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  1. Things overheard at FTPI 2012

    I love ye guys!
  2. Hampton Blackbeard Festival 2013

    OH well done ye... wishing ye much success with this..
  3. Some interesting pictures.

    Question... can some one point me in the direction of the summary of this painting that says it is of a sea captain? NAIVEU, Matthijs The Cloth Shop 1709 Oil on canvas Stedelijk Museum, Leiden as compared to Frans Van Mieris’s “Cloth shop” much obliged...
  4. Happy Birthday Captain Jim

    Many happy returns
  5. Things overheard at FTPI 2012

    "I get syphilis regularly..." ~ Israel Cross, Bosun, Archangel oh joy....
  6. Happy Birthday Stynky!

    Many happy returns of the day! Was grand to see ye again.
  7. Name the Captain

    Just post em here, much obliged
  8. Name the Captain

    Right...we shall leave it up to the Mercury, then, to get it wrong... any way a few dates would be helpful if possible.
  9. Name the Captain

    Oh I reckoned as much...t'is always nice, though, to have someone get it right for the sake of the crowds...
  10. Name the Captain

    It does not matter who ye take her from, what matters is what ye do with her after ye have her... ye could have taken her from the queen of Sheba...if ye do not take the necessary steps to return her to her owners, yer actions could still be judged as pyracy....and just for the record, the proper address fer the time from would be ' your honour', not necessarily a lord presiding over the court session ..
  11. Name the Captain

    Ah the English cutter, now that would get my attention ...I could not give a damn over how many Spanish ships ye have harassed
  12. Name the Captain

    I am sure everyone is doing what they can.
  13. Name the Captain

    Any chance this will be done prior to this weekend as mention was made of getting such information to me as soon as possible? I need to write examinations, depositions, etc..etc... Well, I've been doing some work on the background of Capn' Richard Southard (pronounced South-erd) for the upcoming paperwork and materials to be used at trial. I'm currently making 'bills of lading' and 'letters of marque' for our good captain. Nothing overtly dramatic, but detailed papers that can be used as props for education and dramatic demonstrations. I think Capn' Richard should be a simple man of the sea, firmly set with roots in the working class.
  14. Happy Birthday Grymm

    Wishing ye a very happy birthday
  15. Birthday Wishes to Mr. Braze

    A most happy birthday to ye