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  1. Pirate single's bar

    I'll be happy to kiss the likes of ya, Red Handed Jill. But I has the feeling that I may like it a lot, and never look back at the single life again.
  2. Wish this board would become more active again. The great pirates I met here have found other anchorages in social media it seems. This is such a great resource and a calm in the Internet storm. Missing some of me ol' mates. - Hurricane
  3. Just dropped by to say Hi.

    Like step-in's back into a time warp. Aye, be Hurricane. Back in Washington state waters with me wife, Krimson Kat. We actually met here 12 years ago and had many a give an' take on many a subject, just can't remember her user name. Had no idea I would end up marrying the likes of such a fine women. Ahoy all! Hope all is well in your respective waters. Been pillaging me guts out since I got back to the Seattle area. Missed the familiar waters. Well, gives me plenty to write about in my second installment of Memoirs of a Buccaneer, I be supposin'. Fair winds, following seas and full tankards, Hurricane Yes, the Cat 5 of Emotional Wreckage & Human Debris...
  4. Recruitin' and Press Gangin'

    Whoa, been out to sea for a while. Had to meet up and marry the likes of Krimson Kat who I met here some 12 years ago now. Well, something to that effect. Back in Washington waters, pirootin' me guts out with me crewe up here. Glad to be back and the crewe is bigger and better than ever. Largely due to Red Handed Jill (aka Krimson) on here, I might add. Hurricane
  5. 2011 Pirates in Paradise Festival

    An update on events at the Truman Annex and around town: 12th ANNUAL PIRATES IN PARADISE MARITIME HERITAGE & MUSIC FESTIVAL Featuring Swashbuckling Special Events & Piratical Escapades for all ages! LITERATURE & THE SEA RETREAT -- MARITIME ARTS & CULTURE Pirate Tours of Key West’s Pub Strolls & History Tours (11/24-12/4) Robert N. Macomber’s Key West Reader Rendezvous (11/28-12/1) Historic Glimpses Talk - The History of Grog featuring Robert Macomber (11/28) Walking Tour of Old Town with Robert Macomber (11/29) El Meson de Pepe’s Caribbean Pirates Dinner (11/29) Kelly’s Caribbean Authors, Artists & Historians Luncheon (11/30) TALL SHIP PIRATE SAILS & SEA BATTLES ABOARD WOLF Pirate Sails & Attacks (11/24-12/4) Conch Republic Shoot & Sail (12/1) Authors, Artists & Historians Sail (12/1) VILLAGE MARKET, PIRATE PUB, VIP TENT, CARNIVAL & SWASHBUCKLING EVENTS Admission: $5/adults, free for kids 12 and under (11/24 thru 12/4)* Living History Encampments Period Arts & Crafts Holiday Bazaar Vintage Vittles & Grog Fight Circles Swashbuckling Swordplay Games of Chance Carnival Rides Kid‘s Play Area Pirate Art 101 with Don Maitz Knot Tying Demos Period Weapons Demonstrations Pirate Pub Swashbuckling Pyrate Cinema Under the Stars (11/24 & 12/1) Official End of America’s 2011 Hurricane Season Party (11/30) Most Buxom Wench & Bad Ass Pirate Costume Contest (11/30) Pyrate Tryal of Anne Bonny & Mary Read (12/2 & 3) Pyrates of the Coast National Walk the Plank Championships Aboard WOLF (12/3) International Pirate’s Hall of Fame Tall Tales Storytelling Competition (12/3) Jolly Roger “Hard Aground” Land Ship Regatta (12/4) Historical Presentations: The Young Wreckers, Matt Lowe and more... *Additional gate fees may apply after 3 p.m. during special events and Concerts Under the Stars TICKETED EVENTS AT THE TRUMAN WATERFRONT COMMONS Thankstakin’ Pirate Feast (11/24) Concerts Under the Stars on the Waterfront Conch Navy Craft Beer Tasting & ASTAAR’s Equine Foundation’s Beer for Our Horses Fundraiser (11/26 & 12/3) Sailor’s Shipwreck Holiday Ball, Pirate Feast & Swing Dance (11/27) Cayo Hueso Boucan BBQ & Chili Cook-off (12/3)
  6. Peace Tie

    It's pretty straightforward. A lot of places don't let you tie your own. They want it zip tied, not tied with a rope or piece of leather. I zip tie my own before going so it will pass inspection but still look unobtrusive. I've never had to tie for a pub crawl but that's because I have a purposely dull sword for public appearances. I leave the sharp ones home because I can't pull them out anyway. With my dulled hanger it's no big deal and no one in 30 years has given me crap about it. It's not even in a sheath. Sharp weapons, just like real guns, will always set off the security folks and freak them out. If you want no problems go with a dulled sword and a replica gun or one that has the flint removed (learned that trick from Commodore Swab here).
  7. Just a curiosity... about reenactors

    I think it's far more simple than this. While the goal of re-enacting is to pursue a historic representation as best as one can, it still has to be fun. And if it's not fun, why do it? In our liberated world, many of the women I know (and I can only speak of the ones I know) find playing a lady in town to be right up there with paint drying. It is boring to them and limiting. Being a pirate simply offers more opportunities for them to let go and have some fun.
  8. Re-enactors are disrespectful

    What made you think they paid for it? :)
  9. I think you will do well there. When I was Daytona I heard 80 of the Gasparilla crew members would be there, and lots of us of course. Looking forward to seeing you and viewing your wonderful wares. I'll see if I can resist... --
  10. Re-enactors are disrespectful

    You got to remember here that the guy is just a talking head. A copywriter in the NPS department probably back in Washington wrote it. He does what all copywriters do with a minor project - throws the kitchen sink at it hoping something will stick in the editing by a higher up. I write these things all the time for clients. The goal isn't to stick it to anyone. It's to make a point and justify a policy. There are no sinister meetings about these things. It's "here, write a PSA about our re-enactment policy. Now I don't have any facts for you, just go out on the Internet and grab something. We need this in an hour, we're shooting it tomorrow." That's the business, folks. They aren't crafted over days - they are wham, bam, thank you ma'ams, and onto the next project. It's the nature of the beast. I don't think anyone thought twice about feelings getting hurt. Some supposed facts were pulled and dropped in to make it sound more important to have this policy than it really is.
  11. Re-enactors are disrespectful

    Well, here's my two cents. I have no problem with their rules. I would hate to see someone trying to re-enact Custer's Last Stand at Little Big Horn. The place is extremely solemn and any attempt to recreate the battle could never do justice to the horrific things that happened there. I don't see Gettysburg being any different. The NPS still does living history interpretation, they just don't allow battles. Since it is impossible to recreate the conditions of actual battle, outside of popping off rounds of cannon and gun fire, I see no problem with their position. A couple hundred or even thousand people marching around is visually impressive, but it doesn't really convey the horror these people witnessed or experienced. And there are plenty of other places to do re-enactment other than NPS parks and battlegrounds. Come to St. Augustine to Searle's Raid for arguably one of the best re-enactments around and not an NPS official in sight.
  12. new guy here

    Ahoy sir! Glad to have you with us. Since I already sent you an official welcome, I will simply say, "Welcome aboard" here as well.
  13. knotforsail 1

    From the album Hurricane

  14. The Streets Where I Live

    Nothing exciting here, unless you're also a Jimmy Buffett fan. I'm living on the avenue that's known as A1a.
  15. Punta Gorda Fishermen's Village

    'Tis in Punta Gorda... Suzi King and the Pirates of the Treasure Coast are putting it together. The website is It's Aug. 26-28.