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  1. Port Royal, Jamaica

    Nervously sitting in her room she peered out the window once again. It had been three days since she had seen or heard from Mistress McKinney. Perhaps she had pushed Mistress McKinney to do the worst thing possible; seeing the father of her child in such a situation. With another glance Tess saw the street filled the all sorts. There was no sign of a lady in the blue mantua with the flaming red hair. “Tsk” Tess managed to express as she fell back upon her bed. Perhaps a letter written in a woman’s hand would get some result from the Officer of the Garrison. “But what to write?” She muttered to herself. Tess was still in pursuit of acquiring Mistress McKinney and making sure she was returned to her benefactor, Lord Darnely. Yet, knowing that Captain Sterling was in poor health, Tess feared that Mistress McKinney may not leave that easily. As she pulled paper and ink from her writing desk, Tess began to formulate a plan…
  2. Foppish Look and Airs of the GAoP

    Now Jacky Tar! (Tess says with a seductive smile) Mind thy manners and respect thy betters. Even though he is quite the Fop, Reggie has many good qualities.. (Pause) I just can't think of any as of the moment. Hester, you are most welcome about the red shoe topic. I have at least 6 pairs of various cuts (sorry - they are NOT period correct) of high heels in my closet. Thanks to my weakness for shoes! Love them! Okay...next question, French influence on FOP fashion during the GAofP. How much was there and when did the French fashion start seeping into English Courts? Anyone?
  3. Port Royal, Jamaica

    Lady Tess St. Claire dreaded the silence and the waiting, especially alone in the dimly lit hall. Things had not gone as plan. She was successful enough to get Mistress Lilly an audience with the condemn Captain, but did see far enough to secure a position to obtain audience herself. “Damn!” She muttered to herself. With a deep sigh she knew that thing now had to change. Nothing seemed to have gone right after the death of her cousin Reggie Killingsworth. Still, she had to save face with Lord Darnly. She knew that there would be creditors knocking on her doors as soon as she touched English soil again. The capture of one prize for a purse was all Tess could think of now. She shuttered at the thought of living like those she ‘fancied a game’ with. Most of them were just simple middlesort, but there were the ones that she dreaded and she had met her share of them both in London and in Port Royal. The lowly sort that would soon as cut your throat than look at you. But there were more serious matters to attend to as of the moment. Tess pulled her purse from her pocket. In it, there was a piece of parchment once sealed with the Darnly crest now rested in the palm of her hand. “Why must I always be the one to do your dirty jobs, eh Robbie?” She said to herself. Tess knew that this letter would ensure that Mistresses Lilly would return to London, no matter what.
  4. Foppish Look and Airs of the GAoP

    Question for you Boys... There has been debate on other chat sites about what time the "Red Heel shoes" were vogue. Anyone know when it started and when it ended?
  5. Port Royal, Jamaica

    A wave of perspiration quickly gathered at Tess’ forehead and throat. She could still hear his name echo against the walls of the almost vacant hall. Her mind quickly raced back to images of Lewis and her on the docks. His face pale as a ghost, as he watched his ship, the Archangel, take leave without him. It was then he went somewhat mad. “What trick is this?” He shouted as the guards began to take to the street. A large crowd now gathered at one of the inns and the sounds of a large fight broke out. “Murder!,” was shouted above the din of the crowd. The very words sent him into a panic. In some uncontrollable fit of fear, Lewis ran towards the docks and began to scream at the departing ship. Tess’ heart sunk for a moment. She knew that his mind was broken and fear was the only thing her was clinging to. She quickly ran after him and tried to reason with him. “No one knows, but me!” She yelled back at him, trying desperately to calm him. “You have nothing to fear, cousin!” It was then he stopped and looked at her. His eyes now turned dark and empty. Was that the look he managed before he took someone’s life? She thought? Now Tess felt fear for her own life and what ever actions she took would have to secure safety to the one person she needed to protect….herself! “I am sure that an indepth investigation has been done, am I correct? Rest assured I am sure that you will soon realize that Master Hutchinson is the guilty party.” The two officers looked at each other with slight surprise. Commander Sloakcom put his hand to his forehead. “Wallace, I’m having another one of my headaches. Tell me again why I am here?”!
  6. Port Royal, Jamaica

    Tess waited in the coach as Lewis Hutchinson made sure that his last piece of luggage was placed on board. “I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.” Lewis said to himself as he looked at the pile of chests and trunks. The servant quickly tied down the last piece of luggage to be back of the coach. As Lewis climbed in to the coach, Tess gave him a dark look. “So, what have you told your wife?” “She thinks I must rush back to Scotland for family business.” “Little white lies with have truths do come in handy.” Tess said looking somewhat disgusted with the whole ordeal. “This plan of yours better work, Lewis. I hope that you can find safe passage back Scotland without anyone finding out what you’ve done.” Tess perched upon one hand as she looked out the coach’s window. “This is just all a bloody mess.” With a sigh she looked over at him again. “So, which ship have you managed to find?” Lewis lent forward. “There are two that will work to my benefit. Though, I am not sure of one’s final destination. Rumor states that one is on its’ way back to England. There, I can manage by couch or horse. The other is on a director voyage back to Scotland once it manages repairs. Her name is the Mist Reiver…” Tess looked over at him again. “Well?” She forced her word towards him. “I have an unsettling feeling about it.” “Don’t be a fool, Lewis. The sooner you are away from this place the better!”
  7. Port Royal, Jamaica

    Tess St. Claire spent a good deal of the night and well into the day trying to talk with Lewis Hutchinson. She told him that he was getting careless and some body would soon find out what he was doing. “I assure you, Tess that none of them know who I am…and they aren’t talking, are they?” Tess looked back at Lewis who now found comfort in a glass of wine and a pipe. “There is always a chance someone will know something.” Tess said joining him in a glass of wine. “Yes, some one,” muttered Lewis as he looked up at his cousin. The pangs of dread soon started to haunt her when she realized that she knew too much, but she pressed forward once again asking more questions. “Who was it this time? A vagabond perhaps?” “Oh, no..” Lewis said sitting up in his chair with a start, anxiously perched on the edge of his seat. “You would not believe my luck.” Tess flet somewhat repulsed by his overly excitable nature at the very mention of his victim. “Well?” She asked showing no sign of interest. “She claimed to be an actress. Of all things, can you imagine? She was probably some poor waif looking for fortune in the streets, if you get my meaning, no?” The very word, ‘actress’ made Tess turn her full attentions on Lewis. “Is that so? Did she give a name or do you make it a habit of asking them such a thing?” “Of course I ask them their name.” Lewis said. “How do you think I earn their trust?” Tess shuttered at the very thought of her cousin stalking such a poor victim. “I think she said her name was Lilly or was it Lizzy? Mc..something.” The sound of a glass crashing to the floor drew Lewis’ attention back to his cousin. There stood Tess as pale as a ghost. “What is it Tess? You’re as pale as a sheet?” "You killed Lilly McKinney? Do you know what you've just done?" She said yelling back at him. Lewis pulled the pipe from his head and shook his head, "No, I am sorry I don't know." "You've just marked your own path to the gallows!" Tess said taking the decanter in hand.
  8. Port Royal, Jamaica

    In the confine space of his cellar, Mister Hutchinson sat in his oversized chair looking very upset at his manservant. “She forced her way in, Master. I tried to stop her.” Mister Hutchinson lifted up his right hand. “Enough. Go and leave us be. I wish to talk to my cousin….alone.” Tess watched as the young Negro pass her and shut the door to the cellar. “Rumors call out in town this night. Dreadful things have happened not to mention Port Royal is on watch. The damn guard is everywhere and I tripped over several of those bloody things tonight. I barely made it here.” She said pouring herself a glass of wine to calm her nerves. “I am surprised that your name hasn’t been mentioned in the mix of things.” A calm look fell upon Mister Hutchison face. “…And why should it? I have never brought shame upon this house.” Tess turned to Mister Hutchinson and raised an eyebrow. “Really? I can think of a few things.” She said as she started to tap her foot upon the hard earth that laid under her feet. She sipped her wine and looked back at her cousin. “There are many rumors flitting about town this evening. I heard several. One is that Captain Sterling is dead, that there was a murder at The Three Crowns and Spaniards are in port! Good God, Lewis! The world is coming to an end!” Mister Hutchinson just looked into the small fire and listened to his cousin rant on about the current events. All he could think of was the stains of blood on his hands and if another body could fit in the cellar.
  9. Port Royal, Jamaica

    The two guards said nothing as they eyed her up and down. One of them lent over to the other and whispered softly. “Be thee deaf?” She said sternly, becoming angrier by each passing moment. “I wish to pass. My cousin expects me within the hour.” Again, the two guards looked her over. Finally, one spoke out of turn. “Cousin?” He said with a laughing tone. “Beg pardon, Mistress, should we understand that your ‘cousin’ is one of wealth and position here in Port Royal?” “What business matters I have here in Port Royal are my own. Now let me pass!” It was then the two guards held their ground. One held up his rifle and the other pressed her back into the tavern. “I refuse to be treated as such!” She said stamping her foot. The taller one stepped forward. “The whole city is under watch, Mistress. It would be better to stay here tonight than travel out there.” With a huff, she pushed passed the two red coat guards and continued to walk down the street. “I will take my chances!” She said shouting back at them. Now that she had secured herself passed the guards, she continued to the stables to secure a coach. “I must get to Hutchinson’s Plantation tonight. Do you hear me?” She said shouting at the little man tending to an old nag and his dog. “I shall pay you well.” The old man sniffed and raised his eyebrow. “Let’s see the money first.” She quickly pulled several coins from her pocket. “There, happy?” She said looking disgruntled at the old sod. With a nod the old man began to set the tack for the horse. “Quickly you old fool! make haste!”
  10. Port Royal, Jamaica

    Tess St. Claire quickly took up her hood and gloves. She began to think about the cries from the street earlier that afternoon. With a murderer running about Port Royal, the idea of her going out tonight may not be such a wise choice. The tavern’s mood suddenly turned from a loud and jovial place to a dark room filled with whispers and suspicious stares. There where whispers that redcoats were out in full force that evening and as she made her way to the front door of the inn, she suddenly saw several guards enter the tavern. “Damn.” She thought to herself as a redcoat blocked her way. “Aside you.” She said with her defiant nature. “I wish to pass.”
  11. Port Royal, Jamaica

    "Murder!" A cry came from the streets. Tess raised an eyebrow with concern. "Oh, there is never a dull moment here!" She said walking towards the window to take a better look.
  12. Port Royal, Jamaica

    Tess St. Claire had made sure that her very presence in Port Royal was know by very few and for good reason. Her time here was limited and the method of her work needed to leave no evidence or inquiries. Yet, things had not gone as planned. Though one action was carried out successfully, the body was never found. Now she was trying to recover from her visit with her ‘cousin’ Lewis Hutchinson. “This world is full of mad men!” She muttered to herself as she emptied her glass of port. She quickly grabbed her handkerchief and placed it upon her head. A night of card playing with the local elite was not very fruitful. She had lost a considerable sum and now would have to answer to her father. She did not wish to hear his ranting when she returned home to England. Yet, she knew he would pay her debts and tell her not to do it again. But the love of cards and the greed of winning can be too great. The heat of the day did not help her mood. She was still drunk from the night before and the sound of the streets below did not help her state. Then in the distance she could here a great commotion. “Now what?” She muttered to herself as she went to her window.
  13. Port Royal, Jamaica

    Lady St. Claire collected her bag and waited at the door of her guest’s estate. “Master Hutchinson?” Whispered Tess as she heard a thud come from the cellar where only days earlier they took refuge from the storm. As she slowly opened the door to the cellar, she could hear the distinct sound of blade striking earth then the shoveling of it off to one side. As she moved to into the light, it was obvious to what she saw. Master Lewis Hutchinson was concealing a body. The sharp intake of air started Master Hutchinson and the slave who was assisting him. “How now! Who is there?” Tess could not move and yet when the lamp light was finally lifted, they saw her face plain as day. “Good God, Lewis!” She shouted in a harsh tone. “Are you mad? Could you not wait until things were back to normal about the island?!” It was then Master Hutchinson quickly took Tess’ arm and moved her over to a less obvious place to discuss the matter at hand. She could tell he was visibly shaken and that being caught by his lovely guest was not something he had planned for. “Lady, the island is crawling with homeless and deprived individuals. What is one or two gone missing?” She looked at his face again. She knew that look. “The great storm was very much a diversion for me and my hobby. People will just assume that this poor lad was swept into the sea. No one need know and I pray no one will.” She felt his grip upon her tighten on her arm. “I must keep my skill up if I am to do your bidding.” Tess could only swallow hard then look back over her shoulder. The slave continued to dig a whole and she could see that the body of the man was hardly visible by the lantern’s light. “No more until we hear back from Lord Darnly.” She muttered under her breath. “I cannot make that promise. You know this!” She quickly broke free from his grip. “I am returning to town, with or without your blessing. If you come to your senses, you will find me at the Three Crowns. And Lewis…God have mercy on your soul!”
  14. Port Royal, Jamaica

    In woman's hand a letter was penned.... Lord Robert Darnly White Hall London England Most Sacred Friend, I send most urgent word to you upon the matters that were spoken of in your last letter. Less than four days ago, Captain John Sterling has taken to wedding a ‘child-bride’! To my amazement, Mistress Lilly seems to support the Captain’s actions and by his own hand, the Captain has now surrender Mistress McKinney into your hands! She is yours for the taking, Robert. Yet, convincing Mistress McKinney to return to England now will not be a problem, however, securing a ship to set sail may well be. There were many here upon the island have barely survived a grand storm which has shaken Port Royal to its very foundation. The storm lasted for two days and left havoc and destruction in it’s’ path. Several buildings in towne toppled like sticks against the high winds and the waves of the ocean crashed into port causing many a good ship to take cover upon the open sea. During the storm, I sought shelter with Master Hutchinson and he has been a most gracious host. Though, he does worry me so with his odd behavior at times. I fear that he misses Scotland and wishes for the comfort of home. As upon your instructions, I shall do my best to encourage Mistress McKinney’s return to London where she will be happily reunited with babe and you. Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant Lady Tess St. Claire Port Royal, Jamaica 23 of July, 16—
  15. W.A.G.-word association game