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    Ahoy!<br><br>I have many interests. Included among them are:<br><br>Pirates<br>Role Playing Games<br>Computers<br>Writing<br>Thinking<br>Sailing (when I can)<br>Loving Life!<br><br>
  1. Sea of Thieves

    Is anyone playing Navel Action?
  2. How Do You FEEL Now?

    Thanks. It is slowly starting to feel some better. Sorry about the flooding.
  3. a few shirts finally done !!

    Where did you get the pattern. They look great.
  4. Need Help Looking for a good name for a Tavern

    One of my fav's The MUGS & JUGS Tavern
  5. How Do You FEEL Now?

    In pain me bloody Achilles tendon is killing me.
  6. Port Washington Pirate Fest 2008

    Ahoy Mates, finally the Captain Wind is back, and sadly was one of the ones that fled the bad weather on Saturday. My girlfriend was driving, and was a little worried about the storms. So we cut out much earlier than I wanted to. However did catch the Bounding Main and Jolly Roger fantastic show by both. Now I wait for Bristol to open. I hope to be more active on the Pub moving forward. Cheers!
  7. Pyrate Links

    The glasses are pretty cool. I have been wondering about that to get exact or as close as a rum skuller can be... So you might say... I be LOOKING into them soon.
  8. Disney will have 2 new cruise ships

    Alaska is only a part of the year destination? Would it then do Mexico during the Alaska down time, or would they bring her east for the winter? I will have a look see throught the travel trades and see if I see anything.
  9. Another Pirates 3 AWE picture

    Annyoing though it is, I would have to agree. It is interesting to have a look see and then sit back and wait to see if what you have seen is real or not. Someone spent time on it.
  10. Oscar for PotC DMC

    I was thrilled.
  11. I have two new ships that need plunderin.

    Now that might just make you the best pirate I ever saw.
  12. Happy Chinese New Year

    Maybe you should by 1 or 2 for me. :)
  13. Google Earth

    I can't get zoomed far enought in to see the Captain's Crib. Though I can barly make out my roof.
  14. My pirate bar

    Aye, that it would be...
  15. Happy Chinese New Year

    Arrr, do you have any plans for the next 12 months?