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  1. The impact of piracy on economy.

    The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates (Hardcover) Peter T. Leeson I found this book on Amazon but have yet to read it. So I don't know if it is any good or not. Johnny Tarr
  2. Back in port once again

    Aloha to you all, I have come back to this island of refuge after one long cruise. The great news is that I am now indepentantly wealthy. The bad news is that I have depentants. LOL. Those of you that remember me come by and I will get you drunk. Those of you that want to know me come by and I will buy you a drink. Till then I will be on the beach in my hammock or at the Pub.
  3. "No" Ropes aboard.

    I thought rope designated any cord that did not move but then I am new to this sailing thing.
  4. I'm on etsy!

    Not only are you good looking your smart too.
  5. my" wettaugh " INSPIRED style short jacket

    Looks nice from the back and I like the pattern.
  6. I have a job!

    Sounds great, fair wind and calm seas to ya. Does the station have a webcast out? If so please get us the address I am certain that we would all love to hear ya.
  7. Disney World Pirate Actor dies

    You know things like this just suck. I mean you can understand a car crash or that kind of thing, but a slip and cracked head?
  8. for Brig & Mae

    You two ladies are just too darn cute.
  9. Alice in Wonderland at Comic Con 2009

    Looks like a lot of fun.
  10. Group wants to raise sunken schooner

    This is soooo cool.
  11. Happy Birthday Johnny Tar

    sounds like it could be a good time. thx
  12. I got a sailboat

    My boat is a 19th century design with a custom sail and mast so I can only give general advice. On mine, the traveler is a line attached to either side of the transom and going over the tiller. A line goes from the end of the boom to the traveler, back to the boom and along it to the half-way point. It then goes to the top of the centerboard truck and is controlled from there. When I was researching how to set this up I found that some boats simplify this setup and just run the line from the midpoint of the boom to the centerboard trunk. Mark Yep that is what mine does. It has a line that goes from the aft end of the boom to a pully half way up the boom, it then goes to a pully on the centerboard trunk, from there it goes back to the rudder for control. I just have to fix the centerboard and get it out on the water.
  13. I got a sailboat

    I have sailed a few time in the past but I am new to calling everything by their proper names. Lots of new ones to learn and wrong ones to forget. What really happened with all of this rigging problems is that I talked myself out of the right way of doing it because I got a "manual" that showed the traveler at the transom and not to the centerboard like it is on my boat.
  14. I got a sailboat

    Update!! Ok I knew how to step the mast and run the stays from the mast to the boat. I knew how to put the boom on and the sail. I have the manual for how to rig it but the manual is wrong for my boat. There is a line that controls just how far the boom travels and this is the line I have been having trouble with. Now I have figured out how to install that line correctly I thought I would take the boat out for a test run. Well that didn't go so well I found that the cable that keeps the centerboard up is snapped and I could not launch the boat. I could not launch the boat because the centerboard kept hitting the frame of the trailer. Now I need to fix that cable but to do that I need to figure out how to get access to the centerboard. So there she sits in drydock till I get it fixed.
  15. Free boat in Vista, Calif.

    Not bad Rumba not bad at all, but I will see your boat and raise you