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  1. Making a hat block

    Being perfectly round is not a problem at all. A hat jack will fix that issue quite easily. The shape of the crown is the important thing.
  2. Making a hat block

    You might want to look at ordinary clay flower pots for a crown shaper. They taper quite a bit, and can give you a nice Sugar Loaf crown shape. They vary quite a bit in size and degree of taper. I have made a couple of hats using them
  3. First Time Traveling to Key West

    This is a very good thing to look into. You won't regret it !!
  4. Salted Horse

    Quite a bit of info here :
  5. Salted Horse

    Salted Horse is a slang term used for any salt-cured meat. The term was often used by soldiers in a derogatory fashion when referring to their low quality meat rations. Actual salt cured horse meat is eaten in some Asian countries.
  6. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Facebook is a really terrible venue for anything important, because new postings push things down the page to eventually drop off the bottom to be lost forever. Things like kitten pictures, personal posts, etc. just load up the page, and eventually cause the important stuff to be lost. A forum style website like what we have now is far better where postings can be easily found for future reference. I know nothing of setting up websites, so it may be cost prohibitive, but I think social websites like facebook are worthless !!
  7. Rackham's skeleton

    Actually, real skeletons are not very durable. They don't stand lots of handling and manipulation very well. Plastic is a much better choice for prop use these days !!
  8. Baldric buckle options

    I would go with the brass one. If you give them a wipe with acetone to remove the protective lacquer, they will tarnish quite nicely over time, or you can help things along by giving them a wipe with dirty gun cleaning patches, after removing the protective coating.
  9. How to fly your colors?

    A Jolly Roger looks just fine loosely draped over a tent, or a nearby bush, fence, or tree, as if hung up to dry out in your campsite. It will set the theme for your area. Of course, it needs to be tied or pinned in place so it doesn't blow down. I have a 10 footer that I display that way sometimes. Looks great, and no need to bring any kind of flagpole. A flagpole sturdy enough to not blow down would be a real problem !!
  10. You in yar garb.

    Me new outfit..... Hope everybody likes it.
  11. Sword Reviews?

    I generally don't bother putting tips on the scabbards that I make. Never saw the need, other than for decoration.
  12. This is the main U.S. distributor for Pedersoli. They have parts available.
  13. New Swivel

    Hmmmm..... To my eyes, the mounting looks a bit flimsy. Hope it holds up.
  14. The Traveling Pyrate

    I covered this issue thoroughly in the "Lock Stock and Barrel" section of "Ship's Armory". Take a look at the pinned posting at the top of the page.
  15. ......and where is this wonderful event ?? City ? State? Country ???? Oooooops, I found it at the top of the page, in a gray font, and not very noticeable.....