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  1. Salted Horse

    For the salt cured horse meat in asian countries, how is it salted? I read that most of the salt in Asia was traditionally transported and used as a brine (such as fish sauce, soy sauce, etc.) instead of as dried salt. Would that still have similar curing properties? Or would it essentially pickle the meat in a salty brine?
  2. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    If you're looking at heaven/hell, often when I've seen the superstitions, Fiddler's Green is more of a paradise/heaven than Davy Jones' Locker. Some myths state that Davy Jones' Locker is where sailors go if they die at sea, while Fiddler's Green is where they go if they die on land. I generally don't hear of Davy Jones' Locker being necessarily bad, but it isn't the utopia and 'holiday' that Fiddler's Green is made out to be. So if you want to use them as heaven/hell, it would be easier to have FG = Heaven and DJL = Hell. At least that's my two cents worth.
  3. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    Yep, I check it every so often when I'm actually at my computer. I hope that it's because the information is somehow being compiled and saved, but most likely just waiting for the licenses (or whatever contract term is used for a webpage) to expire.
  4. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    Yet she's being towed to the breaker's yard...
  5. Farewell Twill

    Does this mean I can now go to reenactments in a leather tricorn and bucket boots with a scantily clad 'female pirate', calling myself Captain Twill? It's not like anyone can check my research anymore if I just have a bunch of random pyracy pub on my smart phone to show them :) Oh, and ARRRGH!
  6. Because I still can (apparently)

    Pyracy Pub 2003-2017 Just had to get that extra year in for the record books.
  7. Farewell Twill

    Fair winds and following seas. "Oh better that her shattered hulk should sink beneath the waves, Her thunders shook the mighty deep and there should be her grave. So nail to the mast her holy flag; set every threadbare sail, And give her to the God of storms, the lightning and the gale."
  8. The Way Ahead

    Well, in good sailor fashion, I assumed the best, but prepared for the worst.
  9. The Way Ahead

    Moderators of said facebook group might want to have a couple of 'canned' answers to common questions filed away in a word document so that they can just be cut/pasted when those inevitable questions arise. You know: bucket boots, proper flags and why pirates say "arrrgh" all the time. Unfortunately we can no longer cite/link
  10. Secret Gift Exchange 2016

    Well, as it looks like it might just be the 3 of us (unless Duchess is holding out on some other names), I wouldn't mind sharing all of the addresses and sending 2 gifts. Also, she did say that she would have the PMs sent by December 1st, so she's still got some time to stay on schedule.
  11. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    The way I understand it, it would require purging all of the personal information so that it doesn't get hacked. I've heard that's harder than it sounds (I don't know, maybe it would delete posts from the user if their profile was deleted?). I'll trust the gurus that know much more than I about these things. I'll still be happy to lend what coins I can spare to see it done properly.
  12. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I agree with this. For those who know better than Cascabel and myself (and I believe that there was a suggestion by Michael S Bagely -if I'm not mistaken- on Facebook), what is the best way of preserving the information that has been collected here throughout nearly a decade and a half? If there is a way to copy the information and make a new, non-forum searchable reference webpage with all of the Twill topics, I'd gladly spare some silver to see it done. Heck, I wouldn't even need the T-shirt or stickers this time (though, a crowd sourcing fundraiser with those same T-shirts, stickers, etc. as incentives would be another idea for raising necessary funds for creating a new reference pub). Please don't let all this knowledge evaporate; I haven't had time to read it all yet!
  13. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    As for selling it, my proposal was merely to keep the information in some form and offset the actual costs of doing so (such as the physical CD(s) or other information storage device and shipping), plus possibly a tiny pittance to whomever actually did the work to keep the information available in some format. As for other locations, I'm sure I don't have nearly all of them, but there is a Pyracy Pub facebook page, plus I often keep up to date on many related topics on the facebook pages Historical Sailing Ships and other Maritime Marvels, Authentic Pirate Living History, Maritime Archaeology, and No Quarter Given (which originally printed a great little magazine that was somewhat a basis for the original pyracy pub, as mentioned above by Fox). Hope to see you on those fascinating, new, but not always better cyber seas. Coastie04 aka Michael Lamonica (for facebook recognition)
  14. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I'll definitely lament it as I would the burning of a library. Although there is much misinformation here (especially from a decade ago when we were just bringing historical reenacting of piracy more mainstream instead of just SCA/entertainment groups), there is a huge wealth of searchable information as well. It would be great if we could save just the captain twill section somehow and possibly even sell it for a reasonable price to those who would want to keep it as reference. Unfortunately, I'm more at home on the ocean than on the cyber seas, otherwise I'd volunteer to do that work myself.
  15. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    After 13 years of thorough enjoyment and education, I will be shedding more than one tear at the event. It really has become a wealth of knowledge, and I will miss many of the friends whom I have met, at least on the cyber seas. Hopefully many of them will continue on with the facebook page and other sources. Cheers to all the moderators throughout the years!