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  1. Anyone have any insight as to what pistol Abe Lincoln is firing in this preview (about 43 seconds in)? I'm thinking it's a Palmetto 1763, but would value some expert testimony :) You can see pix of the Palmetto 1763 here.
  2. My mind be a blank slate of tranquility and vengeance.

    1. Ransom


      Can you be tranquil and vengeful at the same time?

  3. Merry Natal Day Bilgemunky

    Thanks all! Was a fine birthday indeed - ending with me plunging my hand into a bowl of liquid nitrogen (a first for me.) Sadly my hand remains intact and I don't need a hook, but there's always next year!!!
  4. WANTED: Pair of GoFs Shoe Buckles

    Bah, who am I kidding? $35 plus shipping for the last of my spare buckles - I believe that's what I paid. These ones are silver plated, so I hope yer feelin' fancy PM me and we'll work out the details.
  5. WANTED: Pair of GoFs Shoe Buckles

    I don't know, Scotty - now that PoD has bought his, these buckles are TWICE as rare as they were a couple of weeks ago, and prices have necessarily skyrocketed
  6. Happy birthday Bilgemunky !!!

    Thanks for the for kind birthday wishes, all! It's been a more hectic birthday weekend than I'd anticipated due to some family matters, but I've still managed to squeeze in some festivities :)
  7. what makes a pirate

    I just got this for my birthday. I think it answers your question as concisely as possible and leaves no more room for debate. Case closed
  8. WANTED: Pair of GoFs Shoe Buckles

    I definitely have a spare pair of the tarnished brass buckles which I would happily part with for $30+shipping (that's what GoF charged - no markup for a fellow pubster!) I think I also have a pair of silver plated, which if I can find would be $35. Let me know, PoD!
  9. WANTED: Pair of GoFs Shoe Buckles

    I don't want to steal business from Bagley, but if now's not a good time for him to crank out some buckles I might have an extra set or two somewhere.
  10. A Brief History of Ricky, th' Hawk

    Welcome aboard, mate! Ever since reading Cap'n Slappy's writeup about ya in Pirates Mag, I've been salivating to know just what Electric Pirates Entertainment, Inc./EPE Holdings, Inc. does? Searching out the weird is a grand venture, but surely that alone doesn't put food on the table? I'm guessing your documentary work might be a piece of the equation?
  11. Ahoy thar matey! Just found the pic of ME on your site. Thanks for that! Hope ye have yerself a great new year!

  12. Tomorrow night will be a Bilgemunky Radio you WON'T want to miss! Featuring The Pirates Charles' brand new album Conquer - IN ITS ENTIRETY!!! But that's not all - members of The Pirates Charles band will join me live on the air to discuss this new CD for an online listening party! Any fans of the Pirates Charles and their off-kilter brand of pirate rock won't want to miss tomorrow night :) Bilgemunky Pirate Radio
  13. Avast there, Bilge!! So glad to see you on this forum!! (I just discovered it myself...It's pretty awesome!) Thanks for everything you do! Cheers,


  14. Handmade Hat

    I don't have need at this time, but that's a fine looking hat at a great price! I'm sure someone will grab it :)