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    Middle Eastern Dance, Painting, Costuming, Drawing, Web Design, Music, Gentlemen scoundrels, Cats, Gardening, Recipe Hoarding, Traveling, Bean with Bacon soup, and anything Vanilla.<br /><br />I'm also a Wellness Consultant. If you get tired of being sick and tired, contact me. I've got some wonderful things to share with you :-)
  1. Pew turns 38!

    Aye! Wishing you a most happy birthday. 'Tis a perfect day to play hookie down at the local pub. Cheers!
  2. I'm am floored by the recent generosity of strangers...

  3. Happy Birthday my dearest love. We have had so many amazing years together and I'm looking forward to 5 times as many more. You are the wind in my sails. Thank you for your constant encouragement and support, and for always making me laugh. Thank you for liking all the things that I like, and for not pretending to be anything you aren't. I'm so very happy to continue sailing this ship with you! All my love and admiration, Maeve O'Treasaigh
  4. Woot! It's a good day. I think the planets are aligning. :-)

    1. oderlesseye


      Eye wonder ifen Eye will ever meet ye ~

    2. Maeve O'Treasaigh

      Maeve O'Treasaigh

      Lol. If'n I'm lucky, it could be soon. :-)

  5. No results yet. I go Tuesday to find out.

  6. is maybe not QUITE so jealous that William is at Fort de Chartes sweating bullets in the humidity and breezeless air...

  7. Fort De Chartres - June 2010

    Captain J is going to try to do a Skype set-up tomorrow with his computer and wants to know who's interested in having a live conversation with the camp. This is our way of saying hello to anyone who couldn't make it.
  8. The Watch Dog

    The smell of food at once made her queasy even as it awoke her intense hunger. And though she ached to simply make her report to Captain Lasseter and be done with it, she could not brush away his polite and unspoken imploring for just a bit more time before giving him news he did not wish to hear. Also, not understanding the politics in the room and whether or not they had any understanding of Preston's condition, she prudently kept silent. Empathy and sympathy both tempered her response. "Of course, Captain", she said, approaching the proffered chair. "Thank you", she added, and sat, even as Captain Lasseter pushed in her chair. Maeve ate slowly and uncertainly, not sure if her stomach would betray her, giving it time to settle, even as part of her wished to scarf her meal in a most unladylike fashion. She listened politely and intently to the conversation as it picked up around the table of strangers, saying little.
  9. Happy Birthday to William Red Wake!

    I suppose I've got to get up MUCH earlier in the morning if I intended to be the first one to wish my love the happiest of birthdays. I am grateful to have you as my lifemate, grateful to have been an integral part of your life for yet another year. I look forward to all of the rest of our years together with hope, love, gratitude, and joy. Happy Happy Birthday! :-) You're a true gem!
  10. Web design???? I may be needing your aid! How are you darlin? Miss you!

  11. The Mercury Flag

    I'm biased, but I LOVE IT! :-)
  12. Howdy Darlin!!! How have you been? Been missing you...Big Hugs

  13. *Giggles* Pokes back....How are ye darlin..We need to chat so I can come up with a good post on the Dog...Medicine is not my

  14. Tsunami Kate birthday brought this place to a screeching halt. :-( I guess there was an overload of sweetness. Sorry! Can we order up something hearty and salty?