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  1. Neverland on the Sy Fy channel

    Rhys Ifans -- totally yummy as "Hook"! But the CGI was disappointingly cheesy at times, and the plot got rather weak in the 2nd half. The oddly abrupt ending made me think that a continued series might have been intended.
  2. The greatest Canadian pirate ship found?

    Thanks for the info, Gertie!
  3. GAOP Documentary DVD?

    Can anyone suggest a good documentary DVD on the GAOP that's factually correct and aimed at a serious adult audience rather than kids? Ta, H.
  4. Wot...

    Dim Sum, Mu Shu & BBQ Duck [which might explain my current insomnia] Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici's hunting dress: *covet* My mom by phone Z. -- who's too young by a generation!
  5. Cutthroat Island Fan Video

    I be honoured, Cap'n Robert!
  6. Cutthroat Island Fan Video

    Avast, me hearties! It's been a long time since I've been back at the pub. But piracy has still been on my mind. In fact, today, I made a fan video for the movie 'Cutthroat Island', set to the gorgeous song "The Pirate's Gospel" by contemporary folksinger Alela Diane: Yo ho ho, Hester
  7. What are you reading right now ?

    Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters So far, I think I like the concept better than the actual execution. But a movie version would be great! And I wonder if I could convince my English Country Dance group to have a Sea Monsters & Zombies Ball. [Not likely. The Pirates's Ball that I pitched to them got shelved pretty quickly.]
  8. has run aground in a harbour town.

  9. HAPPY 09-09-09

    As a cat with nine lives, I can see why this date would make you happy, Jenny! And it was a FABULOUS day for me. I spent it out on Toronto Island, swimming at the beaches and walking along the paths. Ferry rides back & forth. Then I had dinner at a harbourside pub with my husband and we walked along the boardwalk at sunset admiring all the boats out on the lake. 999 works for me! (BTW, that's what the Brits dial instead of 911.)
  10. If you had Super Powers...

    For my super powers, I'd choose the ability to breathe underwater and swim super fast. Like a mermaid!
  11. Sadly, YouTube has yanked these vids for 'copyright violation'. That's so annoying given that there is no legitimate source for viewing this film. It's never been released on DVD and the VHS tape is long OOP. The person who originally posted the vids noted that they were for research & study purposes (which should be a fair use), but to no avail. I wonder who complained? YouTube doesn't usually act on a copyright issue unless they receive a complaint from the copyright holder. Copyright law should only ensure that a creator gets fair compensation for their work. It should not make it impossible for people to have access to material that has been previously published.
  12. Pirate Romance Novels

    Well, summer's here, and I'm reading Pirate Porrrn... ahem, I mean "historical romance novels" again. I just finished It looked promising, since it was written by someone who actually worked on the Whydah salvage project and the main character of the book is the real-life Sam Bellamy. But, unfortunately, the book really disappoints -- especially given the highly clich'eed "I hate you, but I love you" dynamic between the 2 main protagonists. The love scenes are only medium hot, and very bland vanilla. Sam's eyes are "obsidian black" and his hair falls to his shoulders in "sable waves". The author speculates that Sam survived the wreck of the Whydah, and most of the action takes place after that event. Worst scene in the novel: After an argument with her pirate lover Sam Bellamy, the heroine dries her tears on the soft floppy ears of her dog. WTF?
  13. Speaking of costumes, the Twill set must love the slops & buckle shoes in that 1990 production of Treasure Island! No bucket boots here! LOL
  14. "The Pirate's Gospel"

    I've just discovered the gorgeous music of this young contemporary folksinger, Alela Diane. Her song "The Pirate's Gospel" is fabulous:
  15. Oh, I didn't get that far. But what I wonder is why the costumes look less authentic than the ones I've seen in the Hallowe'en display at the local dollar store. And seriously, what's with Blind Pew?!!! I think we need to invent a drinking game for PoTI... or audience participation scripts, like Rocky Horror.