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  1. Pyracy at work

    I run a historical Nautical chart web site and server.
  2. Pirate needs some pants....

    Reconstructing History
  3. movie quotes game

    Fright Nite?
  4. movie quotes game

    Yep its Beetlejuice. And now I'll get out of the way...
  5. movie quotes game

    feh Im starting a new Quote, try and stop me! "My life is a dark room. One big dark room"
  6. Google Earth now ready for GAoP navigation

    Not to be used for Navigation.
  7. Coats

    True, I was shot down seconds later.
  8. Coats

    Now that, thats a coat.
  9. What are you doing right now?

    Playing Age of Mythology while contractors put my new kitchen in
  10. What's your favorite bird?

    Clearly I have to go with Hawks.
  11. ^, <, V

    ^ So many to choose from. Hmm Ill go with Carhenge! Yes carhenge nebraska, its a stonehenge replica made out of cars. How could I not go there?! < Mostly retired now, but I was a National Park Site Bagger. V Favorite National Park
  12. movie quotes game

    This thread is sleeping again. Give us more hints or something William. Its some christmas movie. Umm "Scrooged" ?
  13. I'm on a cat litter...

    Being on cat litter is way better than being in cat litter.
  14. ^, <, V

    ^ just my heart baby, just my heart. (sorry that was too easy) < saw an excellent korean monster movie yesterday, "the host" V foreign films: prefer subtitles, dubbed or stick to hollywood.
  15. movie quotes game

    Silent night, Deadly night? (no I dont think its that, I just like the title)