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  1. Pirate Ship names list

    24.) Henry Avery- The Pirate King Fancy- formerly "Charles II" man of war 46 guns 150 men (Dow+Edmonds who on page 346 called it "Fanny") Fancy- formerly "Charles" 46 guns 150 men (J. Franklin) 25.) John Phillips Revenge- schooner 4 men (Conlin) Revenge- sloop formerly "Squirrel" 4men then to 11 men ex French Guarda Costa 12 guns (Seitz+ Stephens) 26.) Robert Sample Flying King- formerly "Mercury" sloop 4 guns 70 men (Seitz) 27.) Matthew Luke- Matteo Luca a Genoese (Earle) Venganza (Vengence)- sloop 58 men (Earle) 28.) John Taylor- actually Richard Taylor (Fox) Cassandra- 140 men (Breverton) Victory- formerly "Nostra Senhora de Cabo" 30 guns (Breverton) 29.) Francis or Farrington Spriggs Bachelor's Delight- sloop 24 guns *1724 in Honduras (captain Smith) Has ship named "Delight" 60 men (Dow+Edmonds) Low gave "Fancy" to Spriggs (per Philip Ashton said, only 22 men in schooner when Low and Spriggs got seperated) 30.) George Lowther- called Edward (Cordingly) Delivery- formerly "Gambia Castle" 8 guns 30 men (Cordingly) called "Delivery" by (Seitz) (Tom McCarthy states "Gambia Castle" was 16 guns if that is the case why would lowther take 8 guns away?) (Johnson states "Delivery" formerly "Gambia Castle" 16 guns 50 men) But Johnson+Seitz both later call ship "Happy Delivery") * I wonder if "Delivery" was renamed "Happy Delivery" since both sources change the name when Edward Low joins with Lowther? 31.) Thomas Tew Amity- sloop 16 guns 70 tons 70 men (Cecil Milliner) 32.) Robert Culliford *interesting note states 60 woman were taken by him and Chivers as captives back to Ile Sainte Marie (Grey+Rogozinski) Mocha Frigate- 40 guns 125 men (Charles Grey, Rogozinski, and Professor Aydin Ucar) 33.) Richard "Dirk" Chivers Soldado- 20 guns 125 men (Charles Grey, Rogozinski, and Professor Aydin Ucar) ship so badly damaged transfers guns to "New Soldado" formerly "Great Mahomet" Turkish 600 tons (Charles Grey, Rogozinski, and Professor Aydin Ucar) 34.) Edward England Royal James- formerly "Pearl" 26 guns 180 men (Cordingly)Seitz) Victory- formerly "Peterbough" galley (Seitz+Johnson) Fancy- Dutch ship frigate 34 guns 300 tons (Johnson) 35.) Stede Bonnet- Major Revenge- later renamed "Royal James" sloop 10 guns 60 tons 70 men (Woodard) * When taken over by Blackbeard 2 guns added total 12 guns 150 men one Lt. Richards placed in temporary command (Woodard) 36.) John Gow George Galley- 20 guns 200 tons (Johnson) Then states renamed it "Revenge" (Johnson+Wikipedia) * Wikipedia has it wrongly listed as formerly "Caroline" "George" 18 guns 200 tons *George painted on stern and inside lettered "The Revenge" (Seitz) "George Galley" 200 tons in "All The Year Around" by Dickens Oct.7th 1893 37.) John Quelch Charles- Brig 80 tons 43 crew (Dow+Edmonds) Charles- galley 10 guns 80 tons 70 crew (Beal) 38.) John Rackam- Calico Jack Ranger- Brig replaced Vane as Captain sent Robert Deal, Vane, and 15 others onto a sloop (Johnson) Other 75 men sided with Rackam (Woodard) * Woodard makes the point Vane stated the French man of war(24guns) was twice their force. This tells us possibly the Ranger was 12 guns 90 men since 75 sided with Rackam 15 with Vane. William- sloop 4 guns 2 swivels 12 men (Cordingly) William- sloop 6 guns 12 tons stolen from Privateer John Ham (Woodard) *Possibly swivels (2) were added to gun count (4) making a total of 6 guns? 39.) Samuel Burgess * Don't believe he was a Pirate only a Privateer only commanded the "Pembroke" for a short time trading at Madagascar. Can't find any evidence he took any ships.Loses command goes back to London on trial escapes gallows returns to sea but not as a Captain. Then dies of poisoning.(seitz) Pembroke- sloop 8 guns 80 men (capt. Munthie 1717 deposistion) via (Konstam) 40.) Thomas Howard New England Brig 10 guns 80 men (Johnson+Seitz) Alexander- ex Portugese ship 36 guns 180 men (Seitz) 41.) Edward Low Fortune- 10 guns 70 men (Dow+Edmonds) Rhode Island sloop 8 guns 10 swivels 100 tons *given to Low from Lowther (Dow+Edmonds) I believe Lowther took this sloop back shortly when Low decided to leave)Because (Dow+Edmonds) mention pg.201 Low was given a Brig called "Rebecca" by Lowther when they seperated. Low had 44 men 2 guns 4 swivels on this brig. Lowther gives this sloop to Spriggs. (Johnson) Fancy-schooner formerly "Mary" 10 guns 80 tons (Dow+Edmonds) *(Dow+Edmonds) later say "Fancy" was 8 guns 90 men Ranger- sloop 8 guns 43 men given to Charles Harris at time of capture by HMS Greyhound(Dow+Edmonds) Delight- ex British man of war sloop 12 guns added 4 guns total now 16 guns 60 men given to Francis Spriggs (Dow+Edmonds) Merry Christmas- large ship 34 guns *Proclaimed Admiral of his fleet hoists famous red skeleton flag had only 30 men May 17th 1726 (Dow+Edmonds) 42.) George Booth Speaker- ex British slave ship 50 guns 450 tons (Charles Ellms+Seitz) 43.) Charles Yeates Katherine- Bermuda sloop 8 guns 20 men (Cordingly) *I think Woodard was wrong, when he wrote Vane took over Yeates' sloop it had 10-12 guns. Then when given back to him Woodard states 8 guns 20 men like Cordingly. 44.) Howell Davis King James- 26 guns 150 men (Seitz+Breverton) Royal Rover- sloop 32 guns 27 swivels formerly "Marquis del Campo" Dutch ship prior to that ex British naval ship (Breverton) 45.) Henry Jennings Mary- sloop of war 50 tons (Konstam) Diamond- sloop 10 guns 100 men (Capt. Munthie 1717) via Konstam Diamond- sloop 4 guns (Woodard) *Destroyed Aug.28th 1712 Jamaica during a Hurricane (Woodard) St. Marie French Frigate 14-16 guns (Woodard) Barsheba- sloop 8 guns 40 tons 80 men (Woodard) 46.) John Martel- Jean Martel (French not English) (Baylus Brooks) unknown sloop- 8 guns 80 men (Johnson) *Johnson states Martel left 25 men on this sloop transferred 55 to captured "John and Marshall John and Marshall- galley 22 guns 100 men (Johnson+ Pirate Wednesdays site: John Martel) J+M- 22 gun galley (Woodard) 47.) Charles Harris- 2nd Mate on Greyhound Greyhound- sloop given to Harris from Lowther (Cordingly) Ranger- sloop 8 guns (Cordingly) Ranger- sloop 8 guns 48 men (Capt. Solgard who caught Harris) (Dow+Edmonds) Fancy- schooner 10 guns 80 tons given to Harris from Low (Dow+Edmonds) 48.) Shipton sloop- 12 guns 70 men consort with Spriggs (Dow+Edmonds) 49.) John Fenn Morning Star- Brig 21 guns (Wikipedia+ David Stapleton) Antelope- Frigate 24 guns (David Stapleton) 50.) Lane Queen Anne's Revenge- Formerly "Elizabeth and Katherine" sloop 6 guns (Seitz) 51.) Thomas Goldsmith Snap Dragon- (Gosse+Wikipedia) 52.) Jaspar Seager- mistaken for England(Fox) Fancy- took over England's ship when he was marooned added guns total 38 (Wikipedia, Fox, Grey, Biddulph) 53.) Richard Frowd Brig- 8 guns 60 men (Cordingly) 54.) John Derdrake- * Sources from "The Black Register: Or, Revelations of Crime Selected from the Criminal records of all Nations" London 1852 Brig- 12 guns 50 men (pg.231) (Sells this Brig to Danish Merchants) Russian war sloop 16 guns added 4 guns from previous brig total 20 guns 70 men (pg.231) 55.) Emanuel Wynn or Wynne 150 men (earle) 56.) Contiuning from previous post for: Olivier Le Vasseur, La Bouche or La Buse (The Buzzard) unknown sloop 14 guns 64 men (Breverton) Wyndham Galley- formerly Bird 24 guns (Breverton) Then renames her "Duke of Ormond" (Breverton) Indian Queen- 28 guns 250 tons 90 men wrecked on Mayotte in 1720. (Breverton) Victory- 30 guns given to La Buse from Taylor (Breverton) Too be Continued.....
  2. Pirate Ship names list

    I'm going to go ahead and source what, I have found for each ship that I have personally researched. Now beware, I don't have a fancy education or masters degree in history just a lifetime member of Star Trek fan club and let's be honest some of these historians just paraphrase one another for the most part. Mission just to clarify Nicholas Woodall is in fact a Pirate! He was one of those pardoned Pirates when Woodes Rogers came to town. He was in command of ship the Wolf sloop 30 tons and traded with Charles Vane. Giving Vane all sorts of valuable information about Roger's men, ships, movements, etc. Picked up and put in chains by Hornigold and sent to England for trial.(Woodard)(Fox) You are also right by what you preach about proper research and how it takes time! 1.) William Kidd Adventure Galley- Frigate 34 guns 287 tons (Wikipedia) 34 guns 287 tons 152 men (Cordingly, Dow and Edmonds) 36 guns (Zacks) 30 Guns 80 men (Johnson) Adventure Prize- formerly Queda Merchant (Quedah or Quedagh) Moorish ship 34 guns 400 tons (johnson) stated all guns taken off Adventure Galley put on this prize. 350 tons (Zacks) also states, "Kidd knew Quedagh to be 400 tons and 18 guns". 2.) John Bowen Speaker- ex slaver Gunieaman 50 guns 450 tons 240 crew (Seitz) stated combined crew and guns from "Alexander". called "Speaking Trumpet" (Earle) Content- Speedy Return- Brig (All three burned transferred crew from "Speedy Return" + "Prosperous" combined 164 men into captured Moor ship) (Seitz) Prosperous- Defiance- ex Moor ship 56 guns 700 tons 164 men (Seitz + Johnson) 3.) Blackbeard Revenge- Stede Bonnet's sloop 10 guns given to Lt. Richards to command for some time (Johnson + Seitz) Queen Anne's Revenge- ex French Gunineaman 40 guns (Johnson) 49 guns 250 tons (Seitz) Formerly "La Concorde" 40 guns 250 tons 150 men (Woodard) 1st Adventure- sloop 10 guns 80 tons given to Isreal Hands in command (Konstam) 2nd Adventure- sloop 8 guns (taken around 1718 Havana) (Konstam) (Cordingly points out "Adventure" 10 guns small sloop in Nov. 22, 1718 Blackbeard is KIA fighting Lt. Maynard in Okracoke Inlet.) 4.) Bartholomew Roberts *Not done with him yet 5.) Thomas Anstis While in Roberts service lost command of "Good Fortune" to John Fenn who was elected Captain. States, Anstis was fond of this ship and ran off with her with some of the crew. (Seitz) Good Fortune- Brig 18 guns (Breverton+Seitz) 6.) John Evans Scourer- small sloop 4 guns (Seitz) 7.) Thomas Cocklyn- named Jeremiah (Fox) Mourroon- formerly "Rising Sun" given to him by William Moody 24 guns (Breverton+Konstam) Speakwell- formerly "Sarah"- Galley 30 guns (Breverton) Two Friends- store ship (Breverton) 8.) Samuel Bellamy Sultana- galley 26 guns (Woodard) Whydah- ex British slaver 28 guns 300 tons 160 men (Woodard) Anne Galley- snow 100 tons 28 men store ship under command of Richard Noland (Woodard) 9.) Charles Vane Lark- sloop 6 guns 16 men (when surrendered to Vincent Pearse HMS Phoenix)(Woodard) then stolen back crew at 75 men (Woodard) Katherine- sloop 10-12 guns 90 men (Woodard) stated commandered from pirate Charles Yeates(Woodard) took a Brig- 12 guns 90 men gives Yeates back his sloop (Woodard) 2 masted 20 gun French ship 200-250 tons 90 men (Woodard) 10.) Christopher Condent- Edmund Condent (Woodard) also various spellings of last name multiple sources Dragon- sloop 97 men (Woodard) Flying Dragon- 135 men (Robert Bousqet) Flying Dragon- formerly Dutch Privateer sloop renamed "Fiery Dragon" 42 guns (The Pirates Own Book) * Condon gave his original sloop to someone to sail in consort with. Took a Dutch ship " Flying Dragon" 36 guns which he transfers 6 guns to another ship now at 30 guns. 1719 attacked "Compagnies Welvaren" Dutch West Indiamen Frigate renames it " Fiery Dragon" 40 guns 20 swivels and 320 men also has 3 portable coehorns mortars. (Sources- Kevin Mcdonald, 2008 Dissertation, Conrad Gill, H.C.V. Leibbrandt, C.R. Pennel, and Jan Rogozinski.) 11.) Louis Guittar La Paix (Peace)- 20 guns * in hold 150-160 men (Earle) La Paix- 20 guns (Zacks) 125 men (Jerry Maddox) 12.) Joseph Bannister- Captain ran away with the ship Golden Fleece- 30 guns 400 tons 115 men (Dr. Gaetan Algoet) www.wrecksite.eu 32 guns 50 men when Bannister escapes from prison runs off again with ship. (Earle) 13.) Jean Hamlin Trompeuse(Deceiver)- French Royal Frigate 32 guns (Earle) Trompeuse(Trickster) 38 men (Kris Lane) La Nouvelle Trompeuse(The New Deceiver)-Privateer 198 men when seized (Earle) or called "The New Trickster" 60 men (Kris Lane) 14.) Phillip Lyne Sea Nymph- sloop 10 guns 16 swivels 45 men (Dow+Edmonds) then (Dow+ Edmonds) say its 4o men 26 guns 16 swivel 10 carriage guns 15.) James Skyrme- Roberts gives command of "Ranger" to him ( Johnson, Earle) Ranger- 32 guns (Earle) 16.) William Moody- sourced (Fox) Rising Sun- 35 guns 130 men (Cordingly) 17.) *Still working on Olivier Levasseur 18.) Paulsgrave Williams Marianne or Mary Anne- sloop 10 guns (Gail Selinger) He was given this ship from Samuel Bellamy 50 tons 41 men (woodard) 19.) Richard Worley- * Tony Malesic in Pyracy Pub states Gosse is wrong. "Eagle" commanded by Worley and N.Y.R.R. commanded by John Cole. Authors Gosse, Stapleton and Downey all paraphrase wrong info. Eagle- sloop 8 guns 25 men (Malesic) 20.) John Cole New York's Revenge Revenge- sloop 6 guns 25 men (Stapleton had crew number right) and (Malesic) 21.) Benjamin Hornigold Ranger- sloop 30 guns (Wikipedia via Konstam) Benjamin- Spanish sloop 10 guns 200 men (Baylus Brooks+ Woodard) 90 tons "Timberlakes Deposistion" (Baylus Brooks) Happy Return- sloop 15 tons (Woodard) Mary- sloop 6 guns 140 men (Baylus Brooks) 6 guns 35-40 tons 140 men (Woodard) 22.) Joseph Cooper *page 279 Dow+Edmonds Cooper was on a sloop Captain DeHaws which was taken by Spriggs in 1724. Says he was born in London England. The Night Rambler- sloop (Wikipedia) large Bermuda sloop 24 men (Earle) So one of these sloops captured by Spriggs was given to Cooper to be in consort. 23. William Fly Fame's Revenge- formerly ex British slaver "Elizabeth"- snow (Dow+Edmonds) snow 6 guns 23 men (Cordingly) John Halsey- was strictly a Privateer and not a Pirate I will have more to be continued.........
  3. Pirate Ship names list

    Mission you stated this list contains several errors could you please tell us what errors those are?