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    Sailing, reenacting, blacksmithing, homebrewing, cannons, boatbuilding, sewing and much more. I'm focused mainly on the 18th and early 19th centuries, but I do a little medieval, Civil War, and late 19th/early 20th century reenacting. In everything I strive for authenticity... It makes it much more fun and rewarding... (Plus, the clothes are cooler when they're RIGHT!)
  1. If you are interested in any of these items, please e-mail me at nlogsdon(at)att.net. Please don't "PM" me as it is difficult for me to keep track of. Here are a few reproduction swords that are for sale now: From the left, we have an 18th century smallsword. The hilt is cast exactly off an original. The sword is built for combat and can withstand competition-level fencing. It comes with a 2-year guarantee. Light as a feather! No scabbard. Safety button on point as per fencing rules. THIS SWORD IS ON SALE!! Was $395, now $300! Next up is an 18th century colichemarde smallsword. This is a really great example of a period sword. It is suitable for choreographed swordplay, but not rated for competition. Leather scabbard with brass throat and tip. $150. Next is a 1750-1800 period cutlass hanger. This is great for pirates, rev war, F&I and 1812. It is suitable for choreographed swordplay, but not rated for competition. These are super-nice swords!! Leather scabbard with brass throat and tip. $125. Lastly, we have a War of 1812-era dragoon sabre. Just in time for the bicentennial! It is suitable for choreographed swordplay and can be used to clack swords from horseback, but is not rated for competition swordplay. Steel scabbard. $125. All swords are ready to ship. Please figure in $15 for shipping, any sword. $20 will ship two swords to the same address. Personal Check, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard all accepted. Monmouth caps are back in stock! These are 100% hand-knit (by my wife) from 100% wool and felted (by me) until they are about 3/8" thick. These are super-warm hats and they'll repel water for a while, but then keep you warm even when they're wet! $40 each, plus $5 shipping. ‎1790's British Naval sailor's Jacket. Size 40. 100% wool, lined interior, working pockets, double-breasted. Brass anchor buttons. Entirely hand-finished. No visible maching-stitching! Priced to sell at $175. Personal Check, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard accepted. Add $6.00 for shipping
  2. Now taking PRE-ORDERS on new SWORDS!

    The smallsword has a 32" blade. About 38" overall. The cutlass has a 25.5" blade. Roughly 32" overall. Sorry, not at this time, but I'll post more as soon as I can. They are made of high-carbon tempered steel. We wanted these to be as usable as an original sword. (Remember though that "stage combat" is often harder on swords than actual wartime killing would have been, so it's really hard to make a fancy sword that can handle stage beating) They are usable for choreographed combat, but I don't recommend them for competition duelling. We do make smallswords swords for competition fencing and live combat. They're a little pricey, but they are usable for anything and they have a warranty. The warranty covers everything except blade breakage (because that commonly occurs to any sword in battle and/or competition.) If the blade breaks, we'll replace it at cost with a new one. These swords are incredibly light and great for any use. They come with a safety button on the point. We made a few of these with sharpened points and discovered that they were super-deadly! I am meticulous about the construction of these swords. There is absolutely no glue or modern materials used. The sword is constucted only with period smithing techniques. This sword is not only superior in every way to the other swords we carry, but also to many other swords on the market because it is built with authenticity AND functionality in mind. This sword is $395 plus $10 shipping anywhere in the USA.
  3. Hello folks, I'm taking pre-orders now on new quality swords that I will have in stock shortly. These swords are high-carbon tempered steel and are made to specific specifications taken from original pieces. I am accepting pre-orders now at a discounted rate for anyone who wants a great deal on a nice sword. Both styles come with a leather scabbard with brass throat and tip. Both swords are available in new white (shown) or aged patina for $10 more. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, personal check, and cash in person all accepted. Call (812) 606-1264 or e-mail nlogsdon(at)att.net to order! YOU MUST PRE-ORDER BY JANUARY 1ST TO GET THE DISCOUNTED PRICE!! Cutlass: Retail $125, PRE-ORDER AND PAY $100 plus shipping! Colichemarde Smallsword: Retail $150, PRE-ORDER AND PAY $125 plus shipping!
  4. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    Remember folks! Registration deadline is August 5th! We'd like to know how many to expect, so make sure you pre-register. You can also e-mail scanned copies of your registration form.
  5. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    As Mark said, yes, there is room for small boats, however the larger ones that attended POP will not be able to be used. We do have plenty of room for cannons though, so we can still keep that going. To give everyone a better idea of what we've got here, I'll share a few images of the property. These are pictures of the new location that we will be using in Charlestown, Indiana. I think you'll all really like it. It's a great place to enjoy yourselves and have some historical fun! These are pictures of the creek: This is one of the trails from the 200-year-old building to the field: This is the old mill ruins: (Mill burned in 1927) And, a couple of pictures of the Historic John Work House...
  6. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    Ok folks, we're getting somewhere now! The NEW REGISTRATION FORM is ready. PLEASE NOTE!!! IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED FOR PIRATES OF PAYNETOWN, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-REGISTER!! Registration form is available HERE: : http://freepdfhosting.com/284443d311.pdf
  7. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    Swimming in the creek... Probably no worse than swimming in Lake Monroe healthwise... Bear in mind though that instead of having a sandy bottom, the creek has lots of slippery, sharp rocks. If you come in contact with the creek, you do so entirely at you own risk. Watch for snapping turtles... I'm not sure how much public turnout we'll have this year due to the site swap and lack of advertising time and budget, but it will improve in the future.
  8. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    Actually, it is an island of sorts... It's called "Tunnel Mill" because there is a tunnel that connects the creek at the narrowest portion of the property between the two ends of the oxbow. That tunnel used to power the mill that used to stand on the property. Technically, I suppose it is an island that is attached to the mainland by a very long arch... LOL!!
  9. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    Rusty, That is very noble of you and I'll be happy to do that. It is very much appreciated! We'll use it toward the last-minute, frantic dash to advertize... Mission, I would say all systems are go. We are all in agreement that we're going to do this and we're doing it at this location. I think we're 99.99% positive on the name. I would say we could change the thread name to "Brigand's Grove - Formerly Pirates of Paynetown" or something along those lines... As for a hotel, there are none in Charlestown, but I think there are a couple in Sellersburg/Hamburg which would probably be closest. (About 10 minutes away.) One thing to be careful of... Most internet sites consider Prospect, KY to be the nearest large town to Charlestown, IN. Correct, it's only 6 miles if you don't mind swimming the Ohio River. There is no bridge and for some reason most internet mapping systems don't recognize that. So, DON'T get a hotel in PROSPECT!! It will put you about an hour away from the event even though it's only 6 miles because the nearest bridge is about 25 miles from us and Prospect is 30 miles from the bridge. Just an FYI...
  10. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    Google Earth "3709 Tunnel Mill Road Charlestown, Indiana 47111". There is a large crescent-shaped field across the road from the historic house. 14-Mile Creek wraps the field on three sides. That field and surrounding woods is the proposed location for the new event.
  11. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    As it expands, we're referring to the entire property at "Historic Tunnel Mill". The site is a National Landmark property owned by the Boy Scouts of America and leased under contract by my company, Taylor Rose Historical Outfitters. The Historic John Work House, a 200-year-old Federal building on the property is currently undergoing restoration and will be a headquarters for our company, plus a living history educational center and repository for historic skills and trades. The location was the site of a major industrial complex over 200 years ago, so there is a lot of opportunity for programming as we expand and re-build what was once there. We have a lot of acreage and a truly gorgeous location.
  12. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    Yes, there is running water in some areas, water buffaloes and porta-johns in other areas. (Don't worry, I take good care of reenactors!!) The showers will probably not be available by this year unless we get really busy between now and then... I wouldn't count on showers for 2011, but there will DEFINATELY be showers by 2012! Public turn-out will probably be low at first, but I think it will take off as the locals catch on and definately next year when we have a whole year to advertise it. We do have access to lots of Boy Scouts though and I'm sure we'll have a decent number of troops visiting us, even this year. (The Scouts are very well behaved around here, so it'll be a good experience I'm sure.) The property is already undergoing major improvements, so the site will only get better (it's already pretty awesome) and since this is a living history oriented location instead of a state park, we have the option of putting in some semi-permanent structures, terrain design, battlefield obstacles, etc should we so desire. There's also a 200-year-old building on the property that is suitable for hanging out in as well as raiding. If you're interested in being part of the PLANNING COMMITTEE, please let me or Michael know. Thank-you all for being so understanding and supportive!! Nathan
  13. Brigand's Grove - Aug. 13th & 14th

    Michael, Thank-you for handling all of this. Obviously, the collective group project hasn't been as effective as I had hoped. Now that things are getting a little less insane around here for me, I'm tying into this full steam as before. Thank-you for saving my tookus! For those of you who still need information, you can call me directly at (812) 606-1264. The registration deadline is July 15th. The registration fee is still $5.00 per person over 18. If for any reason, you cannot download the registration form, please e-mail me at nlogsdon(at)att.net and I'll e-mail you a copy of the registration form. Nathan BTW, if anyone other than myself and Michael are interested in helping keep this event going by volunteering a little time to help with promotion and planning, please let me know. It's getting too big for one person, but it needs dedicated people like Michael who will follow through with their offer to help!
  14. Pirates of Paynetown REGISTRATION

    Thank-you Michael... Capt. J, I have not finished processing the stack of registrations in front of me yet, however, if you sent it, then I probably have it. I'll try to finish those up and let you know that I have it. For the record, if anyone still wants to attend, we have extended the registration deadline to July 15th as we still have some spaces available... If you have further questions, call me at (812) 606-1264.
  15. August 13th,14th &15th, 2010 - Pirates of Paynetown

    The girl from Smoking Iron is Laura Dollinger. I'm not sure what her boyfriend's name is. I don't know the girl with Jack Salt either... In the tavern pic, from left to right are Parson John, Brandon Scott, Adam Mudd and Sarah Mudd.