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  1. Sea Shanties with different words

    Legally, probably none (at least if it was a traditional song). Depending on the event and how many people know and love a specific song, perhaps some disappointed people, but they're probably too uptight about the "purity" of the songs. Even during the age of sail there were different versions of shanties. A great example of this is "Spanish Ladies", which was adapted from British Sailors to all sorts of others, such as 'yankee whalermen' and many others. Additionally, in period there were many tunes that were used for different songs, such as "To Anachreon in Heaven", who's tune was put to the "Star Spangled Banner". The only possible tricky part is if you find a song that appears to be traditional, but is actually a modern and potentially copywrited song. There are many passed off as traditional that are just decades old.
  2. Where have all the pirates gone?

    It's great to see a few recognizable screen names back here. For probably the last year there have been about 3-4 of us who occasionally make sure the others are not sewn into their hammocks yet.
  3. The Pub...past, present and future.

    I'm glad to see that there may be a future for this pub. I was literally in tears when I heard she was going to be taken down years ago, but occasional checking kept my spirits up since. I think one great way to get people back is just to reach out to as many pirate reenactment/entertainment groups as possible and let them know it's still here. Many people, even if they've transitioned to different things through the years, still keep in touch with at least a couple of friends they've met through these interests and the word will spread. I'm happy to pitch in a couple of doubloons as well if that becomes an issue (and very happily will buy another T-shirt or similar swag). Beyond being an admin for a large community facebook page, I don't have much skill in that way, but if a server makes reviewing applications/accepting or denying them somewhat foolproof, I'm happy to help out as much as I ever can. I can also help moderate forums and delete spam, etc. So, if more people are needed in that way, please let me know. Arrrgh!
  4. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    It's great to see a possible resurgence of this pub. At least she hasn't been scuttled yet!
  5. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Well, I'm still this side of the sod as well. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who drops anchor here occasionally.
  6. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I agree, William. It's hard to have a long running historical topic that can be referenced and added to as additional research is presented. Facebook is great for keeping up with friends and people who share a passion around the world for what they're doing recently, but a pain to search in to the 'archives' as it were.
  7. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I just have to say. Over two years of 'The Pyracy Pub is Closing' comments almost makes me feel like it will never die. Yay! Obviously, the effective topics are pretty much defunct these days, but at least they're searchable for research purposes. Arrrgh!
  8. Where have all the pirates gone?

    I still linger in this port longer than is probably necessary. It's always fun to check in every couple of weeks to small, sporadic messages from old friends.
  9. Just dropped by to say Hi.

    In this climate, I'm a big fan of plastic myself. It's enough work just maintaining what little wood there is onboard (as I have my wooden main hatch in the garage getting an overhaul). She's a very heavy built fiberglass boat with some classic lines reminiscent of friendship sloops, at least from the waterline up. As for single handing her, it really isn't too hard. But then she is just 30' on deck so jumping around like a monkey isn't too difficult (until I'm tripping over the offspring). The design is blue water worthy, though my boat would need so many upgrades as to make it impractical and definitely beyond my pocketbook. But she's just perfect for the inside passage (and I'd imagine would be at home in Puget Sound as well), and I wouldn't hesitate much to take her on some coastal passages (of course, there are upgrades and modifications that would be advantageous even for the port hopping offshore---hmmmm why do self tailing winches need to cost so much?). Here's hoping for a mild winter down your way as well.
  10. Just dropped by to say Hi.

    Well, I doubt I'll get down that far south anytime soon, but if you make it up around Point Retreat, I'll sure stand you a pint. Also, most of my sailing is single handed with the cutter rig, though I do admit that tacking can be tricky in lighter winds, as I usually have to run forward to hand the jib around the cutter stay. However, with the stays'l set, that becomes much less of an issue, especially as that's the last sail I pass when tacking, so it helps the jib slide right up through the gap. Currently, however, she's winterized and I'm starting in on one of the many winter projects for this 40 year old gal... Fair winds!
  11. Sea of Thieves

    I generally don't get much action playing with my navel, but I have played Naval Action quite a bit. Not much of late due to my kids restricting my schedule and the game just taking some dedicated, uninterrupted time.
  12. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Then begs the question of whether Condent's men wore bucket boots when riding the Portuguese monks. Though I suppose the print of it shows shoes, so that's a joy kill...
  13. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Yep, it's just a bare bones crew while the pub is in ordinary, preparing to be broken up (yet somehow mercifully saved from the breaker's yard to date). I too still have that T-shirt and it's held up rather well. Long live the Pyracy Pub! Arrrgh!
  14. Alas...

    And which crew would that be? The admin/moderators of this here pub, or one of the specific pirate groups worldwide? And especially if it is the organizers of this masterpiece of pyratical knowledge (both contemporary and original), are there truly murmurings of reorganizing and continuing on with the traditions? It would be grand if it were the case.
  15. No Better Place To Be!

    Agreed. I'm quite happy that this pub is still around today, as I expected it to close down a year ago. I just keep checking back to see when that dreaded day will come, hoping it doesn't. I already miss the camaraderie that has been built around this pub over the past decade and a half. I wonder if that's any sort of record for a group such as this! Perhaps it should be placed on the internet's list of historic places and receive federal funding for continued existence? Well, one can hope...
  16. Woodes Rogers Correspondence

    Project Gutenberg has a lot of great, free resources.
  17. No Better Place To Be!

    Agreed. Except if you bring up the dreaded 'bucket boot' debate...then things can get messy
  18. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Ha ha ha! Probably the oldest debate on this site. By the way, what timeframe were these done?
  19. 18th Century Whaling for Oil

    What are you looking for specifically? In the later 18th Century, the south sea fisheries was beginning to be used for the whalers, though plenty of whaling was still done in the north Atlantic. So, while Moby Dick is set later in the early to mid 19th Century, Melville's experience on a whaler dates a couple of decades earlier, and the real life ship, Essex, which was sunk by a whale went down in the 1820's. Essex was small for a whaling ship of that time, and was in fact launched in 1799. So the experience was probably not a whole lot different than in the latter 18th Century. However, for more specifics I would recommend contacting Mystic Seaport, the Nantucket Whaling Museum, or the New Bedford Whaling Museum (at least for American whaling history-and I'm sure they can point you in the right direction if you're looking for other nationalities). Hope I helped.
  20. Singing Prop - What to Do?

    This is probably the wrong page for this inquiry. However, a lot depends on your boat, your engine, what the prop is, and what's causing the 'singing' (vibration, change of engine effort to create the RPMs, etc.). I'd recommend going back and looking in to the solutions provided on the cruiser's forum, or consult a marine mechanic or architect. There are a lot of factors, and 'singing' is not a very helpful description of a problem. Ultimately though, does it propel the boat and is it causing damage?
  21. Pirate fantasy?

    Tons of pirate fantasy stories out there. Treasure Island is a classic, both book and many movies. Really, just check your local library, bookstore or online and there are plenty of fictional pirate stories in book, film and plays. Heck, I've got well over a dozen children's books about pirates for my kids (I've even got more than one pirate Christmas book for them). Most pirate books these days are fictional to a high degree, unless you're reading academic sources (and there are a number of those out there as well). There really is no lack of fantasy pirate stories, as they've been produced in great quantities for well over the past century. Hope this helps, but I'm surprised that you're not able to find anything even on the internet. Additionally, the Pirates of the Caribbean films began over a decade ago, so they're really not the driving forces anymore. Probably Black Sails has more influence these days. I could probably be more helpful if you were more specific about what kind of stories you're searching for. Are you looking for fiction using historical characters? Out of time pirate stories? Space pirates? Pirates vs. Ninjas? Gingerbread Pirates? Plausible yet still fictional pirate stories? I could make recommendations for all these categories and more. If you're just looking for nautical in general, I can help out there as well (can't go wrong with Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series or Forrester's Hornblower series). Good luck.
  22. What wool fabric for medieval joined hose?

    I've found Kass to be quite knowledgeable and helpful over at Reconstructing History. They do have some medeival patterns, and if you email them with questions I'm sure you'd get a knowledgeable reply. I, however, am far from an expert in that area.
  23. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I'm glad to hear he's backing up the databases. Would it possibly be available one day on a thumb drive, CD or DVD for reference? It might not be a huge calling, but there are some here that would love to be able to look back over the decade of compiled information (especially that which is cited). Even for a nominal fee, and with no specific research or project in mind, I'd be interested in something like that. You know, when you speak to him next...
  24. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Well, it's nearing mid October and she still seems to be afloat, albeit seeming like a ghost ship these days. It's still something I open up once in a while out of habit and nostalgia. Cheers to all my shipmates at the pub throughout the years. Coastie04
  25. Salted Horse

    For the salt cured horse meat in asian countries, how is it salted? I read that most of the salt in Asia was traditionally transported and used as a brine (such as fish sauce, soy sauce, etc.) instead of as dried salt. Would that still have similar curing properties? Or would it essentially pickle the meat in a salty brine?