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    'Twixt the Tigris and the gates of Xerxes' empire
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    I like rum, guns, good food, knives, exercise, and spending time with my beautiful wife and daughter. Not necessarily in that order
  1. Tsunami Kate

    Aye, I'll have me some of that as well
  2. Tsunami Kate

    I do love me some good kutbah
  3. Sea of Thieves

    Aye and you as well Captain. I'll be in and out more frequently the days, perhaps we can fix up the Dog or the Lucy and have them sail again someday
  4. Sea of Thieves

    Ahoy captain! It's okay, nothing to write home about. The sailing is pretty realistic, the sword fighting is kind of hard, and the missions are repetitive. I was more excited the first couple of days
  5. Sea of Thieves

    Any of you other swabs playing this on Xbox? Just started playing today, looks interesting.
  6. Welcome aboard!

    Thankee Capt, the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
  7. Welcome aboard!

    Indeed, it's good to be back. Does Capt Brand still frequent this pub?
  8. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy. Some of you know me, most probably don't. It's been years, but at last I've found my way back to home port. Cheers.
  9. Cutlass Set

    Beautiful, just beautiful
  10. The Latest in Bacon

    I admit it gives me a chuckle to picture William: knife betwixt his teeth, M4 in hand, and an assault pack full of tactical bacon.
  11. A story to find your muse again . . .

    The ships guns roared again, but this time they were answered.
  12. A story to find your muse again . . .

    Those who had thrown their weapons to the deck now retrieved them and regarded the lone Frenchman with blood thirsty smiles.
  13. A story to find your muse again . . .

    Suddenly, all Hell issued forth from the ship's gun deck and tore into the approaching Frenchmen.
  14. The Watch Dog

    "Bill Flint's the Devil 'imself an' he's sent this squall ta send us to the bottom!" Jonas McCormick exhorted his nearby mates. "Down below laughing at us he is" someone else agreed " 'S not natural him up and about like he is" said a third Suddenly Jonas was struck with inspiration. "Fetch Flint to the deck, tell him the Cap'n wants to see him". Jonas smiled "Wot's in yer head?" one of the men asked. "I was just thinking, wouldn't it be a cryin' shame if the good Master-a'-Arms were swept over the side in this blow?" "Aye that it would" and McCormicks smile spread among them.
  15. A story to find your muse again . . .

    "Seulement pour ces deux mes amis, tous vont d'autre selon le projet. " the strange man who seemed to be leading the mutiny replied.