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    Piracy. Certainly. Martial Arts, Pirates Tabletop by wizkidz, LARP, Reenactment, shooting my muzzleloaders and have always a lot of fun with good company.
  1. Gloved or protected hands

    Sorry, I disagree... Just take a look at fencing manuals (Ott, Hutton etc.) and you'll clearly see it is still in common. Period is early to late 18th. I just have the fencing manuals as .pdf, too large to put on my webspace, but, if wanted, I take some screenshots. Friendly blows, Jack
  2. Gloved or protected hands

    I guess there is. As far as my experiences in historical fencing there are many techniques to disarm the opponent or get his sword out of the line or occupied simply the left hand is used. The right hand, often protected by basket or hilt, is delivering an attack then with high efficienzie. Friendly blows, Jack
  3. You in yar garb.

    Visit us in Germany! We'll give you a warm welcome and a week of high adventures...:) Why not? Tally Ho, Jack
  4. You in yar garb.

    I like the last one. Ever thought about playing Liveroleplaying Pirate? Cheers, Jack
  5. Garb Progerssion

    I like picture 3:)
  6. Making a Hunting Sword/Cutlass

    Off Topic: If anyone needs such small cutlasses/ blades like the thing above: I have two to give away for free, one with a wooden grip, the other a not-so-nice replica of an USN boarding knife (civil war). Unfortunately, they're in Germany, but if you have contacts via the forces or so...feel free. Cheers, Jack
  7. Post yer colors, mates!

    On my wall I use this funny one: Jack
  8. Sword Carriage

    I hardly can imagine a cutlass simply worn in the belt without scabbard. it was/is sharp edged, so it will cut the belt within a short time or hurt people including the bearer. Baldric, belt scabbard, however. But naked...? Cheers, Jack
  9. my flintlock

    For most pirate reenacting flintlocks are the common guns, so no firecaps are used. They belong to a later era, civil war and so on. Your "gun" isn't a gun after all, it's a cheap cast wallhanger or a toy. Not usable for firing/igniting/crackling anything. It's much too dangerous, and if you run the lock too often it will simply break. Cheers, Jack
  10. Who's yer Johnny Depp?

    Welcome would be: Sean Connery (a little younger), Sean Bean Also possible: Jason Carter, Ewan McGregor NoGo: Steven Seagal, Mel Gibson I like this idea... Jack
  11. What shall we do with the drunken...

    The "Captains Dougter" is another word for the cat o' nine tails:) The gouvernours daugter indeen sounds more..enjoyable. New verses are not wanted, so I don't tell mine. cheers, Jack
  12. Axes and Knives

    Maybe that's because he's got his name... Great work. Unfortunately I'm not a craftsman at all.
  13. Iron Bess' new sword....

    Is it possible to get a larger image? Fair Winds, Jack
  14. Lego!

    I prefer Playmobil, but they never do any movie stuff. But, anyways, they do great pirate toys:) Is it available in the States? Fair Winds, Jack
  15. Rum

    I personally like Pussers and Gay Mountain (know, sounds...ahhh...well...), last is a golden barbados rum. As an everydays rum and in out tent pirates cocktail tavern (bookable for events) we use the "Ols Pascas", brown and white. I don't know it is available somewhere else than here in Germany. It is very smooth and a good cocktail base, 'cause the own flavour isn't that strong after all. Our favourite drink (in our customers opinion) is "Tortuga Libre", made of (cylindrical glass needed) 2 fingers high white rum, two fingers high brown rum, two fingers high lime, and, al last, two fingers high Coke. Unfortunately, we have not many quality rums over here. Most are "German Rum", which means cheap blends. Fair winds, Jack