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  1. SteamPunk projects

    I'm sure someone, somewhere still makes it the way you'd want. that's the point I'm trying to make. the old saying "They don't make it like they used to" doesn't always ring true, sometimes they do, you just gotta know where to look.
  2. SteamPunk projects

    which parts are you referring?, I'm sure with just a little digging, you can find that most plumbing items actually ARE still being made.
  3. Steam Punk Pics

    proper steampunk attire. No more "Faking it". Now to do likewise with my GAOP kit.
  4. Getting dirty or how not look brand new

    until you consider that stale piss is also the primary source of potassium nitrate, a key ingredient in GUNPOWDER. Which was a necessity aboard ship. that's not proof for, but it's definitely a good cause for supposition.
  5. SteamPunk projects

    Jill, take a stroll through the plumbing dept. at your local hardware store...
  6. SteamPunk projects

    I'm currently working on my ray gun, I will follow that up with some modification to my goggles. once completed, I've been inspired to try my hand at a moon helmet.
  7. Captain Sterling's New Cutlass

    she's a beaut, and she's going to one of the greatest spokesmen the world of pyracy has ever known. She's in good hands, and a better pair I know not. great job, Matt, and she's gonna look great on your baldric, Sterling!
  8. Steampunk Weapons

    Until I build my ray gun, the gentlemanly art of wrenchfighting will have to suffice: Patrick Hand: LOVE the "Vworp!" gun. Excellent use of found objects, the only readily identifiable piece is the spoon handle, and that serves as a clip to hold it to your belt, so you get a 'pass'. THIS is what I think when I think "Victorian Ray Gun".
  9. Steam Punk Pics

    still waiting on my goggles, and my ray gun is only in the planning stages, but: I am wearing my pirate waistcoat (which needs replaced for both Steampunk, AND GAoP), until I can find one in deep crimson, canary yellow, or a nice blue, since I plan on wearing a dark overcoat with this outfit.
  10. Navigation Gear

    HA! no, I'm talking about an ankle shackle attached to an iron weight.
  11. Steam Punk Pics

    parachutes, biplanes, skyhooks....
  12. Steam Punk Pics

    well, look at Captain Nemo's Nautilus... Nemo was a pirate, plain and simple, and his submarine didn't (and couldn't) exist in reality. you're looking at it from the wrong POV. In the context of historicity, Steampunk has very little to do with anything.....at all....except the Victorian era. and only for setting and fashion. it's a fancy, much in the same fashion the Disney/Hollywood pirate is. It's a romance. why do we dress up as pirates in the first place?, because it's fun. Same thing here.
  13. Favorite Steampunk Movies

    I can't believe nobody said Wild Wild West, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (tho it is a little lame).
  14. Steam Punk.....

    Ummmm... yes! It's sort of "all of the above." From my point of view as the casual observer, it takes most of its inspiration from movies like First Men on the Moon and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I don't know if any of the founders of steampunk literature would admit to it, but considering they are our contemporaries, I suspect those films (and others like them) figured predominately in their childhoods as they did in ours. Or, barring that, the original sources... Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and possibly to a lesser extent ERB. It hopped to the gaming world first via Space:1889 and then GURPS Steampunk (at the time I really despised the term steampunk, and during playtest tried like hell to convince the author to change the title, which is why I figure I didn't get playtest credit in that book... yeah... sour grapes... ). At the time of its printing, GURPS Steampunk was on the cutting edge. The amount of steampunk activity 10 years ago was nil compared to what you can find today. let's not forget the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  15. Tarred gear - ever done it?

    where'd you get the squared top?, did you block it yourself?