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    'Twixt the Tigris and the gates of Xerxes' empire
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    I like rum, guns, good food, knives, exercise, and spending time with my beautiful wife and daughter. Not necessarily in that order

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Well let's see. It all started with a summer job as a Calico Gunfighter. Then an assignment to the 11th U.S. Cavalry's horse detachment, and it just kinda snowballed from there. I'm mostly into military reenacting (BTW I'm dying to get some folks together to reenact the 24th Regiment of Foot circa the Zulu wars FYI I know where we can get Martini-Henrys on the cheap) with a focus on the War of Northern Aggression and U.S. Cavalry circa the Indian Wars. I just recently discovered a family bible that mentions an ancestor hanged in Nassau for pyracy. So I thought I'd give this a whirl too.