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    Me interests include pirates o' course, an spendin' time wit' me pirate friends an foes.
  1. The Pirate Hunter's Smarter Brother!

    "Six times I've turned the crank on this box from hell," I cursed under my breath, "Who knew the blasted thing couldn't be cranked more than once a day!" I turned t' Stones an remarked, "Ye know the definition fer insanity?" Stones nodded, an I muttered, "Doin' the same blasted thing over an over again, an expectin' different results," as I turned the crank a seventh time. The sky fell dark an the sea began t' batter the ship. Above the roar an din, I shouted, "O' aye, this is different!" No floatin' mountains o' ice, this time. No crazy English captain wit' a crew o' armored warriors, wieldin' long swords, in sight. Nay, this time we'd been set down in the mother o' all storms. The crew scrambled t' avoid bein' swept ov'r board, as a giant wave crashed on the deck o' the Relentless. Someone screamed, in the distance, "It means t' return t' the bottom o' the sea!" I lurched towards the box an hoped I could send it back t' the bottom wit' out us.
  2. Tag, you're it. ;=}

  3. Happy Birthday Silkie!

    I hope yer day was filled wit' natal day celebrations. Best wishes (Please, no dancin' on the table tops this year!) Yers, Jacky
  4. Cool New Features

    Aye, Ransom needs t' learn a few new tricks...
  5. POTC 4 is at this time....

    I just finished readin', "On Stranger Tides." (Aye, I can read.) The story had no mermaids, Blackbeard didn't hav a daughter, an o' course no Jack Sparrow. So I'm guessin' the movie will stray a bit from the original story.
  6. Happy Birthday Rumba Rue!

    I hope yer celebratin' in grand pirate style, Rumba Rue! Fall is around the corner an I look forward t' seeing ye at one o' those south coast pirate gatherin's. Jacky Tar
  7. Happy Birthday Iron Bess!

    Just when ye thought it was safe t' go back in the water, a birthday shark's fin breaks the surface o' the water. On any other day he'd be sushi fer a pirate like Herself. But alas she's had one too many Mai Tai's, an this shark is ready t' strike our unsuspectin' pirate lass (below the water line). Now, while our Iron Bess is more than an even match fer any man, or beast, on dry land. No pirate can escape the birthday shark completely unscathed. Just remember luv, even though birthdays bite, yer friends will be there t' see ye survive another one. y.h.s. Jacky Tar
  8. POTC 4 is at this time....

    First... Thank ye Graydog fer yer post. I went late last week t' stand on line outside Sande Alessi Casting, fer the open casting call. I met several experienced extras: Chris, a werewolf from True Blood. James, an extra on CSI New York... or was it Miami... or both. Cory, a self trained drummer, and a bit tall t' be a British regimental drummer. Since this was my first casting call, I had no war stories t' swap. These fellas were genial, an seemed un-concerned wit' the long wait in line, an regaled me wit' their extra stories (which helped pass the time). After, we finally got into the casting office, and bared our chests in front of a green screen, we parted ways. On the way out I received the standard reply, "Don't call us, we'll call you... if yer selected."
  9. Are you STILL hanging on to that silly avatar? Makes me wonder if you've started wearing heavy gold jewelry and calling everyone "Fool!" ;=}

  10. If a mime falls in the forest, does he make a sound?

    1. michaelsbagley


      I'll ask my friend, he is a mime. I wish I was joking when I said this though.

  11. POTC 4 Casting

    Aye, mates the casting call is in Hawaii, sigh! Sorry lasses they be only lookin' fer men. Here's Sande Alessi's link: http://www.sandealessicasting.com/open-calls.htm Fair winds, Jacky
  12. W.A.G.-word association game

    Sinker (Hook, line and sinker... As in, swallowed it...)
  13. W.A.G.-word association game

    Hand basket (As in, going t' hell in one...)
  14. Happy Birthday Jacky Tar

    Iron Bess, thank ye fer yer post. I hope the clouds clear an things settle down a bit. Glad t' hear the mouse is still kickin'. I'll save ye a seat at the "Butt Kickin' Event", in Ojai! Silkie, thank ye fer the belated wishes. Captain Sterling, belated wishes in return. Eyes, nice t' know ye hav my back, mate. Remind me t' return the favor in Ojai! Thank ye, one an all! Jacky Tar
  15. Happy Birthday Jacky Tar

    A butt kickin'! I guess some people just can't take a compliment. "Bring it!" says I.