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  1. The 6th Annual Michigan Pirate Festival - August 2012

    Yes a very fun event was had..hopefully by all. We have tons of pics to share and to be honest, it would take a couple hours to post them all, especially since it appears we can only post one at a time...What's up with that by the way?....However they are posted on the Forsaken site if interested. I will however see if it's possible to load in bulk???
  2. I will also reiterate much of what is being said. My first introduction came from use during a WIld West reenactment. Here, pyrodex was NOT allowed because it was proven to not fully break up and sometimes become a firey little spitball. Again, like I said... Pyrodex did not fully ignite and dissipate. SO the Only choice that was acceptable was Goex or the "new" Elephant powder at the time. AFter that one of my shooting pards in Cowboy Action Shooting, tried using the preformed and premeasured loads... I'm not even going to get started there! OK so needless to say, we ended up plundering every gunshop and hardware store(yes some places still carry powder) in the area! You can also occasionally buy or barter some at Civil war events! The last and in some cases the most practical is to get together with a buddy or two and buy a box or crate or how ever the sell it, then drive where you need to. You could also work somethig out with another reenactor who's not from the area but is planning to attend the same event. Just a suggestion
  3. Just for the record, I'd like to reiterate what Mr. Stinky of the Tudor has said about wadding. It really becomes a safety issue especially with large charges. The last thing you want is a paper spitball shooting into a crowd. I will however admit that we have used cream of wheat and florest foam for percussion pistols during civil war and wild west reenactments. Of coarse this envolves the safety percautions and staging/safety angles for the wild west events. We are however using light loads and the foam and wheat dissipate immediately.
  4. GAoP Flintlock Pistol Kits

    By God Bill is that you??! And though I usually don't pirate a man's thread, it's been waaay to damn long! To be honest I thought you were fish food or lying in an alley somewhere with the rats knawing on man parts... I'm glad to see I was wrong!
  5. Unbeliveable

    That was without a doubt the best thing you could have done! Regardless of the presentation and my envolvement, I have no problem stepping aside just to act as crowd control and safety. I hate to be rude and group folks together... But as we all have seen, some spectators are litterally like cattle! It's almost like you need to herd them behind the safety lines and then even stand there to make sure the heard doesn't break through the gate! I've seen spectators just wander from the crowd into the engagement area, oblivious to where they are and some times not even caring. BTW: the two folks I mentiond above had hearing aids told me they couldn't hear me yelling and were trying to find an open path through the crowd. OK so watch this video and enjoy... er I mean cringe! [media=] [/media]I swear I hear whiskey bottles falling to the ground and dueling banjos in the background!!
  6. Not the best idea ever thought up...

    I couldn't agree with Mr. Bottles more! I fact in some cases, we're making the same point. SO I'll ad my two shillings since I'm up and can't sleep anyway!! Just two wekends ago.. belay that! Three weekends ago I was doing an UNCivil War demo and I decided to peace tie my saber... Sure as Hell, while I was talking to the spectators infront of me a juvelile hand reach out from behind the crowd and grab the saber on my display. As I raced to retrieve said weapon (Remember even blunt objects can become a weapon, of which you are liable) I saw the little vermin face off with the rest of his ilk and attempt to draw the weapon. Now in the past for my demos, I never really considered that anyone would have the nerve to attempt such a thing, especially with they're parents standing right there. But something in the back of my head told me that I should have that weapon peace tied and do so for eternity... And such was an juvenile, (yet serious)accident avoided. Never again will I allow such a incident to unfold regardless of the outcome. Now being a stickler or not.... remember! All it takes is ONE civilian to be injured during an event and you may not only find yourself in court, but the event might fold due to bad PR and City repercussions... Or they just might not invite you back... With that being said... we're all not perfect! Simple as that! We also try to make the public happy and include them, rather than exclude them. We also have our own personal level of safety that we live by. In "some" cases..... you may see something that is insanely unacceptable and I would hope that someone would step in... NO! Run in and stop the situaltion before tragedy strikes. Have fun everyone.. just be safe. Here's to you!
  7. You in yar garb.

    Love the pics Zan! Especially the shot on the bottom! Many a modern pirate can look the fop.. but I always thought that to capture the working sailor stands out above the rest! BTW: I can't believe your slops look dirtier than mine in the pic below....I guess, I'll have to either do more work or just hit the bottle and wallow in more filth??
  8. You in yar garb.

    Excellent impressions! It makes me want a matchlock!
  9. Some interesting pictures.

    I hate it when this happens! I guess sometimes you wake up and the wrong side of the bed??? BTW: try doing that in latchet shoes... I'd be making a face like that too!
  10. Uniform colors?

    I love to see where this post has gone in the last year or so. In all actuality and though I cannot prove one or the other, this is exactly what I personally would expect from a milita. I say this because I doubt that even though militas would like to emulate the regulars, I would think that in many cases they worked with what they had. Even similar jackets and hats or even just leather gear would be considered uniformity and well looked upon. I'm also wondering if perhaps a wealthy individual would finance the venture and thereby pay for the uniforms and leather gear for personal status?? Oh and just for the record... This is what I based my original impression on... I figured that the brown coat (with removeable black coffs that I never got to use) and black hat with white trim is so basic that along with my waist belt and my ammunition pouch..(Thanks again my dear Mr. Bagsley!) I could use the jacket for multiple impressions or loan the equipment out as needed. BTW: As many will agree, this guy even stands like me... Yeah I'm a slacker!
  11. Pike River - Kenosha, WI - After Hours report

    THis is an excellent event on the 1st weekend of August! I say this not only because myself and others who didn't make the last Pike will also be attending... But for the simple reason that we have the very best location with shade and grass and only a few yards away from the lake. If you're not believin' me, just take a look at the picture below! It's just as much fun as any far away beach. But at least here you don't have to worry about some big fish biting you in half! Which is a good thing... or so I've been told??
  12. 2012 Calendar featuring the Forsaken!!!

    Well done mate! I'm almost in every bleeding month! BTW: the shore party image is stil the very best I've ever been in! We should really start making plans for 2013! I know you have some pics already... but we should also take to planning more during Pike this year!
  13. Military History Fest (or ReEnactor Fest 8)

    Yes this was a lit of fun! And though the rev war guys won...(and rightly so, IMHO!) as the Mad Dog barked, it was a tough crowd! But I will also say that the gibbit and the stocks made this the best display we've had.. But the truth be told, this isn't just a pretty pretty for the inside of a convention hall, by rather what we set up and live in for events! By God, Tyburns Last Drop has withstood heavy rains and Port Washington tornados... of which we had as much fun during the storm as during the main event itself! But as far as the convention, there was great people and it was a great event! Even with a strutting peacock like Mad Dog being there!
  14. Put-in-Bay Ohio 2012 - June 22-24

    Just to make it clear... I am violently ashamed to have missed this event! The only reason that any riff-raff in the area should miss this event, is if they were dead or in jail... And If you're in jail... you damn well better BREAK OUT! Lord knows that if I can do it, so can you! ]
  15. rowing shanties????

    Check out the CD's by Father Sons and Friends. They do some great songs about all the vile scum we have come to love!