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  1. j8ksdad's new cutlass

    Any chance you can let me know when they're available? I have one right now just like this but with a hickery handle. A few questions for ye then: How long is the sword? Does it come with a scabbard? And much are ye asking? I was going to PM you but the forum didn't let me.
  2. j8ksdad's new cutlass

    Any chance you can let me know when they're available?
  3. ClipClocks await you at Ojai!

    Nuts, is that this weekend? I was going to spend the days at estate sales and the Pasadena flea market looking for steampunk kit. If I make it to the fair I'll certainly visit the booth.
  4. Calico neckerchiefs sutible for GAoP?

    When I went looking for calico I coudn't help but notice that actual block-printed fabrics skew very heavily toward feminine prints: Also, try contacting odettelabelle<at> who sells under the name Chien Noir Trading Co If you're female that's all well and good, but as a dude it was really a bother. My solution was really more of a stroke of luck than anything. My gal and I went to Little India in Artesia, California for unrelated reasons and there I stumbled upon a wall full of block printed calico sheets and pillowcases in a store named Cottage Arts. Their selection suffered from a similar fate as the websites above: a bit too feminine. The prints were really nice, really affordable, and really in front of me (rather than on a distant webstore) though. I struggled with the notion that perhaps these prints weren't period enough, but ultimately decided they were close enough to some of the prints I've seen. I found a sheet with a color palette that I liked and bought it regardless of the flowers. As it turns out, against a masculine look the print works just fine. I've since converted the neckerchief into a bandana and it can be seen here in all its blue and yellow finery: I know your question was really more about finding one that is period correct rather than what my diatribe addresses. More to your question then I suggest you choose a print you like that isn't too busy, that doesn't use too many colors, that isn't overly paisley, and that looks period to you. There are very few eyes discerning enough to know what a true period calico would look like, so get something that you think works and just rock the look.
  5. Flintlock key chains

    Tis a shame they sell only by the dozen.
  6. News of ships found

    Booty "worth over 100 million dollars" and they're going to let it close down in a week and a half? I would think this is one of those things that pays for itself.
  7. Looking for period designs

    I have a scabbard that needs a design tooled into it, anybody know any good sources of simple period patterns, motifs, or artwork? I ask for simple because it'll be my first time tooling anything. I'm picturing sea creatures, shells, ships, anchors, detailed letters or initials, or anything sort of nautical or period themed. I've been doing Google searches and I've found a few things I like, but I'm hoping to find some sort of motherlode of designs. It seems that most of what I find is Celtic and I'm trying to steer away from that.
  8. Well then, show yer weapons...

    I'm still in the market for a few more additions to all this. I'm hoping to get a rifle, a belaying pin, and an actual knife or two.
  9. favorite pirate punishments yay!

    Me favorite pirate tortures be tying a swab t' the mast and hurlin' bottles at him and the practice o' ridin' on the shoulders o' friars 'til they drop. As fer corrective measures fer me mates, I favor maroonin' wayward souls.
  10. A billhook for B. Pogue

    I finally hired me the blacksmith 1stMateMatt t' forge me a billhook. We mets face t' face in Studio City whereby I took possession o' the blade. Says I that 1stMateMatt be a fine swab. Once I had the billhook in me grasp I was o'erpowered by the notion that there weren't no ways to affix the blade to me person, 'cept tuckin' in into me belt. Tuckin' works fine fer some some places, but others want steel t' be "peace tied" so I knews I needed me a way to secure the thing. Me solution were to consult with that ol' salt Hervey Garrett Smith. With The Marlinespike Sailor in one hand and leather cord in the other I proceeded to fashion a plaited sennit as a belt loop and secured it to the scales with a common 3-strand cockscomb, an' fer good measure I clapped a runnin' turk's head on either side o' the cockscomb. I'm puzzlin' out if I want t' fashion a sheath cover fer the steel so it looks e'en more peace tied, like I has fer me axe. Don' knows that I will though. Anyhow, that be thought fer later. What I want t' be doin' here is t' show ye me solution fer fixin' a loop onto me billhook so I can haul it on me belt. Enjoy.
  11. The Pirates Charles

    I seen 'em three or four times in the flesh an' I bought one o' their recordin's. I find 'em to be a fine band when on stage and not so fine recorded. I ne'ev miss 'em when they play.
  12. You in yar garb.

    Here I be at the Ojai Faire in September 2008. The fuzzy thing by me knee be me shrunken head wot was camera shy.
  13. Finding Your Pirate Name

    I've been tryin' to choose me own pirate name fer some time now, an' I has a list o' four that I still be trying to narrow to one: Roland Thunder - me high school nickname Solomon Pearce - a name I really like the sound o' James Embry - an historic play on me real name Benjamin Breedlove - the name of a feller I knew once upon a time and what sounds real piratelike
  14. Clamshell Cutlass for Mad Jack Morgan

    Wow, that's an incredible turn around time! I have a guy making me a sword who quoted me 6-8 weeks, and that was 12 weeks ago (and he still doesn't sound like he's nearing completion). I look forward to seeing the progression on this blade Matt. Good show.
  15. Clamshell Cutlass for Mad Jack Morgan

    How long does it take to make a cutlass? Suppose my wench wanted to surprise me with a blade for Christmas, when should she have the order placed?