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    Pyrating! Reality is that my great grand uncle: juan de Dios sierra was a pyrate in the early 1800's. He was born and raised in the caribbean in what is now known as puerto rico (at one time pronounced: porto rico, named by the spaniards because of pyrate treasures found there. it was of no value to the natives living there, they did not know its worth.) i grew up hearing stories of this man and his seven weapons, never leaving his side, not even while sleeping. his arsenal consisted of 3 pistolas, a cutlass, a small machete, and a baton. my family migrated to nyc (u.s.a.) in the 1930's. i was born and raised in nyc. my personal interests are martial arts (35 yrs, the majority being japanese, chinese and filipino), illustration (black ink my specialty), arts and crafts and various hobbies. ...i look much younger than my age and yes, i are single (and looking!) and proud to be an american pyrate! arhhh!
  1. a few new cutlass designs

    Thank ye lass!
  2. AHOY!

    Welcome lass, Dread welcomes ye... and since ye be buyin' the rum, Kidd welcomes ye too!
  3. AHoy All

    Aye, Since she's buyin', I'm drinkin'... ... and remembers who ye be drinkin' with... keep yer cutlass close and yer coins closer! Only kiddin' lass, you Arh among friends.
  4. a few new cutlass designs

    Ransom, Yer blade is simple and this I likes. who makes it? Kidd

    Aye... Me knew this "go daddy" wasnt a pyrate! ...and good thing, I wouldnt want to be on a sloop with the likes of someone I'd have to call "daddy". and more than likely the bilge rat would start screaming: whats my name? Thats 'bout the time "go daddy's" head would "go rollin".... I love the pub!
  6. In port again!

    Aye! I'm back... Gone a while and things 'round here sure have changed Mates and Lasssss! A new look I see... Been reading and glad to see some of ye ol' faces still about. New ones as well, Welcome to the sweet trade! And thank ye "calm water Gods" me name is still working, tis' wasnt fed to the fishees. That alone was a welcome home. ...and I uploaded my avatar from this "pc" thing and behold, it worked! Life is grand I tells ye! Gettin' ready to go to the Ren-Faire here in South Florida (Quiet Waters Park). Me family (who are no longer in South Florida) has a house we built (no, not a booth) at the Faire selling clothing, fine garments they be! We closed our costume/dance wear shop in Pembroke Pines after 27 years and they retired. Most of them moved to Tennessee and they be doin' the Ren-Faire circuit 'round the country. I'll join them when I can. For now I be a lone pyrate here in South Florida. Looking for more of me kind to "hang" with (maybe that wasnt the right choice of words!). Well, enuf talk Sea Wolves, Drinks be on me. Tis that Rum Me smells? I ARH Home Indeed! -Kidd Dread (or Dredd, both emails work!)
  7. Kidd Dread would like to know who's going to this Ren-Faire? Me family has set up shop (ren-faire clothing) and I will be spending much time there after work, walking around, taking in the sites, looking for whatever comes me way... I'd like to meet anyone from the Pub. It's been a long time and nice to be back. -Dread
  8. Dread's Adventure...

    i wents to walmart and while there passed the dvd section... ye would not believe what be in the 2 fer $10 giant bin. there was pyrate booty me tells ye, right there in front of both me eyes. -blackbeard, starring angus macfadyen: aye, i've read your reviews... me knows its not historically correct, but hell it be funner than doing nothing at all wid out rum or hangin' waitin' for the crows to pluck ye eyes out!... but wait, says me... it gets betterer! -buccaneers (never heard of this series in black and white), the adventures of dan tempest (robert shaw). this is a 3 disk set with 39 episodes of swashbuckling adventure, ships, swords and the like... all this on "talk like a pyrate day!" for $5 each! so the sweet little thing at the register asks: are you a pyrate? i replies with a question: did ye know that piracy is still punishable by hanging? She answers: no. then i looks at her, smile and says: well now, it wouldnt be a good thing to admit to.... cant wait fer tomorrow, i'm comin' home from work, putting on my garb and watching movies! now where is that salmagundi flavored popcorn?
  9. Seeking Pirates

    me had to come back and check the email notification box... otherwise how would me knows of any pyrates down me way? DUH!
  10. The Pirate Primer

    aye, a fine book it is.... i first read about it here thanx to jib! then i looked it up on this internet thing, then borders sent me a 25% off coupon and i went to the near by one and raided them for the book! love the insults. and sayin the truth it looks nice on the table here. i recommend the book to expand thou vocabulary! wait till ye sees the section on arrrgh !!!
  11. Seeking Pirates

    still lookin' for a group of pyrates in the south florida area, east coast, broward county... where do ye hide? cant believe there aint a one 'cept me! i didnt kill them all this time! ho-hum... ho-hum... tis a lonely pyrate's life for me....
  12. New Pirate Blog

    dread likes the blog and the site... good luck to ye! there be all types for all types... but lets not get defensive. i also love the petite and thinner ones ladd! i can lift them off the floor and carry them about in ways i wont be wantin' to mention here! arr!
  13. Back and better than ever...

    welcome to ye Thomas.... a name change once in a while aint bad. [lowering head] filch was a grand pyrate... but T Thomas is here, so let the new adventures begin! Arrrr!
  14. Hey Nonny, Nonny Players have boarded

    dread says welcome aboard lass... order yeself and ye crew a drink on me. i just came back after a long time away and the drinks will be flowin' good fer awhile...
  15. Intoducing myself...

    soldiergrrrl... i likes the name! dread welcomes ye to the pub!!!