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  1. Pyrates Way #28

    Here be the Lowdown on the Gala: WHO WHAT WHERE WHY WHEN INFORMATION. WHO: The Pyrates Way, The Brigands, Capt. Fletcher Moone, Wounded Warriors Project WHAT: The Pyrates 4 Patriots Gala WHERE: The Figure 8 Barn, Wilmington, DE WHY: Celebrating the 10 Year anniversary of The Pyrates Way magazine while raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project. WHEN: 7-Midnight, Saturday, November 14, 2015 ENTERTAINMENT: Captain Flether Moone of The Pyrates Royale (the original pirate band, formed over 30 years ago) will EmCee the Gala and entertain as well (you might even learn a bit about beer in process). He will, of course, introduce The Brigands, the Devil's House Band, and true pirate entertainers. With each set of music and laughs, the boys from Long Island (and Key West) will get bawdier and bawdier as midnight approaches. Ye might even see the Commodore himself jump on the stage to provide entertainment during the breaks. PLUS there are a few surprise guests! VITTLES and LIBATIONS: FREE eats and OPEN BAR, no skimping on our mates when rum is concerned. Expect the best food a pyrate ever et, mixed with the libations to soothe any freebooter. We've segretated the eats from the dance floor (the venue can hold up to 3,000 folks) and will provide a huge projection screen with full stereo so even when yer fillin' yer gob with meat, you won't miss what be going on the stage. Please note that due to the ADULT nature of this gala, no one under 21 will be given entrance. BOOTY: Thar will be a 50/50 raffle with 1/2 of the pot going to benefit The Wounded Warrior Project and the other half to the lucky pyrate/wench who wins it. Door Prizes will be given out throughout the night with each prize worth at least $50 and most worth much more (such as a treasure box full of $100 in US gold dollar coins!) Each guest will receive a booty bag filled with treasures, magazines, pirate music CDs and more. Ye will also get a special pirate lanyard to hold yer attendence ID (to get you in and out of the event), a collecible ticket with pirate hologram, and a full-color brochure about the event. HONOR During the Gala we will take a moment to honor all of the warriors who've given up parts of their bodies and minds in order to allow us to party as pirates. Without them protecting our freedoms, we would not be able to do any of this. DRESS CODE. This is a formal gala, so we'd like you to dress your very best for the event.PYRATE & WENCH: Please dress in your very best pirate or wench garb. No dirty pirates or deck hands allowed. This be a fancy landlubber ball, mates.CLASS A/DRESS BLUES: If you're active duty, reserves, or retired, feel free to wear your best dress uniform and we'll take time to thank you for your service during the evening.RENAISSANCE/KILTS: Fancy Renaissance noble wear is acceptable but no rags or peasant wear. Kilts must be dress (no utilikilts or sports kilts). Proper noble Renaissance doublet or Prince Charlie jacket required.SUITS & DRESSES: Think proper wedding attire and you're on the right track. This means formal dresses for the ladies and suit and tie for the men. HOTELS & SHUTTLEBUS.We will have special rates for two local hotels for our ticketed guests. We will also be using those hotels' shuttles and/or bus limos to cart people back and forth from the event and their lodging. TICKET GUIDELINES.Tickets to this grand gala are only $40 per person. . . or come as a couple and only pay $35 each . . . . volunteer an hour of your time at the gala and pay only $30 . . . or bring yer crew (10 per table) and ye all get a huge discount, just fer buying in bulk! The name on yer ticket MUST match yer state/federal photo ID, thus there be no trading of tickets. If coming as a couple or crew, we shall require the names of all the interested partying mates. WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT.Mission: To honor and empower Wounded Warriors.Vision: To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history.Purpose: To raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members. --- To help injured service members aid and assist each other. --- To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.http://WWW.WOUNDEDWARRIORPROJECT.ORG/ THE PYRATES WAY 10th ANNIVERSARY.With over two and a quarter MILLION downloads to date, The Pyrates Way has become the world's longest-lasting pirates magazine in history. This gala is a way to show all of our readers thanks and to raise money for our injured troops. Our event is proud to be listed as an official fundraiser of Wounded Warrior Project.http://WWW.PYRATESWAY.COM/ GET YER TICKETS NOW! THE FIRST 25 TICKETS WILL BE CONSIDERED VIP GUESTS AND WILL SIT AMONGST THE ENTERTAINERS AND RECEIVE A SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE T SHIRT NOT OFFERED TO ANYONE ELSE! http://www.pyrates4patriots.orgbe the address upon the aetherweb.
  2. Pyrates Way #28

    The Pyrates Way Issue number 28 is now available for FREE Download. Inside you'll find articles about the Tricorn, The TV show Firefly, Captain Morgan (the pyrate AND the rum), and much, much more! HUGE PYRATES WAY NEWS ON TWO FRONTS! TWO MILLION DOWNLOADS!. As of the first of June, we've counted 2,354,427 downloads of The Pyrates Way since going fully digital a few years ago. Check out our STATISTICS page to see how your favorite issue fairs against the others. (ALL stats are verified by WebSite Source) PYRATES 4 PATRIOTS GALA!. The date's been set for November 14, 2015 and will feature Captain Fletcher Moone of the Pyrates Royale as EmCee and The Brigands. There will be an OPEN bar and lots of great eats. All ticket holders will receive a collectible ticket, full-color program, and lots of treasure and booty. The Gala not only celbrates the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The Pyrates Way but we'll be raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project to help our returning injured troops get their lives back on track. Details will be found at
  3. Anyone know anything about this picture?

    It's from a page appearing in the London News in the late 1860s, illustrated by Forester. I have it somewhere in my files if you want to see a scan of the original printing. . . I can post it here.
  4. Get to Readin' Pyrates Way #19

    PYRATES WAY ISSUE # 19 IS AVAILABLE! Inside you can check out the truth behind the Piratz Tavern/Bar Rescue saga or read the curious tale of Captain Kidd or re-live the Pirates Third Salty Ball and a lot more. The issue is jam-packed with piratey-goodness so download yours NOW!
  5. We've got a total of eight podcasts up with five available from iTunes so far. I shooting for 10 by the weekend before I gave my voice a rest. Let me know what you think!

  6. PYRATES WAY #17 IS READY FOR DOWNLOAD! Get your copy by clicking here for FREE! Just download and it's yours! After you have it, you can read it whenever you'd like, even without an internet connection! Let us know what you think please.
  7. Help out with one of the most serious topics we've ever covered in The Pyrates Way magazine. (reposted everywhere to get the most responses. ========================================= t's time to get all yer piratical input for an article I'm working on for the January issue of ThePyrates Way. The idea comes from an email we received a month ago about the validity of pirate re-enactors. QUESTION ONE: Why aren't you realistic Pirates? To be a real pirate you need to answer YES to at least two of these three questions: 1) Have you ever raped a woman? 2) Have you ever boarded a craft at sea and taken all of their goods? 3) Have you ever killed a man? Can you say you're historically correct if you've not done any of those, especially if you're of higher rank in your crew? We all know that Hollywood has tempered the actions of pirates but by all historical accounts the bastards were mean, villainous and downright evil! We also know what forced a man to piracy but that doesn't give the OK to rape, pillage and plunder. . . . so are you a true re-enactor? . . .or are you more afraid of a long prison sentence? I mean we all make sacrifices for our art. . . why aren't you folks doing your job? QUESTION TWO: Why would you want to emulate such a bad group of people? We don't see Nazi, Slaveowner, Conquestador, Inquisitor, or Cannibal re-enactors. Why do bloodthirsty, drunken pirates get a pass? QUESTION THREE: Where should the line be drawn in re-enacting when it comes to being morally acceptable to demonstrate? Is it just the action/adventure of being a pirate that makes it OK to emulate? Does the instruction of period maritime arts really matter in today's world? At what point (inside the law) do you stop being your pirate re-enactor and be a concerned human being? All of the answers will go into the article of which I'll edit to make flow a bit better than choppy questions and answers. Everyone who responds will get a byline credit in the article. Please share and cross-post everywhere pirates meet and have the answers either added to this thread or emailed to me at: Thanx so much mates! 4
  8. This was our second issue of The Pyrates Way designed to be a digital issue, allowing it to have many more video links from articles like "Blackbeard's Revenge" in which we link you to actual news footage of the waterspout that ripped through the event. Response continues to be great and as promised, we're including more interactive, web-based features. This The Pyrates Way issue included articles about Howell Davis, Scurvy Awareness, the 2nd Annual Wilmington Pyrates Festival, A Pyrate Party on Virginia Beach, London's Execution Dock, and The Pirates! Band of Misfits movie. The Pyrates Way rum of choice this issue was Calypso Spiced Rum. The Wenches of the Quarter included Sphia Fairesword, Scarlet DeVille, Teague the Red, Noir Cyn and Sue. The cover model is the most-beauteous Rebecca MacKay. Git yers now mates. . . after all it's FREEEEEEE!
  9. hit Hampton Blackbeard Fest last weekend. . . now in FL to cover the Gulf Coast Pirate Fest this coming weekend then back to DE to help plan for the Wilmington Pirate Fest.

    1. Captain Edward Teague

      Captain Edward Teague

      Sorry it was a wash. Maybe next year. :)

  10. Treasure Island (2012 with Eddie Izzard)

    We have a photo-filled article about it in the most recent Pyrates Way issue.
  11. GREEN Issues of The Pyrates Way magazine!

    A couple of more issues are available for FREE download, so the list so far is: <-----NEW Issue! If you want to get your business listing in our new PRINTED annual directory:
  12. 2012 Pyrates Way Annual Directory

    To get your initial listing in The Pyrates Way Annual Directory for 2012, just email your company name, website addy, city and state you're located in, and phone number to: - Please include which category/section to be listed in and if you want to purchase more listings, please head over to This is a FREE listing!
  13. If you create, service, sell, or entertain in the Pyrate Community at large. . . you MUST get yerself listed in our new PRINTED annual publication!
  14. GREEN Issues of The Pyrates Way magazine!

    There are still plenty of quarter-page ad spots available in Issue #15 which we are feverishly trying to get out by the first of the month. For only $25 you can reach literally 25,000 potential customers with a direct link to your website!
  15. GREEN Issues of The Pyrates Way magazine!

    Our stats show that Issue #14 has been downloaded more than 25,000 times! That means that more of our pyrate brethren and sistren have read that issue than ANY OTHER issue we've ever produced! - We are so pleased that everyone likes the new price. . . . . FREE! Oh and Issue #8 is available (