types, make mine a double
  14. Cool stuff you might not know about

    Cruisin' through the 2nd hand book store an sawr a photo of an early 19th century diving suit. 1822-27 or somewheres thereabouts. Went searchin' this morn and found an online photo- Crikey, a HA JIM suit!
  15. Paper mache grenades

    There be hollow paper mache' balls at Michaels craft stores. Bout tunahalf inch dia fer around a buck. Theys brown kraft paper over a thin blown plastic liner.