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  1. Bay Point Buccaneers

    BPB forum removed, this (only) thread moved here (didn't want to trash the existing thread, therefore had to move it). Nothing to see, carry on.
  2. A few questions about the Pub.

    Honestly, I have no idea. But, I've removed the image with dates and replaced it with one that has no dates. It's not all that pretty but at least it's not, you know, dated. If someone affiliated with PoP wants to create and send me a 125 x 125px image with appropriate dating (and new images when dates change) I'll manage the swappage. I don't mind doing this occasionally; if this will require a weekly image change or somesuch I'd rather the image just be all "woo hoo, PoP is neat and attractive!" without dates so that the image never ever expires.
  3. A few questions about the Pub.

    So. All of the above said: Done. I have a head cold, my family has just moved into a new (to us) house, my two kids are reaching that point of summer where they're bored out of their minds. It's like 97 degrees outside with I'm not sure what to call it other than "holy crap humidity" and I'm grouchy. >:| I got started here because my boss said the pub needed an admin, and asked if I'd be kind enough to do it. Ta da. This information is available to you by clicking on the "members" link underneath the banner ad at the top of the page. On the page that loads, at the very bottom, where you will see the word "Showing" and then a series of dropdown menus, select "Captains" from the first dropdown menu (which defaults to "All members" and then press go. Also, I have no accounts or aliases on this board other than this one. Just to clear that up. :)
  4. A few questions about the Pub.

    Ahoy. I'm here to handle the technicals, and the occasional grumbles. By and large I do not and will not take part in this community. It's not you guys; it's me, and it's not because I somehow dislike y'all or because I'm too busy sitting atop my ivory admin tower eating peeled grapes and scoffing at commoners. Quite the contrary, I'm consistently impressed by the community here. I'm not large with the touchy-feelies so I'll stop there before I make myself blush, or worse. In short (or not, maybe) managing the 'back end' of the pub was handed to me by my boss a little over a year ago. I'm not here to be part of the crowd; I occasionally poke my head in but by and large we have a group of outstanding moderators who are active members of this community, and we trust them to do the jobs they do so well. If you need me, PM is the way and the light (insert choir noises here). I'm here in this thread because a PM arrived asking me to read it. I may not always reply to every PM because I get an unholy butt ton of PMs with urgencies of varying degree, but every issue that lands in my inbox gets read and acted upon if it is at all possible to do so. I apologize for what seems to be inattentiveness on the part of I, your humble admin. The issues raised in this thread are indeed news to me; I will be more than happy to tackle them. Please send me detailed PMs on what exactly is not working (telling me "my subforum is broken" is not enough info) and the result you expect. That result may or may not be feasible, but it will certainly be heard and if at all possible, implemented. Group hug?
  5. New admin in town

    I'll be glad to add your crew. It won't be immediate, though, I'm busier than a one legged Booty in a Booty kicking contest today. You and I need to chit chat a bit regarding the terms of Crew-ness, and I'll need to change a few things around. So don't get shirty if it takes me awhile to get back with you, aight? :)
  6. New admin in town

    Which group, and are there any reasons you can think of why the group should/shouldn't be added?
  7. New admin in town

    Greetings. I'm the new pyracy admin. I work with/for BloodyBuckets as my actual job, and he's asked me to come aboard and help him out. You probably won't find me hanging out and posting socially all that often. I'm here to assist with things like subscription validation, forum structure (you may have noticed some threads moved and a new mod added), and behind the scenes tech stuff. So, right. Ahoy! You're an interesting lot, and I'm glad to help.
  8. The Pyrates Way

    She called at the same time as I saw this thread. Interesting coincidence, thought it worth mentioning. It turned out to be a discussion about advertising. *shrug* I don't do politics.
  9. The Pyrates Way

    I've heard from Kim, and I'm talking to her.