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  1. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Well my, my.... it's still here. It brings a tear to me eye. Perhaps i'll stick around awhile and order an ale from the barmaid.
  2. How to "cock" a hat.

    So I made my own and they rock. Check it out. The Blank The Template. I used this to trim the edges fairly even and straight. A little chalk and a template. You're set. Trimming Ahh, the trimmings. Hides a lot. Freashly steamed! The Finished product. Tada!! All in all about 6 hours for the 2 hats.
  3. the Rescue of Jack Roberts

    Well it's been awhile since I've been on here. I guess it makes sense to place a fictional project on here. Please check out my short film. Starting to tell the backstory of my character Jack Roberts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM_Grokw2zA If you like this and want to help with part 2 check out the kickstarter page. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/420410318/the-rescue-of-jack-roberts-part-ii Thanks for watching!
  4. How to "cock" a hat.

    If it's just dirt, you can use a stiff bristled brush. Yes you'll have to work on it. For a real aggressive spot treatment you can use a cheap disposable razor and shave the felt. If you do the shellac treatment, that will also help resist dirt and almost wipe down like a leather hat. Hope that helps! If it's just dirt, you can use a stiff bristled brush. Yes you'll have to work on it. For a real aggressive spot treatment you can use a cheap disposable razor and shave the felt. If you do the shellac treatment, that will also help resist dirt and almost wipe down like a leather hat. Hope that helps!
  5. I love the PUB!

    Just wanted to say, I love you all! The Pub is like a second home to me. Chatting with all these everyone. Discussing things from the period. Missing those I've met and hoping to meet the others. What great fun. Lets keep it up! AHEM! (raising a glass full of something alcoholic) To those that are here always! And those that the Pub running! Here, here! (Drains me glass with one foul swoop) OK maybe I've had a bit much this evening, but my sentiment still stands. (Hic!)
  6. I love the PUB!

    MAUUahhhhhhAHHHAA.... time to to bring back this thread from the archives!!! Yes the feeling still rings true! And I'm missing FTPI.
  7. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    I'll add one with my new coat. And one with the little one.
  8. FTPI 2012

    Ooh I have a knife that could use some serious work Capt'n Bo....
  9. Couple of questions I was wondering about. In order to conserve some funds is the Fort providing any other meals other than the pig roast? (If so what ones.) Also we noticed that only one fire was allowed in camp. Would it be possible to have another at the opposite side? Also are braziers allowed? (I think they were in the past) Looking into to those myself. Anyways some thoughts. Let me know what we can bring. Thanks!
  10. FTPI Roll Call 2012

    Please also add to the Archangel crewe list, GiGi Parson "Double Shot" Dudley Thanks!!
  11. Some interesting pictures.

    Any bold (or rich) souls willing to purchase a copy. http://www.abebooks.com/products/isbn/9788477823520
  12. So I got this sweet hat blank....

    Have you checked out this thread... http://pyracy.com/index.php/topic/7412-how-to-cock-a-hat/ (Not so shameless plug) Now it's a tricorne style but the steaming is necessary for being able to shape it. So much of the process is valid for any shape or styling really.
  13. That "X" of cord on the side of a tricorn

    Looking at this from a practical perspective, I've made several "tricorns" and they won't hold there shape without some extra stitching to hold the brim in place. Now as to the "X" or not I'm not sure, but from experience in trying to hole the shape of a tricorne, stitching seems to help. I'm still interested in more evidence.
  14. swearing among pirates alike

    "vapoured" I like it. I must start using it in normal conversation. Then I watch for the confused looks.... One of late I've been inclined to use is "debased". I like that one.... " Vapoured and debased people they are, those pirates." oooh sounds so..... period.....
  15. MTA 2012- Congratulations crew!

    Crap, I'm lost as to what that was...... ...... oh wait now I think I remember.
  16. Flip!

    Nice, I shall have to scale the recipe back and try some. I've been working on period punches lately. As a side note I suggest Mr. Foxe you try to find a big American IPA. Not everything or everybody here drinks that passed water crap....
  17. accurate pen and ink for period writing

    I've also ordered his paper before and yes the content is very correct but I've noticed his "sizing" is a weak. The ink tended to bleed. (Sizing is a gletin coating placed on the paper to keep the ink from bleeding into the fibers.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sizing and here http://www.aboutbookbinding.com/Paper/PaperMaking-20.html Perhaps I obtained a rough batch or the like. If you ordered more please let us know how it turns out. I would like to know how others experiences are.
  18. accurate pen and ink for period writing

    Swashbuckler that is a Porta Crayon from the Wydah. http://jas-townsend....products_id=382 and William's Link above has one also. I have one and it's nice to have a portable writing option when taking notes for cargo and making manifests for the ship. The next implement would be a quill. While you can buy quills pre cut, I haven't found them to be of the best quality. Learning to cut your own is probably best. http://www.flick.com...lls/quills.html Here is a great site for learning how to cut a quill. It takes time and practice to get it right. (I'm still learning myself) As for the quills, I use turkey feathers from Micheals craft store. Then I temper them. (The process is described in the previous link.) Now to the ink. From what I've been able to gather the best and most widespread ink for the GAoP would have been Iron Gall Ink. http://en.wikipedia....i/Iron_gall_ink I've bought mine from here, http://www.oldworldink.com/index.html I can vouch for the quality and fineness. I use it for everything in my period handwriting. There are other ink recipes, such as crushed walnut hulls and the like. I've stuck with the Iron gall cause it's the most popular. I hope that gets you started. Post here if you have any questions. Enjoy!
  19. Punch

    Trying a rhum punch today! I'm doing more of the simple recipes first then I'll graduate to the more complicated milk and royal punches later.
  20. Punch

    Ok so here I'm going to show how I'm making a simple Brandy Punch. Fairly common for our time period in England. It's called Major Bird's Brandy Punch Ingredients for are: 2-----------------Lemons 1/2 cup---------- Raw Sugar I'm using Florida Crystals 1/2 Quart (16oz) - Brandy 1 Quart ---------- Water It seems that Rum would have been more common in the colonies. Limes were also used but considered somewhat inferior but being plentiful in the Carribean, were also used there and in the colonies. The receipe is from "Punch" by David Wondrich and is our kind of writer. He's pulled from as many period resources as possible. In the back of the book he claims Google Books for a references. Sweet! He also is of the opinion that the spirits were stronger in alcohol than today and varied much. He also prefaces that because of this punches would have to be tailored to fit the quality of ingredients. So on with the start of making a punch. This is half of the normal recipe, cause they're is only 2 of us. Begin with peeling your Lemons avoiding as much pith as possible. I used a vegetable peeler. After that take your sugar and lemon peels and muddle them. You want to break up the cells of the peels to release the oils. After you've worked at that for a spell you should see the oils on the sugar. This next photo shows the difference. Muddled Lemon peels and sugar on the right and untouched sugar on the left. Set this aside in a warm place for about an hour and let the sugar pull more of the oil out. After your "oleo-saccharum" has set for a couple of hours. Take 4oz of lemon juice and mix it in. Strain out the used peels and set them aside, we have plans for them. Mix the juice and oleo-saccharum well, try and dissolve as much sugar as you can. Next heat up 4 oz of water and grab your lemon peels. Mix the 2 and strain out the peels again. Now combine your Lemon water with your juice/oleo-saccharum and mix well. You should be able to dissolve all the sugar. Taste! Lemons vary so taste and see if you need more sugar. Add too taste, but remember you need that sour. Don't drown it in sugar you'll ruin the punch and make it too sweet. Now measure 16oz of Brandy. Take a sip to insure it's quality. Pour in your oleo-saccharum/ lemon juice. MIX AND ENJOY!!
  21. Punch

    Yes and yes! Punch can be served hot. Punch can be served with Arrack, and there are several recipes of Arrack punch. So much so, personally being on the PC side of things, it seems really popular for the period. One must must really purchase the book. Highly recommended for the recipes and research.
  22. Punch

    LOL! Sterling Jas, try Splenda in the Raw, not sure if it contains the molasses flavor but it might. This reciepe makes about 6.5 cups. Many servings for sure. Try and scale it down to see if the splenda works.
  23. Punch

    Conclusion.... I've cut back the water to 24oz instead of 1 quart(32oz) More water made the punch a little insepid. You may get away with a little more, but start with 24oz and work from there. Bear in mind punch isn't a cocktail, water is very necessary. It softens the palette and creates a great flavor. Otherwise it would be way too strong and over bearing. Try it, before you add your water give the liquor a taste. I tasted everything throughout the process so I knew what each step does. It helps to understand what an ingredient does in order to adjust things as needed. I also find that room temp or just slightly colder is best. If you fill a glass with ice and chill the punch down to cocktail temps you lose the nuances of the drink. I like slightly chilled but it's hard to keep it there without dilution. All in all it's a fantastic drink. Easy going down, when your done your first cup it leaves you wanting more. Absolutely marvelous. I now know why it reigned king for nearly 200 years. So whip up a batch and try it out. This was a half recipe, should be good for a couple of nights drinking. I've bottled up half of mine for later. Cheers!!
  24. Bobbin Lace Pillow

    Well Brig has put both feet into the craziness of bobbin lace. So I decided to make her a nice pillow that could be used at events and still be period. (at least period looking) First real woodworking I've done for reenactments. (and I'm not a carpenter) Take a look.
  25. Bobbin Lace

    As a follow up to the lace pillow I wanted to show off a completed piece from Brig. I attached it to the neckline of one of her shifts. Turned out fantastic!