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  1. White/Green Mountain Pirates?

    Monsieur Bill, As an addendum: I have recently obtained an e-mail address via this website levasseur@pyracy.com. Feel free to use it. Bon Chance LeVasseur
  2. White/Green Mountain Pirates?

    Bonsoir, I currently live on Cape Cod, the Kennedy Camelot, coast of Massachusetts. I am currently looking to relocate to Southern New Hampshire and would like to get together with others who are interested in the Pyracy community. I am, right now, in the Keene, NH area and will be for the following week. I am open to any meetings should one be arranged. Should you be interested in learning from or teaching others what you may know of 17th Century Caribbean pirates please feel free to visit the topic I have recently created. Vive le Frere de la Cote LeVasseur
  3. Virtual Crew

    Bonsoir, I am looking for a crew to converse online regarding actual pirates and history. How much do you know about the scoundrels that cruised the accursed waters of the Spanish Main? How much are you willing to tell? How much are you willing to learn? What tales have you heard? What stories can you tell? What books told you the most? What books do you need yet to read? What links gave you the best leads? What links can you share with others? Let's bring back the glory of the Frere de la Cote, Brethren of the Coast, and honor them with their own memory. Vive le Coutume de la Cote! LeVasseur