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    All things Pyrate, Renfaire,reading,playing guitar,partying,bein on the PUB,learning new things.
  1. Morgan's Revenge Drinking Game

    Thank you Mad Jack>
  2. Morgan's Revenge Drinking Game

    I saw a link someone had to a modified version of Capt.Morgan's Revenge the other day and can't seem to locate it. It comes in a very nice wooden box, has several shot glasses and a tall pilsner type glass with it . It was around $42.oo to $45.oo. Any ideas where to purchase please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Barrels

    Thank you brother Red Wake. Ye ave all been very helpfull.
  4. Thank you for the links. Very informative.
  5. Barrels

    Thank you for the response.I'll check into that.
  6. Barrels

    Can anyone possibly tell me where to purchase wooden barrels other than Jas Townsend & Son. They're a might pricy.
  7. Greetins to all. I find this topic quite fascinating really. I've been keepin an eye open for such as the likes of you. I agree that haveing fun in what your doing is always a plus. if you can't have fun, whats the point. I myself am trying to get started on a kit. I'm am one of those types that look for "attention to detail". (being a Marine at one time did that to me). But I also like the "look" of SOME of the Hollywood Pirates. Not the ruffled shirt stuff though . I would accept any direction from any of you on period clothing,weapons,etc.etc. if your willing to pass it along. I've done some brouseing on the net and all, found some pics by Pyle . My question is, just how accurate is the art work thats shown? as far as what was worn.
  8. Just curious

    OOPS, sorry bout that.
  9. Just curious

    I found this wonderful site while deployed in Iraq. They have what they call a "computer Lab" there. Did a search for pirates, and the Pub came up. Been viewing whenever possible ever since I got home in March 05.
  10. Look'n for Pyrate's

    Thank ye much
  11. Look'n for Pyrate's

    I'm look'n for fellow Pyrates in the Wilkes Barre, area of Pa. If'n yer out there, give me a yell.
  12. Military.......

    Roger that, Served in the Corps from 1984-1988 got out and served seven yrs. in the Guard. Did 13 months in Iraq and am glad to be done with it. It definitely is a different Army.
  13. Very Inspired

    I once again raise me tankard to ye all. Thankee for ye response. Ye have all given me MORE inspiration. I became interested when I was a wee sprog meself. I once went out for Halloween as a Pyrate when I was 19 or so. I myself have a love for the ocean and ships of the time. I really got hooked after seeing POTC. While I was overseas I found the PUB and got excited, as it were, but waited to return to the Mainland to really pursue any activity here. I was Capt. Jack Sparrow for this past Halloween and me mates here were very impressed with me costume. So, now I have the BUG, and the bug has burrowed DEEP. I'll forever be a Pyrate at heart, and with Mates like ye, I'll never be alone in that aspect. Thankee, each and every one. Take all ye can, and give nothin back. Also, can I get some coaching on more Piraticle words and phrases to inhance me Pyrate vocabulary? I ye would, PLEASE. Thankee
  14. What lured you to pyracy?

    Just looking for enlightenment. How did most of ye become interested in Pyrates? Do ye have families? and if so, do both you and yer spouse have the same feelings about it? Not trying to be nosey mind ye, was just curious.