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  1. Thank you and farewell to pyracy pub.  I learned a lot on these pages.  So many times I just couldn't wait to see what was newly posted!  I had many good times on this site.  Blessings to everyone who was a member of the pub, I hope our paths cross again.  Special thanks to the administrators and moderators (I hope I wasn't too sassy) for all your hard work!

  2. Anyone watched this film? I saw a slightly longer trailer all in English but could not find it again.

    Michiel de Ruyter aka The Admiral official trailer

    We don't seem to talk much about the Dutch as a naval power.

    Oh great images of the ships in fast lines ready to fight!

  3. We are certainly trying to bring back Port Washington Pirate Festival


    We're looking for volunteers, vendors, entertainers, reenactors, sponsors...

    And of course we hope to see random pirates roaming around.

    Head to our website and fill out the appropriate form to join us!


    Fantastic! Making plans to attend!