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    Everything! Historic clothing, sewing, fabric dying, cooking, mead, ale, astronomy, celestial navigation, reading, music, film making, blogging & pillaging the internet for visual inspirations.
  1. Congratulations Foxe!

    Bah, a journal article is a drop in the bucket for Ed. He's already got 2 books out you know Chole
  2. Brigands' Folie 2nd Album Now Available

    The second album from the wonderful period band Brigands Folie is NOW AVAILABLE! Full of original and period songs from the 17-19th centuries this album is a must have for every historic music lover out there! Take a listen at the samples on the website, once you've started listening you won't be able to stop! Get them while they are hot folks. Chole
  3. winter projects

    Thanks for the spot Michael. Everyone is invited to participate in Costume Creation Month from December 17- January 17. We're there to support each other, share our projects, & most importanly, get some sewing DONE! Costume Creation Month I've got a nice long list of things to work on. Mostly projects for friends, then trying to squeeze in something new for myself and of course there is always the yearly "what did the girl outgrow this year". Then I've got all the non-material projects for the coffeehouse, lots of revamping of the equiptment is in the works. Plus in January I start my Sr. thesis research, so I need to take some time to tidy my references. Oi! Here's hoping for a long winter! Chole
  4. Authentic Fire Roasted Coffee

    Quick bump. Get your orders in now to be included. This is the last roasting I have planned for 2010! Chole
  5. Authentic Fire Roasted Coffee

    Authentic Fire Roasted, Hand Ground, 18th Century Coffee HOLIDAY SAMPLER These are a 1/4 lb, hand ground, fire roasted coffee, packaged in an 18th century inspired manner. Each pack includes a copy of my booklet, "The Process and Methods of Brewing True Coffee" which includes an article on historic coffee brewing & directions for reproducing it at home. These are perfect for gift giving and of course sharing with your family & friends at all your winter gatherings. Great stocking stuffers for the coffee lovers & history buffs in your life. Each pack is $6 plus priority shipping. This is a PRE-ORDER so I know how much to roast over the Thanksgiving holiday. All coffee will be shipped the first week of December. PM me if you are interested! Thanks for looking. Chole
  6. Death Head Buttons $3 each Wrapped linen thread over a wooden mold. Choose from: Red, black, white, blue, brown or green. Choose: 1", 5/8" or 1/2" diameter *I welcome custom death head button orders in any color(s). ~~~ Thread buttons $6 for 4 Solid linen thread. Perfect for replacing all the buttons on a shirt! white only PM or e-mail me to order. Thanks for looking! Chole
  7. Hailing the Crewe

    Darn it, how many times do I have to remind you? It's HONEST BUSINESS PERSON! Nothing illegal or pyratical going on here, at all what-so-ever. You're going to go & get us all hanged with talk like that. Good to see you here Zan. It's always nice to have another of the GLRP on board Chole
  8. Samuel Pepys

    Honestly, my personal favorite place to read Pepys (aka Mr. Shop & Shag) is the on-line blog version Pepys' Diary Blog I love that it's annotated & that it's timely to the actual day. I read it like some would read their daily news feed. Chole
  9. Pike River Kenosha WI 2010

    As per our usual plan, the Great Lakes River Pirates will be in full force along the beach at the Pike River Rendezvous this August. Our respectable businesses, J. Henderson Artifacts, Long Hunter Leather & the C. Black Coffeehouse will also be there for everyone's enjoyment. The coffeehouse will be celebrating the inaugural First Person Interpretation Day on Saturday, August 7th. All interaction within the coffeehouse will take place in character during the year 1813. All eras and personas are welcome to attend & encouraged to participate. Games, newspapers, music & refreshments will be provided for your enjoyment. This is a unique opportunity for everyone interested in living history to experience first person interpretation with the support of like minded reenactors. I know that this is a new experience for most of us. Hopefully, we will each be able to support each other in this first person experience and the interactions will become natural over the course of the day. Everyone will have varying degrees of comfort with first person so don't feel that you are alone if it takes you a while to get comfortable. The important thing to remember is not to ruin those around you and to have FUN! I look forward to seeing many of you there! Chole
  10. FS: Set of 8 Deathhead buttons

    Up for sale, 8 Deathhead Buttons in the "Journeyman style". 5/8" size Black linen in a 4 point design No shanks on the back. These are meant to be sewn directly to the garment. 30$ postage paid. I accept Paypal as well as cashiers checks & money orders. Please PM me if you are interested! **I also make custom Deathhead buttons in various sizes & colors, both 4 & 6 point styles. PM me for more information** Chole
  11. FS: Housewives

    Just made a few more of these if anyone is still looking to add to their kit before the "northern" season gets started Chole
  12. Pyrates on Etsy

    After almost two years (!) of procrastination I have finally added items to my Etsy shop. My focus is on the accessories & small details that finish off ones impression. Of course there is also always coffee available too Be sure to watch the shop for other additions in the coming months. Thanks for looking. Chole
  13. FS: Housewives

    For Sale 18th Century "housewives". These housewives don't do windows, but they will hold your money Hand sewn from randomly selected linen & wool fabrics, each housewife ties closed with an attached linen tape. Folded they measure approximately 3" x 4". The interior features 3 pockets, perfectly sized for holding all your historic papers, monies & yes, even your modern ID cards. Mine is in the red pocket shown above as an example. $20 each, postage paid. I accept Paypal payment. Please PM if interested. Thanks for looking! Chole
  14. Dress forms

    Or you can go the event cheaper route & make your own Duct Tape Double. Mine didn't cost more than $30 & that was with purchasing the expensive brand name tape. Add some friends, a 6-pack of beer & you've got yourself a fun project (plus plenty of blackmail material). I constructed my DTD over my modern "shape" but it could also be constructed over a stayed figure by simply wearing the stays underneath the base t-shirt. The biggest advantage to the DTD over other dress forms is that it has just enough give, which allows it to adjust for various historical "shapes". Especially useful when fitting over stays from different time periods. Chole
  15. FS: USED RH 709 Pattern

    SOLD pending funds! Thanks.